Nurse Clio Flushes His Vagina
by Prim

  Nurse Clio prepared her equipment with professional efficiency, wheeling the tall green stand into the room and clamping it in position. "So this procedure will make him believe he is feminine?" asked Rhianna Goldsmith, watching with intrigue. The sissification hospital had already told her the inevitable consequences, and she liked what she had heard.

"It will increase his feminine sensations," said the Nurse, taking bottles from her pack and hanging the rubber bottle from the high arm at the ceiling.

"So he will feel he is a girl?"

"Yes, in his anus. It will learn to feel like a vagina." The nurse finished pouring into the reservoir and put the last of the empty bottles back into the pack. "All we need now is the unfortunate patient."

"I'll bring him in," cried Rhianna, leaping to her feet, and she stopped at the sideboard just long enough to pour herself a vodka and soda. Moments later she led her whimpering husband into the sitting room for his home appointment. His wife had him in a royal blue silk dress for the nurse's visit, with white silk petticoat and dark navy stockings. He had had his hair done into a short boyish cut so that it was undeniable he was a sissified male.

Reginald Crawford was a natural coward, totally submissive to his wife and devoid of any self pride. He had been sissified long enough to expect shame and humiliation, but even so, the sight of a tall young nurse in a mini dress and white rubber apron moving purposefully towards him was too much.

"Rhianna honey - wha-what is she going to do to me?" he bleated in a tiny voice that didn't deserve to be heard. He was walked to the apparatus, turned and planted on its seat. "P-Please don't do anything to me, nurse. Don't hurt me. Don't make me m-m-more feminine."

Nurse Clio said nothing, her lips tight, as she arranged him in place, legs down, and pulled one of his arms behind him to fasten it to the frame. "Nurse, I beg you, don't do anything to me. Don't, please."

"Nurse," said Rhianna, "can you gag him please. We can't be putting up with this."

Once his second wrist was buckled back, she wrapped a gag over his mouth and pulled it so tight that he couldn't make a sound. Rhianna could resume her questioning.

"So his anus - or his vagina - will react with pleasure to a cock?" Her husband's panties were slid straight down his legs, and his ankles were bound together so that the nurse could lift both legs at once to the top of the frame.

"That's right, or to anything resembling a cock that is introduced."

Reginald protested wildly, or wished he could. But his wriggles were hopeless and his gag kept him silent. "Dildos and things, you mean?"

"Yes, and his pleasure will be intense." She took the insertion tube, holding the flow, and presented it to the helplessly exposed anus. "This is an intense sexing fluid which will make the walls of his vagina ultra sensitive with female hormones. He will desire to have his vagina filled."

5 The sissy flung himself from side to side on his frame, his eyes like saucers, but all in vain as the tube with its sexing fluid was introduced - and released. His objections continued, but over the space of half a minute, as fluid raced into his canal and began to bubble back out again into the bowl, they turned into unmistakeable hums of pleasure. Nurse Clio looked down at the softly lidding eyes above the gag.

"The fluid used," she explained, "remains as a highly sensitive lubricant. He will gag for his vagina to be used."

Rhianna saw the fluid pouring out and the look of bliss on her husband's pathetic face. "I can't wait to hear him asking to be filled," she said, and planted her drink down. "I'll get ready for him right now."

When the last dribbles had finished, Reginald Crawford's cock was totally stiff, almost ejaculating. Nurse Clio removed the bowl to make room for his wife. His excitement was intense, but his eyes widened with a mixture of horror and desire at the sight of Rhianna sporting her dildo. It was the nearest he came to managing audible cries of protest, but as the helmet of the dildo touched the lips of his vagina, his cock began to throb.

Rhianna's insertion brought him swoons of femininity, especially since she cried out herself in her pleasure, and from his upright penis came a violent ejaculation, covering her blouse and shooting onto her face. She laughed, thrilled at the results of his conditioning. "Oh nurse," she cried, "you've done a wonderful job. Would you like to be next?" She fell back into her chair, sighing, overcome with the strength of her pleasure. "You can borrow my dildo," she said, unbuckling the black phallus at her groin.

"No need, ma'am," came the reply as Nurse Clio dipped into her bag. "I always come prepared when flushing a new vagina."