Girls'night-in by Mistress Vikki


I had made friends with three other like minded girls, Amy, Mia and Tanya and invited them round for Friday drinks and fun. I told them they were in for a treat and that my husband was looking forward to meeting them and hosting the party. They arrived just after 8 pm and made themselves comfortable in the lounge along with my mother-in-law. At 8-30 I called my husband down from his sissy room and he entered in his maid costume. Amy was the first to exclaim in glee that she had not realized how far I had progressed with his sissification whilst Mia and Tanya giggled at the sight of his blushes as he curtseyed to all 5 women in the room.My mother-in-;aw accepted the complements on what a wonderful job we had been doing making him look so attractive and pitiful at the same time. We continued gossiping whilst he served our drinks and snacks and at 9 pm I declared that my husband had some special requests and if the ladies did not object he would like to ask them each a special favour. Sissy sophie first approached Amy and curtseyed politily before asking "Dear beautiful Amy would you consider letting me look at your panties as I am sure they are exquisite" Amy laughed and said actually I bought them specially for tonight's entertainment and she opened her legs and said "Why not?" After a full five minutes of rapt attention to Amy's panties, he turned to Mia and said "Dear Mia, would it be possible for you to let me sniff your panties?" Mia looked slightly disgusted but after reflection replied "alright as long as you don't actual touch them" so he bent his head and inhaled the fragrance of Mia's sex. Finally he turned to Tanya and begged "Please please Tanya can I have your panties to add to my collection; my wife has taught me the correct procedure for removing ladies panties and I promise I would give them my fullest loving attention and the absolute reverence that they deserve." Tanya burst into laughter and said "Oh isn't he a delightful pathetic sissy but clearly well trained and I think I am going to let him have my used panties." I interrupted and said "but first he must make his sissy declaration to all of us. Let's hear it sissy," and so my husband said, "My name is sissy sophie." "I am a pathetic sissy who loves to wear panties." "Panties make me pretty and I must wear them every day." "Frilly things help make me more feminine." "Thanks to my wife I am well on the way to complete feminisation." "Double dressing is an important step towards losing my manliness." "Please, please make me a girl." The visitors and mother-in-law lightly applauded and Tanya said he was allowed to remove her panties very slowly and keep them for his collection. His eyes lit up and he bowed his head in thanks. After he had reverently remove Tanya's panties and was holding them to his cheeks, I warned him not to squirt any boy cream into those lovely panties which Tanya has so kindly given him and I told him to go back to his sissy room and contemplate what he has become and how he can never return to his previous life as a man. All in all a very successful and enjoyable evening and the girls have asked if it can be held every fortnight and suggested that we can set my husband "panty homework" in between sessions. A good idea I hope you agree.


Sissy sophie's first bra fitting --- by Mistress Vikki

Each morning after sissy sophie has brought me breakfast in bed I tell him which panties he has to put on and to bring me the matching bra. Although he is permitted to put his panties on, I (or my mother-in-law if she is staying the weekend) always puts his bra on him.

My mother-in-law and I enjoy taking my husband shopping for panties and lingerie together, we like to hold items up for his "opinion," and we love how he blushes and we take lots of selfies and photos of him in the lingerie store.

It was decided that it would be my mother-in-law who took him for his first bra fitting in the lingerie section of the Debenhams store. (My wife had unbeknown to him already phoned ahead and given a nice bonus to a pretty young sales girl who had readily agreed to act the part)

"May I help you?" a teenage girl, with a name badge saying she was called Chloe, asked with a slight giggle. She had short dark hair, nicely styled and wore a white blouse and a rather too short skirt with a full front zip.

"Oh, yes, thank you," my mother-in-law answered. "I am looking for a bra for a - girlfriend."

"Of course," Chloe said. "Do you know her size, and what style she wants?"

Chloe stepped closer to my mother-in-law. "I understand. We have quite a few clients who have special friends, and she," nodding to him, "is not the first."

"Thank you," my mother-in-law whispered.

"If you trust me to help, let's go to a fitting room."

We followed, and when the door closed behind me, Chloe reached behind me and slid the lock closed. "May I?" She asked my mother-in-law, who nodded her head, yes.

"Please, take off your shirt and pants. I need to take a good measurement, she said to my mother-in-law. "And a good girl is always properly dressed, especially with nice panties. I want to see what style you and she like."

He removed his shirt, and with trembling hands, removed his pants.

Chloe grabbed them from his hands, folded them, and handed them to my mother-in-law.

She looked him up and down briefly, but said nothing about his cock which was now gloriously, proudly hard, sticking up out of his white satin and lace knickers. He must have felt deep shame at being so exposed! It was one thing to play dress up in the night with his wife. But there he was, standing in panties to be fitted for a bra.

"Lift your arms," Chloe said. And he did. She measured around him in several places from the front and the back.

Mother-in-law and Chloe talked about bras and panties. They talked about him, always as she and her as if he didn't have any of his own opinions and was simply an object to be a source of amusement.

Chloe left, and he stood in a daze. Then Chloe was back, carrying several bras and bralettes. She told him to hold out his arms, and then put them through the straps of a white satin and lace bra. "It doesn't quite match, but it should fit perfectly." She adjusted it, hooked it closed in the back then adjusted it again, getting the cups just right.

With the clasping of the bra, each tug of a strap, sliding the bra a little left, then right, he started to hyperventilate and sigh.

Chloe unzipped the front of her skirt, over the tops of her stockings, and then pushed her white panties down. "You need to use these."

He took her panties. Both mother-in-law and Chloe smiled approvingly.

"Smell my pussy," she whispered to him. He held them to his face. "Inhale my scent. Now, play with your clitty, squirt for us."

He didn't hesitate and started to masturbate for them. He was so excited, it didn't take long. Minutes earlier he had been embarrassed and ashamed by his arousal in front of Chloe. Now he wanted her to see him, in his panties and bra, to see how excited he was, to see him cum.

Chloe fingered his balls. He came hard, grunting and groaning. When he finished, she smiled, and held out her hand, where, he realized, he had squirted his cum, and she slurped it up.

She took the bra off him, saying: "I'll wrap this for you." She kissed his cheek. "Keep my panties, my gift." She told him to get dressed and meet them at the counter where he was told to pay for the bra and told by Chloe that the changing room they had used had a built in camera and film footage of his first bra fitting was being uploaded to the internet as they spoke!

So it turned out to be an anniversary that my husband will not forget in a hurry and he is already begging to be taken for another bra fitting as soon as possible and I have set him "panty homework" for when he returns from the office on Monday to Thursday : the first three tasks were writing a thousand words in adoration of Amy's, Mia's and Tanya's panties and he is currently thinking of as many adjectives as he can come up with in praise of panties. Amy, Mia and Tanya have all been sent special edition versions of the video of his experience in the changing room. He certainly won't be returning to any male state in the future.

Lots of love and laughs

Mistress Vikki