Taught a Lesson by the Mistress
by Baby Charlotte


'Slap'. A hit in the face.

Mistress SaMantha looked me over. She was furious.

'What did I tell you last time? No boys clothes.' She grabbed my chin and pulled me over, so that her fiery red lips were close to my mouth. Her expertly made up eyes shot fire.

'No more boys clothes. And what are you wearing? Pants and a T-shirt.' She pushed me away in disgust.

'Pants down', she said, while she tapped her hands on her legs. Her stocking-encased legs. Black nylon, of course. Her stocking tops were showing, so were the garters. Her skirt was extremely short.

From where I was standing, I could see her breasts almost spilling out of the very tight little black jacket she was wearing, with her long bright red hair flowing past her shoulders, resting on those magnificent breasts.

But there was no time to enjoy the view. Mistress was about to give me a sound spanking. I pulled down my trousers and shorts, sank on my knees and leaned over her legs. She wasted no time, her hand was coming down hard on my cheeks. 'Why! (Spank) Don't! (Spank) You! (Spank) Listen! (Spank) When! (Spank) I! (Spank) Tell! (Spank) You! (Spank) To! (Spank) Do! (Spank) Something!' (Spank), she said, while reddening my bottom. 'Don't! Ever! Turn! Up! Again! In! These! Filthy! Boys! Clothes!'

When my ass was burning, she told me to stand up and get rid of all my clothes. 'Throw 'm in this bag, I don't want to see 'm anymore!'

I was stark naked when she took my hand and led me into the nursery. I'd been here before.The walls were soft yellow. It had a large baby bed, a playpen that could be locked, a changing table, feeding chair and lots and lots of plushy toys. 'I'm going to re-educate you as the little sissy baby girl that you are,' mistress said sternly. 'Get up on the changing table.'

Within minutes, my privates were washed, powdered and pushing against a big pink fluffy diaper. A very wet pink diaper. Mistress had a go first. She pushed up her skirt, so that I could see the luxurious black and red embroidered garterbelt. Then she slid her black lace panties, pushed the diaper between her legs and peed. 'I'm gonna make you feel extra babyish today, ' mistress said, smiling malicously. After she put me in the pre-wet diapers, she pulled out another big diaper, and two thick stuffers. When I was wearing those, she took out a pair of light brown pantyhose, and slowly rolled them onto my legs. 'You like that, don't you. Feel the nylon on your legs, feel how they make your legs all soft and shiny.'

Over the pantyhose, she made me wear black fishnet stockings and a black garter belt. To finish it off, she put me in a big pink pair of plastic pants, with nursery print on them.

'Get up', she then ordered. I was feeling a bit dizzy, a nice buzz I get everytime I'm smelling baby powder, wearing thick disposable wet diapers and feel my legs in nylon. Mistress turned around, so that I could see her firm buttocks in her ultra-short skirt, and her long stockinged legs in her black leather pumps. She looked through the selection of baby dresses, skirts, petticoats and other pink and white items that were hanging next to the changing table.

'Ah yes, let's try this', she said, pulling out a pair of pink spreader pants, with a pink body and shoulder straps. On the chest, the words 'Baby Girl' were embroidered.

The spreader pants pushed out my legs when I stepped into them. Mistress then pushed a dummy between my lips, and fastened the straps on them behind my back. 'Not a sound from you, baby girl.' Then she picked out a pink baby bonnet, and put it on my head. 'There, that's waaaay better. You look soooo lovely', mistress sighed approvingly.

She led me to the room next to the nursery, where a full length mirror was next to a closet filled with dildos, ropes, chains, hoods and other s&m-toys. 'See? See how you look? This is how sissy girlies look', mistress said, standing behind me, whispering in my ear, her fingers pulling on my nipples. 'Ooh, these nipples. I'm gonna have sooo much fun with these babies', she laughed. She reached over to the closet, and took a pair of clothes pins from a shelf. She clipped them on my nipples. 'I know how you like your nipples pulled an punished. This is just the beginning honey.' She then ordered me to take a good, long, hard look at myself.

She then grabbed a black nylon hood, took off my bonnet, pushed the hood over my head and put the bonnet back on. There was an opening for my mouth and dummy, my eyes were covered with nylon. I could only see vague contours.

Mistess took me by the hand and led me back into the nursery. I was put in the feeding chair, with my hands and feet strapped into leather restraints. 'Wait here honey', mistress said, as if I was able to go anywhere. After a short while, I heard her heels clicking back to me on the wooden floor. She took out my dummy, and pushed in a teat of a large bottle, filled with lukewarm tea. 'Drink up dear'. I made loud slurping noises, while mistress stroked my bonnet, and pulled on the clothes pins every now and then. 'After this, you'll get another bottle. I want your bladder to overflow into your already wet diaper, baby.' She said baaaay-beeee, mockingly.

'And after you finished these bottles, we'll play some games. Sissy baby games.' She laughed. My buttcheeks were still stinging, I was sitting in the wetness of mistress in my diaper. The pressure of the pins on my nipples was both painful and turning me on. I could only concentrate on sounds and what I was feeling. The nylons and stockings on my legs. The big packet between my legs. The teat in my mouth. Mistress' voice. I was slowly, but surely, sinking into babyhood. Just the way I like it. I felt a warm trickle coming from my small baby clitty.

'Splat'. A big rubber cock was slapped in my face. I was released from the feeding chair, and sitting on my knees. Mistress was slapping a big rubber penis in my face. 'Like that, sissy? Like how that hard dick feels on your face? Get used to it. Because that's what you're gonna feel every day, when I'm done re-educating you. You're not a real man. You're a sissy. A slutty, cock sucking baby sissy. Diapers, plastic pants, stockings, dresses. And a mouth to warm big hard cocks. Suck on this cock, sissy. Show me your sucking reflexes.' My tongue curled around the hard rubber in my mouth. Mistress then pushed the dildo in and out of my mouth. 'No teeth darling, just tongue and lips. Yesss, that's it. Suck. Make noises. Slurp. Good. Good baby.'

This went on for a couple of minutes, then mistress pulled the dick out my sissy mouth. 'That's it for now, girl. We'll resume suction training later on. Now, we are going to work on your posture. Stand up, sissy.'

Mistress then put me in steel leg restraints, that made it impossible to take big steps. 'This is how you're gonna walk from now on, in your slutty heels. Small steps. Baby steps. No more running, Just dainty shuffling. Like you're in a parade. A big baby sissy parade.' Mistess made me walk around in the nursery. 'Push back your padded bottom dear. That's good. Oh, we should start giving you hormones that stimulate breast growth, to give you a big pair of lovely sissy tits. Just a big as mine'. Mistress took off the clothing pins, and massages my nipples. I moaned, while I struggles to stand up. 'Ooh, you love that, don't you. Sensitive nipples. Hmmmmm. Here, let's put these on.' She then clipped on two small weights. Ooooh, so painful. So lovely. Mistress stood really close to me, I felt her bosom touch my arm. She reached into the spreader pants, and touched my diapered front. 'Wetties? More wetties from baby? Fill your diaper baby girl. Make it all soggy and heavy.' A warm stream came from my clitty. 'Ah, yes, good girl!'

Posture training was over, and after another bottle of lukewarm tea, it was time for bed. Mistress helped me into the bed, tucked me under the blanket and pulled on a string of a baby sleeping music toy. My hands were put in big baby mittens, so that was as helpless as possible. 'There, little girl, sleep well, dream of big hard cocks in your mouth. Here', she said, while handing me a rubber cock. 'You can suck on this too, instead of your pacifier.' She then turned off the light. Mistress had taken off the nipple clips. 'I got something better for those little puppies later on', she whispered. For one hour, I was left alone, to squirm in my wet diaper, and fill it some more.

When mistress took off the hood, sleepy time was over. I looked into her stern, but beautiful face. She was leaning over me, and her cleavage was showing. Oh, what delicous, big tits. 'You love to watch my tits, don't you baby? They're sooo sensitive. They love to be touched. But you can't, baby. You can only watch. These big, lovely tits are not for you, only for real men. And other mistresses. That's right. Mistress loves her boobs to be touched by other beautiful women. If only you could see that. Maybe, one day, if you're really, really good, we'll push a big pram into my boudoir. And you can watch mistress have long, lesbian sex with another mistress.' I sucked more loudly on the rubber cock in my mouth. What a great idea. 'Or maybe not. You're far too young to watch that,. You're just a baby. A big sissy baby. With diapers on. Big wet diapers.' Mistress pushed her manicured hand on my crotch. 'Ooh, it's squishy. Should I change you? No. Leave baby in her wet diapers. So warm on her bum.'

We played some more babygames, with me sucking a strap-on, me practising curtsies for the mirror and me trying out different clips on my nipples. Mistress then put on my hood again, for the big finale. She put me in another pair of padded spreader pants, so that I could only waddle like a duck. She blindfolded me. The clips on my nipples were heavy, I could only feel the big package between my legs and the pull on my nipples. Mistress pushed her lucious body against me, made me feel her stocking tops, her garters. She pulled the clips, pushed against my crotch with her knee. 'You're such a baby, a big sissy baby', she kept whispering in my ear. I was in a trance. The outside world was far, far away, the only things that mattered right now was the pain and the pleasure I felt in this nursery, with mistress pushing me further into babyhood.

She had me lay on the bed again. Then she sat on top of me, and put a buzzing toy on my thickly padded crotch. I could feel the vibrations through the padding. Mistress kept whispering what a baby I was, pulling the nipple clips, rubbing her legs against mine.

I moaned very loudly, I really was in deep sissy bliss. This state, I wish it could last forever. This was heaven. No more control, no more adultness. Everything pink and padded.

And then I came, noisily. It was like an explosion.

After what felt like a very long time, I opened my eyes. I was back. I looked into the dark eyes of mistress. She smiled. I smiled. We'd had our moment again. Thank you mistress.