Hello my Precious.

Welcome to my 24th Newsletter, for May 2018 - I am thrilled that you have dropped by to read it with me. Now be a good girl and do as you are told: sit here in the lap of my dress so that you can lean back on my blouse and I can put my arms around you as we look at the screen together. I've gathered some lovelies for you to read through and I want to help you enjoy all those girly feelings that go with letters and photos from girls who want to share their femininity with all of us. I think you'll agree with me that it is sooooo sweet of them to have written to me and allowed us to see them looking so awesome in their fashion photos.

I want to tell you first about what Sissy Karen said when she wrote to me not long ago. She said: "Why does Prim always talk about the most girlish sissies in his stories as if they are boys and not transformed into girls? It's 'He said this' and 'she told him to do that'. Wouldn't it be more girly to pass a point in the story, somewhere near the start, where he becomes a girl, so it's 'she felt lovely in her new dress' instead?

I must say I like to think of all our darling members and visitors as girls, so each and every one of them is a 'she'. In fact they are very, very girly in my eyes, just like you are, my little angel. But Karen has a point, so I challenged my nephew after checking out a few of his stories and finding that in Prim's eyes, sissies are always regarded as boys. Here's what he said.

"In Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse, Mistresses mean to impose femininity on their male weaklings: not turning them into females but forcing them to dress and behave as girls against their wishes: a form of sexual torture. The male might regard this as a degradation for him, especially if other women see him dressed and treated like that. He suffers as if it's a form of punishment he has earned for himself. That's why this de-sexing treatment is often called "Petticoat Discipline" or "Petticoat Punishment". If he was allowed the sweetness and privilege of becoming a real girly girl, he might well rise to a delicious level of sexual fulfilment, answering all his dreams, but at the same time all punishment value would go out of the window. For Prim stories, it's like it says on our Home Page: "Petticoat Discipline and Forced Feminization on every page." Generally speaking, this is what our sissy friends come to the Petticoat Wendyhouse to find. Like those squirming males in Prim's pictures and stories - and in the art of our guest artists - our readers want their masculinity to be replaced by girly weakness and blushing cheeks. They will remain males while they suffer the mockery of women and the imposed will of their dominant Mistresses."

So there we have it, sweetheart. In Prim stories, sissies are males, feminized whether they like it or not. But this is my Newsletter, so you are all lovely, feminine girls to me.

Your doting Aunt Frocks xxx

I want to show you lots of girls in their photos this time, darling, starting with the beautiful Michelle who joined the Rose Room in January

Isn't she just cutesy: a very girly girl.

I can't wait to show you the letters I've collected this month, darling, and following my practice in my two latest Newsletters, here is my selection for:


Dear Auntie Frocks,

I saw Sissy Tommy's letter, What if I'm caught in panties and bra? in your Newsletter (No.21, February) and enjoyed reading it a lot. Partly because it reminded me so much of my own first steps towards a lifetime in skirts and knickers.

Yes, I got caught. It happened like this. I was staying with my Auntie Jayne, my mum's sister, when I was about 14 years old. The very first day I was in her house I was in the bathroom and she had lingerie hanging to dry over the bath, including her knickers. I got that very strong urge to have them in my hands, and to put them on. I looked out of the bathroom to check she was nowhere near, then I took off my pants and shorts and got hold of her knickers. They were dry, and so soft. They were in a very pale pink, with lace around each leg and I was so excited as I stepped my feet through them and pulled them up my legs. They were so soft and feminine and it was a wonderful feel having them around me when I was wearing them. Then my world collapsed, because there was Auntie Jayne in the doorway, seeing what I was doing.

"I wondered what was taking you so long," she said, coming towards me. I tried pulling down my polo shirt to cover them from her sight but she had already seen them. "I think you'd better take them off and give them to me," she said.

I just wanted the floor to open and swallow me up as she left me to use the bathroom. On my very first day of the holiday I'd messed up so badly. What was the holiday going to be like? But when I came downstairs, very red faced I expect, she said "I'm going to punish you. I've been on the phone to a friend and she is coming round with what I need for your punishment."

You could have heard a pin drop as I sat across the living room from Auntie Jayne, dreading what on earth was going to happen to me. When the bell went a woman came in the same age as my Auntie and my mum, and Auntie introduced her as Val. "Is this your naughty nephew?" she asked. "Yes this is Philip and we are going to dress him in my knickers and what you have brought along with you."

Val had a bag of stuff, which she emptied as Auntie Jayne undressed me totally so that I stood in the nude in front of them both. Then I had to lie on the rug, and Val had a big square terry nappy which she pulled under me while Auntie lifted me by my legs. I was pinned into the nappy in front of my waist, then Auntie Jayne pulled her knickers up my legs and over the nappy. I swear I have never been so excited in all my life. I lay there and was dressed by both women, without complaining or trying to get out of it.

Val had not finished. She also had a full slip in white nylon with lace at the bra cups and round the bottom. I stood up for her to put it over my head with my arms through the shoulders, then even worse, she had a dress, which was clearly a posh party dress. It was blue with a girly pattern all over, with a silky ribbon round the waist and a bow and flower at one side at the front. It had puffy sleeves at my shoulders and zipped shut up the back to my neck. I nearly died as it sizzled round me and I was in a baby nappy, a pair of my Auntie's knickers and a girl's dress. I had to sit on the settee with Auntie Jayne, with Val sitting opposite as they looked at me and told me I made a bad a mistake trying on my Auntie's knickers.

But it soon turned out my Auntie wasn't cross with me, because she asked me if I wanted to wear my dress and slip again the next day, and another nappy with a pair of her knickers. I had to think about it while she made my breakfast, and very bravely I said Please can I wear my dress again. She made it clear that this would mean wearing a nappy too, because Val had left her a couple of spares, but I said yes, I understood that.

The result was a very strange three weeks at Auntie Jayne's house. I used to sit quietly in my dress, doing colouring in a book of girls dresses that she bought for me with a pack of crayons. She also bought me an Alice band to put in my hair and rows of popper beads to make necklaces and bracelets for myself. I felt so fabulously like a girl each day, and it was awful when the day came for me to return home. The end of my holiday of nappies and a party dress.

Auntie Jayne must have phoned my mum with all this information because as soon as I got home Mum said to me, "If you think I'm going to let you wear my knickers and buy you a dress you've got another think coming." So I had to do without - until I got the chance to buy these things for myself when I was a student living away from home.

Now I am a sissy baby girl, Aunt Frocks, and I wear disposable nappies every day and night, at least for part of the time. I have a wardrobe with many dresses and petticoats, and I love recreating my holiday at Auntie Jayne's.


Sissy Gemma x

My dear Sissy Gemma,

I think your peak of excitement was perhaps due to being dressed and 'mothered' by two mothering ladies, darling. Of course your Auntie's knickers will have been a big exciting part of it, as well as that nappy pinned round your waist, but there can be no doubt that sissies who want to be babies feel at their nicest when Mummy or another Lady does their dressing for them and fusses around them.

You are such an angel for writing a nice long letter to me, knowing I would share it with all our girls. You deserve it to be my STAR LETTER this month, and you deserve a month of free membership in the Petticoat Wendyhouse. When your subscription expires next time, email me at


and I'll fix it for you to have a free month. Then you can join again after it expires.

It's exciting for us all to learn how life-time sissies like yourself started out on your road of dressing and feeling cute in knickers and nappies.

Warm cuddles, Gemma darling,

Aunt Frocks x

And now for something completely different, as the saying goes. This is Martine from France, who is very feminine, as you can see.

Doesn't she have lovely legs, made to be dressed in smooth, fine stockings.

Letter 2- Another sissy school uniform:

Aunt Frocks,

I have always loved wearing mini skirts because they make me feel like I'm a girl. I keep my legs smooth and hair-free so that I can slip straight into my girl's clothes as soon as I get home each evening. Smooth bare legs are so girly in a sissy. I always look at myself in my full length mirror to see how my girly legs are on show right up to my panties, just on view under my sexy short skirt.

This would make a good school girl uniform for a sissy in girls' school, like you had in your Newsletter last time. You see lots of good schoolgirl uniforms on the internet these days, very sexy and cute, with long bare legs above the girls' socks, then pleats that barely cover their panties. A sissy could wear it with a school blouse and tie or neck bow just appearing from beneath the collar of his blouse. A sissy school girl should also wear white knee socks and shoes with instep straps that buckle sweetly over his feet.

Keep up the fantastic work in the Wendyhouse. It's the best.

Virginia (schoolgirl) xox

Dear Virginia,

What a good idea, having your legs ready smoothed and soft for changing straight into your mini as soon as you get home, whether that's into your schoolgirl uniform or just a nice girly skirt and top. You didn't say but I expect you are smooth and girly all over: very good for mini sun-dresses and such feminine cute outfits.

Thank you for writing to me darling.

Warm hugs from Auntie Frocks x

Here are photos showing why Virginia thinks short skirts are so girly: these are from the Morpheus boards on Pinterest, a delicious resource of VERY girly fashions.

To see more Morpheus styles, to here (but bookmark it anc come straight back to sit on my knee, my pet):

Morpheus on Pinterest

And while you are there, you can visit Prim's Pinterest account and bookmark that one too. It's linked to the Wendyhouse through some of its photos.

Prim on Pinterest

I've got some lovely photos next of the very stylish Stephanie from the United States. Mmmm, she breathes femininity, don't you think?

You can see more of Stephanie in the Emma Room, where all my previous Newsletters are waiting for you inside the Wendyhouse.

Letter 3 - My mother punished me in my sister's hand-me-down clothing

Dear Auntie Frocks,

My mother used petticoat discipline to improve my behaviour. I had a sister one year older than me, and the awful thing was her dresses fitted me! Mother was extremely strict, far more strict to me than my sister. When she heard about my bad behaviour at school she used to send me up to my room and tell me to undress to my pants and vest. Five minutes later she used to come in with a dress from Gillian's closet and I was dressed in it. I would spend the rest of the evening dressed like that, with my sister's socks on and a pair of her shoes.

When I was just starting High School at the age of 11 it seemed I was in dresses nearly every night and even at weekends. I really liked some of Gillian's dresses and this sewed the seed of my desperate need today for being punished as a little girl, which is why I adore Prim's stories and images. She had a pale yellow dress, very silky, with white collar and sash and short sleeves. There was a lacy bib at the front which was so feminine and I would get excited as soon as Mother said I would wear it. Then she had a bright red dress with white polka dots, a very wide skirt which stuck out sideways because of the petticoat under it, and one of the most exciting was a single drop dress which hung from my shoulders and buttoned all the way down the back: it was pale pink and had a Peter Pan collar and I just felt like I was a little girl while I was wearing it. It was about that time that Mother stopped using petticoat punishments for me, but I used to look for chances to dress myself in my sister's stuff when I was alone in the house.

The funny thing is Mother never put me into Gillian's panties, maybe because she might have thought she would be making me a fetish pervert - which I was becoming anyway. I once persuaded a friend of my sister's, Siobhan, to give me two pairs of her panties for keeps. I've still got them years later, they are amongst my most precious possessions and I wear them to feel like a real girl in my dresses.

Please can you publish my confession so that all your members know that I am a sissy little girl in dresses and panties.

Thank you to you and Prim for such a wonderful site for sissy girls.

Angela x

Dear Angela,

Of course I will tell all the girls, my pet. You are clearly a girl, from the way you quickly learnt to love those dresses of your sister's. And how nice of your Mother, darling, to give you the chance to discover how nice it is to become a girl. I love the way you describe Gillian's dresses for us and I can picture you now, sitting obediently with your mother and sister, wearing one of her dresses and having to be a gooooooood girl.

Your letter is so nice it only just missed being the Star Letter, Angela, so I have decided to award you a free month of membership too. Hopefully some more girls will soon write to me and tell me about their early recollections of how they came to love their dresses and petticoats.

Enjoy the Wendyhouse, darling.

Aunt Frocks x

Talking of girls, here are the 4 new girls in the Rose Room in April.

Prim and I are thrilled that our new girls have joined our other blossoms in the Rose Room. Not only do they delight us with their feminine grace and lovely fashions, but they also get to enjoy a free month's membership - as do all girls when they send me their photos for the Rose Room and a short text about their love of dressing and being feminine.

Letter 4 - I like your story and art in Petticoat Discipline Quarterly

Dear Prim,

I have just finished reading your lovely storyette in PDQ, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it darling. You really are a brilliant writer and illustrator, and I loved your idea of a Sissy Kissy Panty Boy Club - all the Female Domination and humiliation is just what we sissies crave for.

Prim, I do like it when you give your sissy boys pretty new sissy girl names, it adds to the feeling of girlishness and effeminacy to the story so well. As always you had your sissies dressed in the perfect attire for their first appointment - pretty dresses, diapered panties and frilly satin bonnets, absolutely delightful darling. I loved all the sissy kissies and sissy spurties over their cockies and the layers of their diapered panties, and I like the way you have the sissies so frightened of what is going to happen to them; to having them begging their superior Ladies to let them kiss and fondle each other even more. And then to tell them they are to be introduced to more Sissy Boys for Kissy Boy training is so exciting, it made me spurt in my own sissy panties darling - hummmmmmmm! lovely.

Sissy cuddles sweetie.

Princess Pansy.xxx

Hello Princess.

How nice of you to write and tell me that you enjoyed my story and picture in Petticoat Discipline Quarterly. I'm not surprised you enjoyed that little storyette, because you are just the sweet sort of sissy girl who needs to be taken along to a sissy kissing club. I wrote that story because a number of sissies have mentioned in their mails to me or Aunt Frocks how nice it would be for more stories in the Wendyhouse about sissies petting other sissies so that they both feel more and more girlish together. If you felt so sweet that you had a little sissy accident, sweetheart, then that story must have been just right. I shall have to do more.

I had forgotten that you like visiting Auntie Helga's site for her monthly update of stories and sissy art, many sent in by ladies who like to discipline sissies with petticoat government. She is doing very important work for all our weak and shameful girls in telling them what Ladies write in and say: advice for more embarrassing sissification, tales of how they brought up their errant males in panties and petticoats, and encouraging other women to do the same. My Aunt agrees wholeheartedly with Auntie Helga, that sissies need to be controlled by women so that they become more and more effeminate: in that way they become more and more respectful to the Ladies who look down on them.

I'm sorry to say that Prim's Petticoat Pansies #33, the Adult Baby special, will be later than I planned. It should be ready before the end of May. I'm so sorry that you and many other sissies have to wait so long.

A kiss and hug, Princess,

Prim x

Here is a link to PDQ, so that you can read Prim's story too, darling, (Prim's contribution is called: Prim's article, down in the list of contents) as well as seeing all the other letters, art and articles in Auntie Helga's edition for May. But maybe keep that little visit til later, pet, because I want you in my lap to read the rest of my Newsletter with me.

Petticoat Discipline Quarterly

Being controlled by women is essential to so many sissies. Here's the sort of woman you can expect strict control from: this is Mrs Wanda Nylon.

Oh yes, Ms Wanda can be so dominant when she wants to be. You can visit her website of retro fashions and ladies' power dressing here:

Link to Wanda's site

Not quite as dominant as Ms Wanda but just as feminine is our dear new girl in the Rose Room, Sexy Sam, a girl of many moods: saucy, sissy and serious.

I'm delighted Sam has allowed me to show her in my Newsletters in her brill photos. She is so versatile and models her fashions with an adorable sense of humour.

Letter 5 - My Sissy Baby playtimes

Dear Auntie Frocks,

I read how you wanted us to write to you saying how we like to do our dressing and the dressing games we play. My sissy games are all about me being a baby in dresses and a bonnet - and of course in diapers and panties with very wide petticoats, the wider the better.

I was always attracted to female clothing, my mother's dresses and lingerie and my grandmother's corsets, but I never tried them on. I also used to dream, even as a child, that I was dressed as a baby wearing a deep bonnet. I was thrilled by the letter from Sissy Maid Pansy in your Tell Aunt Frocks page in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #32, all about girls' bonnets and baby bonnets. I've read it over and over, and your lovely letter to her.

But now let me tell you about how I enjoy fetish pleasure as a sissy baby. I have a lovely dressing table mirror which I can bring up close to me while I am dressed as a pretty baby. Yes, Auntie I use make-up, even though I'm a baby. Then I put on my diaper, my baby pants (because I confess I always wet myself playing at the mirror), my petticoats, usually two or three, and my choice of baby dress. Then, pure pleasure, I select my bonnet. I have ten baby bonnets to choose from. Then I sit at my dressing table and look at myself in my baby bonnet, with the collar and puffy sleeves of my dress in view. I have a stand I can use behind me, with two more of my baby dresses hanging on it, one to the left of my bonnet and one to the right in the mirror. I feel so babyish, Auntie Frocks, and I feel like a little baby now while I'm writing to tell you about my sissy baby playtime.

Sissy kisses, Auntie.

Sissy Baby Mary-Ann xxx

Oh my, Sissy Baby Mary-Ann,

What a babyish baby girl you must be in front of your precious dressing table mirror. No wonder you collect lovely baby bonnets when they make you feel so babyish and adorable. That's a good idea, hanging your pretty dresses up around you, so that you can admire them and feel sexy about them as you look in the mirror. I am sure doing a wee into your diaper might get a bit mixed up with doing sissy girly jisms too when you are feeling at your most infantile.

You are right, darling: your Auntie Frocks is delighted that you wrote her a letter describing your dress and bonnet play. We all loved reading about it, and I hope other girls will tell me their own bedroom play stories. I am sure there would be a wide spread of different accounts according to how our girls like to dress themselves.

Love and cuddles, my darling baby pet.

Auntie Frocks x

Here is the link to a nice baby dress and bonnet retail resource which might provide our readers with some must-buy baby treasures:


This is the place in my Newsletter to show you Baby Cindy, who recently sent me some photos of herself.

What gorgeous baby dresses she's wearing, and we can all see how she needs to be well padded while she is wearing her pretty baby diaper pants.

Next it's time for another very sissy girl, Katrin the Sissy. As you may remember from the last time she appeared in one of my Newsletters, Katrin makes all her own costumes.

Isn't she a clever girl - and very very sissy and sweet.

Letter 6 - Suggestions for getting out more PPPs

Dear Prim,

I agree with one or two of your members who have written to say they are disappointed at how long it takes you to come out with your next edition of PPP or Walt Wisconsin. Sometimes you say a date for us to expect, and you miss it by weeks! I'm sorry to say it but I think this is poor business.

So I've come up with a suggestion or two to help, I hope. You said in one of your Auntie's newsletters that it's the pictures that take the time. I agree that you do fantastic pictures - they are all gorgeous, some of them out of this world and so juice making. But I think you could probably hurry those pictures a bit, almost sketching them. We would get the idea okay from your quick picture, then the humiliating story, which you can write faster, would do the job of making us feel so sissy in your hands. What do you think of that idea?

Another thing I want to ask you is please can you do more pictures showing sissy-to-sissy sweetheart attraction. The sort of pic I adore is the picture in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #23 called Sucking in White Collars where the story tells how the two sissies take it in turns suck each other's cocks in their white collar party dresses. This is such a turn-on, and you do many others like it. Please do more of these sweetheart pictures and stories for us.

Your site is super-sissy. Thanks for everything.


Dear Maddie,

Of course you are right: I keep my members waiting far too long between each issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies, and Walt Wisconsin. I am continually on the lookout for ways of speeding up my production, so thank you for your suggestion about quicker pictures. That may certainly help. I could strike a balance between dashing off quick pictures and taking care with my sissies and their dresses, because I know sissy readers like to look at the dresses and imagine themselves wearing them for the Ladies in the story.

One thing you are definitely right about is: I should deliver when I say I will. The deadline day must be respected, and that is where I will be putting my big effort.

Meanwhile enjoy all the stories and pictures in the Wendyhouse, Maddie. Thank you for telling me how you like sissy-to-sissy lovemaking: I'll see about including more pictures and stories like that.

Warm hugs,

Prim x

Remember the Prim pictures I've been sharing with you sent to me by Ms Natacha B, who is nurse to Satin, the boy who is being sissified under the direction of Governess Miss Blouse? Here are another 4 pictures she uses on the walls of his nursery bedroom.

Thanks to Natacha for sending me these pictures for sharing with our readers.

Talking about sissies sucking cocks and cuddling their panties together: here's a nice Prissy story about just that, taken from Prim's Petticoat Pansies #15. It's called:

Have You Ever Been So Hard Boys?

And to go with it, here is the second part of Prim's story I promised you last month, where Seth Bridge arrives as he must each Friday to visit the Ladies of Maternity Blouse, because they insist on making him their sissy baby.

Maternity Blouse - Part 2

So as Prim says, darling, issue #33 of Prim's Petticoat Pansies will appear before the end of May, and he will announce the exact date nearer the time so that you can have your nicest dress and panties ready for the occasion. I want you to feel very precious for it, and to be very girly when you open it up in the Wendyhouse. It will be a Sissy Adult Baby special, so diapers would be advisable, or at least rubber panties. Inside the new issue will be Miss Blouse's latest revelations about her sissified baby Satin - who will be given, she tells me, a new girly name. Also look out for baby dresses in my fashion boudoir and pretty babywear, a feature on Mommies who breast feed, and photos of some of the sissy babies in the Wendyhouse.

Another new face in the Rose Room last month was Donna: artist, photographer and woman. Don't you just love her dresses?

You can see lots more of Donna here in her Flickr photostream:

Donna E Mobley on Flickr

Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse is mostly made up of collections of femdom sissy art, mostly by Prim but enriched with artwork by other forced feminization artists too. To make the artwork more exciting, each picture has a story added by Prim. There are 32 of these collections, each called Prim's Petticoat Pansies.

When you join the Wendyhouse you get all 32 issues, plus all the other serialised Prim stories and their illustrations. To be honest, you get EVERYTHING. You might like to look at the FREEVIEW page and the FULL INDEX page to see what members enjoy.

Prim's Petticoat Pansies #23

When you join the Wendyhouse you get all 32 issues, plus all the other serialised Prim stories and their illustrations. To be honest, you get EVERYTHING. You might like to look at the FREEVIEW page and the FULL INDEX page to see what members enjoy.

It's time to finish my letter now, darling, and as usual I want you to see one of our fabulous girls looking simply delicious: this is Sissy Bimbo Jenni.

Isn't she a gorgeous sissy bimbo? See more of Jenni in the Rose Room inside the Wendyhouse.

If you would like your own gallery in the Rose Room, my sweet, just mail me at


and ask me what to do. I love hearing from girls. Or you can send me 6-7 photos of yourself wearing your favourite fashions. If you like you can send me a little text profile about yourself too.

Sweetheart, it's been awesome having you holding my hand as we read my Newsletter together. Pleeeeease come and read it again with me soon, and enjoy gazing at our lovely girls in their photos.

Until them, darling, feel pretty and dress nicely.

Love and kisses from

Aunt Frocks xxx