Hello my darling. Come and read my July Newsletter with me so that we can feel deeply feminine together, Auntie and her little girl. Or is it Mommy and her baby girl, because if you are a dear little diaper-girl in rubber panties, that's lovely for me.

This first part of my letter is a bit long but it's important, so I want you to stay with me and read it all: it's about changes in the Wendyhouse, as well as lots of letters and photos from the girls which we can enjoy together. Not forgetting a story or two to make you feel even more sissy for me. Isn't that nice?

First of all, there are six new Roses in the Rose Room, and their lovely photos are lower down in my Newsletter. They make beautiful additions to our collection of personal fashion galleries. Then we've got a special STAR LETTER this month which announces another change in what you can send to me, so we'll read that one closely, hon. I'll be focussing a bit on ladies' girdles, darling, for firmly containing your intimate places inside ladies' foundations, particularly to pull your stockings up tight. But the girls have written to me about a lot more than that, so let's hold hands and read on together.

But we start with the important stuff. From the end of July there will be new payment plans for the Wendyhouse. Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse is struggling to pay its way. It has been operating on a flat level for over 12 months now, and although we are delighted to welcome some new members, our on-going members sometimes find it's time to move on to different places, or maybe they take a rest from all this excitement with a view to calling in again some time soon. I'm guessing at reasons: competition from other sites, some of which are very appealing and can offer more than us? Also there are so many outlets now for Prim art or similar to appear outside the Wendyhouse: then you've only got to visit Deviantart or Fetlife to see there are so many good artists out there. Hey, who knows, some of them may want to come and show us some of their lovely sissy art here in the Petticoat Wendyhouse.

So Prim has to find ways of boosting income because it's not working for us. From now on you can order a one-time purchase of each new issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies, Walt Wisconsin or other illustrated Prim stories that will follow, all of which will be fully down-loadable for you to keep. They'll be different prices but none of them will cost more than 15.00 USD. We hope you can support us on this by purchasing your issue. Meanwhile the Wendyhouse will operate just the same: membership will continue at the same rate as at present (9.00 USD a month, £7.00 in UK) but new members will pay 10.00 USD per month: the whole Prim archive is there: on the day this Newsletter is issued, the totals in the Wendyhouse are 360 Prim pictures and 556 Prim stories. Plus a lot of pics from other femdom artists.

So will the Wendyhouse archive stay as now, or will it continue to increase? It will grow, because after a pause of 6 months, each new Prim issue will go into the Wendyhouse like they did before. In this way members can enjoy everything Prim has done, except there is a wait for the newest stuff. There's also going to be some re-organizing going on inside the Wendyhouse to make it more girl-friendly, but more about that at the end of this Newsletter. Darling, enough of money and new plans; let's get on with seeing what the girls have sent us, starting with some adorable photos from a gifted T-Girl model, Jiang Kayee.

Love as always,

Aunt Frocks xxx

Isn't she an artist? Those photos are a joy to look at, with Kayee oozing sexy style.


Letter 1 - Please show a little bit more

My dear Prim,

You are absolutely marvellous. For the tenth morning in a row I took a chance and tried to bring up the Wendyhouse site, and remarkably, there it was. So thank you very much. I look forward to re-reading your many wonderful stories, and the drawings which go with them are so inspiring. To celebrate, this morning I am wearing my front hook (13 of them) long line bra with my B cup enhancers (I am a natural A+) recalling the many hours I devoted to studying the foundation section of the Sears catalog when I was a boy. It took me many years to get up the courage to buy my first training bra and immediately found myself captivated and constrained. Soon after I discovered one of my mother's slips in the laundry hamper. Now, after many years, I am a fully lingeried sissy and love it. I do wish that the gurls (?) in the Rose room would display their lingerie with their special parts poking out to show that they are really sissies and not girls pretending to be boys pretending to be girls. What could be nicer than a well stuffed pair of panties or a fully tented slip with a little wet spot at the tip? You really don't need to be Prim and proper all of the time, my dear Prim.

So hoping for enhancements in the Wendyhouse thanking you again, I remain yours forever brassiered and petticoated.

Well, here's a fine mess. I read the above mail in my inbox, loved it, and saved it to include in my next Newsletter. And now I can't find who it came from, so this is the only chance I have of replying.

So if you wrote the above STAR LETTER to me, sweetheart, please write me and say it was you. But what about your big question: Can we have "a well stuffed pair of panties or a fully tented slip" in the Rose Room?

Not in the Rose Room, honey. That room is a LOT more tasteful than that, but instead I have decided that you must be right: so what we can have is a new room for girls to send me their photos of themselves in their lingerie or corsetry. It will be the Lacy Lingerie Boudoir. Do you want to be in there, my darling? You do? Well send me some of your photos. Who knows, we could promote you with a Rose Room style gallery for each of you, as well as having individual photos if you would rather send me yourself for that.

Along with the Rose Room, this is another Aunt Frocks' room, so there will have to be rules.

Rule 1: The Wendyhouse is a dressing site, so bulges are allowed, but it's not a cockshow site.

Rule 2: The Lacy Room will be like the Rose Room: respectable dressing, so there is no place for sissy-to-sissy interference like sucking and masturbation: it's all about sissy-girls looking feminine in their lingerie. I know that some gurls, when they dress in their lingerie, look super sexy. As you say, darling: they become girls looking like boys looking VERY like girls, lol.

So my precious, where are your photos of your tented panties and bulging lingerie. Dig them out, or get some taken, because our girls would LOVE to see you looking lovely. And I want to see you too.

Your loving

Auntie Frocks x

Moving away from girdles, here's another delicious girl modelling her dress wardrobe for us: this is Nancy Ball who has been a hosiery model and has videos on You Tube.

Nancy's hobby is dressmaking and she makes most of the outfits in her pics. Wow, what a star!

Letter 2 - Sissy Emily on PPP#33

Dear Aunt Frocks: Do please tell Sister Sissy Prim, I find the art of the Wendyhouse to be ever so improved each time. Issue #33 (Good grief, how did we get this point so soon) Is technically, and artistically just scrumptious! it manages to roll the ball right down my alley. and deal with the issues of very infantile sissies at the same time.

After all, we are very all grown up, despite a liking for sissy girly clothes, and lots of us, apparently, with foundations, under our sissy dresses and petticoats with garter straps (suspenders) descending below our frilly sissy Panties (knickers). OH! that story of the sissy enjoying both tightly gartered stocking and satin frills! Love, love it! in particular.

Did I miss something? I would really like to know what the theme for the next Panseys will be so that maybe I can send something you would find useful!

If I haven't said so before, Please regard this as a full, and complete release to Prim of anything I have on Flickr(R)

Kudos again to Prim! YrHmble&ObtSrvt Sissy Maid Emily Sheldon.

Sissy Maid Emily on Flickr

Dear Sissy Emily, how LOVELY to hear from you, and your words of appreciations are so kind. I think the tight stocking story you liked must be 'At the Girl-Baby Nursery' with a piccy from Prissy. No wonder you liked that one.

Prim is grateful to you, both for sitting down to write and say how you like his latest issue, and also for your continued support of the Petticoat Wendyhouse. If we can continue to put nice things in front of you on your computer device, we are very happy.

He tells me that the next issue will be late August or early September, he can't be more exact than that yet, and it will be a SPECIAL COCK-SUCKING issue. Hmm, something to look forward to for those sissies who can't resist feeling oozy and excited about sissy-to-sissy intimacy, as well as sissy submission to a dom master. All in the sweetest and prettiest of clothes for our feminine darlings. But darling, you want to send me something that might be suitable for including in it to make PPP#34 all the nicer for our girls. Well there lies a bit of a prob, because while I'm more than happy for Primmy to fill his pictures and stories with cock-sucking, I don't want to include cocks in photos. For me, the Wendyhouse is a DRESSING site. So it would be no help to send me piccies of tg girls throwing themselves into cock-sucking passions. I couldn't include them. If you look back through my Newsletters in the Emma Room (which I hope you do all the time) you'll see what I mean: pretty girls, in pretty dresses. That's the Petticoat Wendyhouse. It's Prim who adds the deep shame and humiliation.

Darling, your offer of allowing me to dig deep into your Flickr photostream is brilliant and I will.

Close hugs from Aunt Frocks, Emily darling xxx

I think we can look at some nice panty bulges now, don't you, sweetheart?

I'm hoping some of you girls will enjoy sending me their bulgy sissygirl photos in panties and slips. We can't wait, can we darling?

Letter 3 - A pathetic sissy baby reading PPP#33

Dearest Auntie Frocks,

I only just had a chance to catch up on the latest issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies and I am simply smitten by all the sissybaby delights it contains! It's such a special issue for me, although my poor swollen popsie has been aching more and more with every humiliating story I read. As much as I've craved allowing myself a gushing release to alleviate my sore and throbbing baby bits, with all my might I've resisted the urge to make crinklebutt pillow humpies in my diapees. That is because very pathetic and meek sissybabies like me are not allowed to experience the thrills of such fully erect thrusting. Instead, similar to what befell poor Mr Blushby, a more appropriate fate is the shame-induced dribble of a ruined orgasm. And so to achieve this , I use a feather to lightly tickle my girlish loins as I read along to each of Prim's new tales. And of course I like to pretend it is you Aunt Frocks who is teasing my most delicate of places as I spread my bare legs wide apart.

Ooh!! ...and Auntie, I can't say goodbye without properly thanking you for featuring me in your Dressing Boudoir! I have always fantasized about joining you there to play nursery dress up games, especially since deep down I just love being exposed as a true babyfied, candy ass pansy who frequently wets himself. For your amusement, I have included some newer portraits from my ever-growing baby album. I do hope you find them delightful!

Loving hugs,

Baby Mattie

Little Mattie Fanny's tumblr page for more piccies of the sexless little poppet.

Little Mattie Fanny on tumblr

My dear Sissy Baby Mattie Fanny,

How delightful it is for me to know that you are suffering a failure to enjoy full sissified girly pleasure as you are reading the adult baby stories in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #33. Yes, Sweetie, it's me holding the little feather to tease and provoke your sissy little bits (I can see in some of your photos how dainty and little it really is - it made me giggle).

And your photos, darling! They are awesome! So of course I shall have to show off how laughably weak and sissy this big baby is in his girls' dresses. My favourite is your pale blue LACY BEBE DUCKIE TEA DRESS, so I am showing you wearing that one to the girls to have a giggly peek. Isn't Mattie Fanny a soppy sissy baby, girls? Have a good laugh at him, it's what he deserves for being so sexless and babyish.

But on the other hand, our Little Mattie Fanny has sent me lots of nice photos, so I can show him to you again any time you want to laugh at the sissy again, in a later Newsletter or in my Tell Aunt Frocks page.

So thank you, my sweet, for sending me so many piccies. You are a darling little cuddle-bag and I want to hold you close. Maybe I just might tickle your fanny again, my darling, stopping short, of course, from allowing you a proper girl's cummies.

Big hugs, babykins,

Aunt and Mommy Frocks xxx

This is Little Mattie Fanny, one of the most pathetic babies on the web.

Couldn't you just rub that baby-girl nose in your panties, darling?

Letter 4 - Sissy story ideas for you to develop

Dearest Prim,

It is so lovely to hear from you darling, I have missed you terribly. Thank you for your very sweet letter, I loved reading it very much. I enjoyed reading everything in PPP#33, Prim. You really have turned me into the most simpering sissy. I just love reading all your wonderful stories and looking at your lovely artwork. They make me feel so very naughty I can't help but get all excited in my Sissy Panties.

These are the titles I have thought of Prim.

1,Sissy Sunday School.

2,Sissy Fairies Play Time.

3,Mummy Trains Her Twin Sissies.

4,Aunty's Special Little Girls.

5,Delicate And Dainty For Nanny's Pleasure.

6,Sissies Garden Party.

7,Dressed For Nanny's Inspection.

8,Aunty Harriett's Sissy Playthings.

9,Daddy's Naughty Little Sissy Girly.

10,Bully Boy's Will Be Turned Into Sweet Little Girls.

I hope one or two of these titles maybe helpful too you Prim.

Yes you are right Prim, it is time I sent you some more photos of Princess Pansy. I shall sort out some more for you sweetie, and when I have decided which one's I like best; I shall send them into you my darling.

Big Hugs and Sissy Kisses.

Princess Pansy.xxx

Hello Pansy Princess.

As always it was delicious to hear from you, you are so sissy in the way you think and write.

That is why I was very pleased with you for sending me your list of suggestions for Prim stories. It's funny but as I read down your list I could see that all your titles could open out into lots of options with different possibilities. Take No.5: "Delicate And Dainty For Nanny's Pleasure" for example. It doesn't say who is going to be dainty and delicate, how old they are, how pretty they will be although they will clearly be effeminate and girlish, and your title leaves it to me to decide how Nanny will enjoy her pleasure in this story. That's very clever, darling.

The titles I think I like most are: 7: "Dressed For Nanny's Inspection" and 1: "Sissy Sunday School" because that one gives a new angle on our recent ideas for girls' school uniforms, this time with Church clothes for the sissies as they sit in their pew, perhaps for the nuns. That's very sissy, darling.

Thank you for sending me ideas which I can use to make all our readers feel more girly when the stories eventually come out.

Cuddles for my sweet.

Prim x

Here's a lovely girl living in Manchester, England. Felicity or Flic would love to meet more girls, so if anyone in those parts wants to introduce her to the girly scene, please write me and I'll put you in touch.

Hasn't Flic got an eye for dress detail! So feminine and sweet.

Letter 5 - I enjoy all the stories and pictures in the Wendyhouse

Dear Aunt Frocks

I am new here, so I dare write few words.

I really appreciate what You do for all of us who feel good as Sissy, because we need feeling of safety and control from strong Females like You. And Your site offers stories about our deepest dreams and fantasies and I hope (I know) I will read everyone of them with thrill and joy.

I think all will be my favorites, but if I can choose, then I'm especially looking forward for sissy adult baby stories, because this is for what I mostly desire, be a good sissy baby girl for my Mommies and Aunts, and give them pleasure and enjoyment as my thanks for their love and care.

As sissy baby I dont need think, only follow orders of my Mommy and completely enjoy my helplessness. I apologise that I am so direct. And again many thanks for Your wonderful site.

Eduard (but my sissy name is Erica)

My dear Erica,

I am as pleased as any Aunt or Mommy would be to receive you nice baby letter. It is so nice for your Aunt Frocks to receive a letter of thanks and appreciation. I am pleased, and my nephew Prim is pleased, that you enjoy his stories and pictures to the point where you feel excited.

I note that your favourites are stories and pictures of adult babies. Maybe Prim has not done enough of these in the past. Perhaps he will do more in the future: often sissies who are not usually excited about adult babies can enjoy a Prim picture of sissies as little girls who are so young that they wear baby dresses, baby petticoats, bonnets and diapers. I expect you also like wearing rubber panties to keep your lovely girls' clothes dry.

You are quite right, Erica: baby girls don't need to think, only follow orders. Perhaps more than little girl sissies, adult baby sissies must be made to do exactly what their Mommies and the other Ladies want: babies are so helpless, aren't they?

Enjoy the Wendyhouse, my darling.

Kiss from Aunt Frocks x

Here's another baby girl, new in the Rose Room. Samantha Rebecca is a very girly little girl, as you can see.

Doesn't she feel good in her dresses and diapers! Thank you for letting us show the girls your photos, darling.

Letter 6 - A sweet little school uniform

Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse is mega-femmy, especially in Pinterest: I love what you're doing. I always feel femmy too when I read your Newsletter. You talk such female sense that touches me and my dreams, and I feel like I'm sitting in the same room as the girls in the photos. Thanks a bunch.

I've been most interested since you've got talking about girls school uniforms because that's a special love for me. I've got school skirts and blouses, socks and school sandals so that I can pretend I'm in class with girls all round me. It's been good seeing some of the crazy styles your readers have invented, but my idea is very simple: I want to go to school in a very short skirt, best would be dark green or dark red, so short it shows my panties. Then I would wear a short sleeve blouse which is neatly ironed so that the little sleeves are creased on the outside with a turn up an inch deep, dark stockings or pantyhose and sandals the same colour as my skirt. I would love to sit in the girls school like that, and made to stand in the corner for being too girly. Then Miss would measure me from the hem of my skirt to my knee and she finds I am breaking the school rules. In front of the whole class I am told to lie across the front desk, my skirt is turned up to show my white pantied bottom, and I am caned severely to teach me a lesson about girls school obedience.

I would also love it if you were there, Auntie. I know you would cane me too, I am such a naughty schoolgirl.

Only pretending, giggles.

Love and love, Auntie,

Jo-Anne xxx

Dear Jo-Anne,

Hmm, in my experience, girls who like to wear their school skirt very short are usually the type to be a nuisance in all kinds of ways. Just the kind of girl who would undo her blouse when Miss goes out of the room for a second to show her fancy bra to the other girls; or wearing black lacy suspenders to pull her stockings high with extra tight elastic. And those panties: are they regulation school issue? Or are they satin panties with lace inserts inviting girlfriends' fingers to feel that pretty pantied area?

I think Miss and I need to call you out to the front all right, my girl, and give you a thorough inspection from head to toe. THEN we'd see how severe a caning you might deserve.

Thank you for writing to me, sweetheart. Like you, I feel there is a special place amongst girls' school uniforms for being simple and ordinary: skirt, blouse and tie, like the real girls wear them. Then you can be a real girl too. The only trouble would be: spankings for falling below the standards of your Mistresses, and of course homework assignments each evening.

Cuddles instead of canings, darling.

Aunt Frocks x

I want you to see our next model, sweetheart: Deedee Lassen, a girl with the shapeliest of legs.

See what I mean? Those stockings are just inviting girly hands to feel and explore!

Letter 7 - Baby Stories in the Wendyhouse

Dear Auntie Frocks,

I'm a sissy baby and I joined the Wendyhouse site a couple of months ago. Now I can't stay away. I'm knocked out by the baby nursery stories by Prim, especially the Cherub Centre ones. Every time I read them I can't reach the end because of feeling so babyish in my diapers. (Lots of gooey baby cream Auntie).

Dear Auntie Frocks I would love you to be my internet mummy, telling me what to wear (I would make sure I bought it on ebay) and telling me what baby stories to read. Of course I am always wearing my petticoat and one of my frilliest baby dresses when I am reading, and a bonnet, with my mirror on hand so that I can see what a pretty girly baby I am.


Baby Dolly

Dear Baby Dolly,

What a darling sweetie you are, saying such nice things about Primmy's baby stories. I am not surprised you like them, because all the babies that write to me say how lovey-dovey they feel when they read my nursery page in each issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies. And if you dress so nicely to read them, well of course you feel like you too are being turned into a cuddly little babykins by the stern Mommies and Mistresses in the Wendyhouse.

I think we should include a link to babywear on ebay, don't you darling, so that all our baby girl readers can easily pop over there and see what they can buy to make them feel more sissy and sweet for when they read my nursery page.

But honeykins, I've got some good news for you. Prim is re-organising the Wendyhouse, and he is creating a new room for sissy ABDLs as I said at the top of my Newsletter this month. Each time you login to the Wendyhouse, wearing your diapers, dress and bonnet, you can go straight there and sink into baby sweetness with Primmy and me. Isn't that gorgeous?

Love and very warm hugs into my blouse, darling,

Aunt Frocks xxx

Ebay link - babywear/ABDL

But not all our girls are babies, darling, as you know. Take Paula here:

Yep, that is sophistication all right. And such fabulous satin ladieswear. She is just gorgeous!

I'm at the end of my Newsletter now, sweetheart. That means it's time to tell you what's coming soon in the Wendyhouse. The first thing to mention is Part 7 of Walt Wisconsin, which hopefully will be ready by Wednesday 1st August. Other changes will appear inside the Wendyhouse, with a few room changes so that Prim's stories and pictures are re-arranged into easier categories for you to enjoy. One of them will be the Nancy Room, dedicated to baby stories for our ABDL sweeties to feel frilly and sissy in. That won't change the traditional Prim's Petticoat Pansies issues: they'll stay as they are alongside the new rooms. No way will there be any less for you to enjoy, darling: just more and more, with Newsletters adding each month, and new girls in the Rose Room. Just a pause before the full length stories feed in month by month.

Before I finish, I know you want to read a nice Prim story or two. Try these, darling: see if it's you being dressed up and sissified.

This is the second part of the story describing Vancy's art, continued from Newsletter 22 in March

Serving the Wellington Women

Originally the Vancy art with its Prim story came from PPP#16 and PPP#17 which are now in the Jessica Room.

Here's a Prim story from PPP#24 in the Molly Room.

Nurse Clio Flushes His Vagina

I just want to tell you that by 1st August you should be able to enjoy Walt Wisconsin Part 7, where Walt finds that the women of Fem Ultima have no mercy. They find the most cock-shuddering ways to feminize his mind and his body. Following that, of course, in August or at the beginning of September, it's Prim's Petticoat Pansies #24, the "SISSY COCK-SUCK SPECIAL". Meanwhile look out for those Room by Room developments inside the Wendyhouse.

Here's a treat, darling. June saw six new girls gracing the Rose Room, all of them adding their own individual charm and femininity. Here they are:

One last photo, darling: it's Sexy Samantha again, who we saw in my Newsletter no.24 and in my Newsletter 21 in February.

What a sweet bride! That fabulous satin bridal dress must make her feel very special.

I've been thrilled to share my Newsletter with you, hon. You can read it again with me now, if you like, or would you like to come with me into the Wendyhouse for a lot more girly fun.

Cuddles and kisses and lots of feminine feelings, darling, from

your Aunt Frocks xxx