Helpless Husbands
Art by Prissy, story by Prim


  Nurse Manhater lifted her little brass bell to head height and jangled it three or four times. Across the nursery, Sissy Julian and Sissy Peter leapt onto their ballet heels and tip-tap-tip-tapped across the shiny floor to meet her.

"We're here, Nurse Manhater, we're here. What can we do for you, because we want to serve all ladies and ask them to laugh at us?"

"Of course you do, because you are fluffy brained little sissy-girls in pink panties, isn't that right?"

"Oh yes, Nurse Manhater," they replied in unison, "we are fluffy brained and we are sissy girls and we are wearing pink panties." "I like my pink panties," added Sissy Peter, holding the extended front of them where they peeped from his petticoats. Their nurse produced their pacifiers and the tell-tale jar of white goo.

"Sissy Julian," she said, "stand here in front of me. I am going to give you a nice big dose of Femaggra, so that your feminine side becomes so-o-o-ooo pronounced today. Because your wife and your mother are coming to see you in twenty minutes time."

"Ooohhhhh! Oh thank you, Nurse Manhater." The pathetic husband didn't know whether this was a good thing, but he opened his mouth for his pacifier and sucked hard on it so that his Femaggra went quickly down to his tummy and started to work through his system. "Ohhhh Antonia is coming to see me - to see if I am nearly back to being a man yet. And Mommy Agnes will be here, to see if I have got over wanting to wear her luverly blousey blouses. I wonder if she might have a blouse with her, to test me with? To see if I want her to spread it over my face and smother me in its lovely Mommy silk? Oh I hope so."

"Sit up in your sissy high chair for your medicine to take full effect," said his nurse. "Now, Sissy Peter, it's your turn." She dipped the pacifier deep into the goo so that it was running with Femaggra, to find that the stupid sissy-head had his mouth on it almost before it had come out of the jar.

"Mmmm, oh thank you, thank you, Nurse Manhater. I'll be ever such a good sissy girl."

"Well you had better, because your wife is coming today too, and she might want to show you to her new boyfriend. She'll want you to stand and watch while he pushes his hand down her panties and feels all around her wet fanny."

Sissy Peter swallowed hard on his Femaggra and held his face in his hands. "Oh goodness, will Jean have another boyfriend? Will he make me feel jealous like the last four boyfriends have? Ohhh, maybe he will want to feel down inside my panties too - and make me feel his big stiff cock."

They were already in their suitable dresses and bonnets, so that when the bell rang, Sissy Julian was led into Visiting Room 1, where his wife and mother-in-law were waiting for him.

"Look at the clown," scoffed his wife, holding his hand in its satin opera glove with her fingertips. "Sexless and feeble and more effeminate than last time."

Her mother was of the same opinion. "Tell me about your conditioning this week, Sissy. Have the nurses played with your bits with any nice dresses, or skirt maybe - or my blouses!"

"Oh yes, Mother-In-Law, yes, yes, yes, I've been dressed in blouses again and again and put into the pink closet with blouses hanging all around me - for hours. It was," and he dropped his voice to admit his shame, "it was lovely, Mother-In-Law."

Moments later, Agnes was dipping into her bag and opening out a beautiful blouse in mauve satin, with long sleeves and pretty ruffles at the neck, and his panties doubled in size. He squirmed and wriggled with excitement, but she helped her daughter settle him between them on the settee, and soon they had him where they wanted him, squirting a continual stream of Femaggra inspired juicing into the blouse she had brought him for the purpose. In a couple more weeks, he would be ready to come home and live in her bedroom as her sissy blouse pet, useless for any other purpose in life.

In Visiting Room 2, Sissy Michael sat between his wife Jean and her new lover Mario as they lifted his pink panties clear of his hard cock to examine its effeminate condition. "I told you he was a hot fuck," said Jean, seeing the ravenous desire in Mario's eyes.

"I'm gonna take him," said her new partner, gasping with disbelief that a sissy could be so unmissable.

"Oh no," gulped the sissy, his fingers trembling where he had been told to hold his dress and petticoats up. "Please don't fuck me, sir. Please don't push your long, manly cock up my little girly ass! I'm so sweet and effeminate, I won't be able to stop you!"

He was absolutely right. Mario had him rolled over onto his front in a jiff, with panties off, knees on the floor and jelly squeezed in. The desperate sissy burst into tears as he was entered, because grinning down at him was his darling Jean, watching the weak, submissive pleasure of her former weed of a husband.

"Oh thank you, sir, thank you," blubbered the sissy as the giant rod withdrew. "Please sir, I deserve to be fucked really hard. Would you be so kind as to fuck my sissy ass again - only deeper?"