The Art of Vancy
with storyette by Prim

Maids of the Wellington Women's Feminization Society
Chapter 2 - Serving the Wellington Women

  The suitability of Connor Verity and Meredith Rapture to become maids to the society has been obvious from their selection, and they are now very much in love. Their initiation to the Wellington Women's Feminization Society has seen to that. In fact they become upset within seconds if they lose sight of each other. They look about them in panic if they simply have to stand on opposite sides of the room, but if one of them is led out of the room on his lace collar leash, the two of them shortly burst into tears and have to be gagged with a ball and strap as well as having their knees linked together to deter them from trying to reach their sexual partner.
  Within 24 hours of their physical preparations, the pair are to be presented to the committee, headed by Lady Miranda Ashleigh-Burton. She and her senior ladies will introduce the boys to physical feminizing, from which there will be no return, thanks to the furious desire developed in their sensitive natures to be frictioned by feminine fabrics against their delicate skin.
  They don't know it yet, but the touch of a lady's dress against the soft flesh of their legs will make them delirious with pleasure, and since they now associate sexual pleasure with touching their sissy partner, they will be filled with all kinds of amusing emotions and desires.
  "Come forward boys," calls Lady Miranda, wearing a silk print dress and sleeveless jacket. "You will show your uniforms to the ladies of the committee and follow their directions. Lift your aprons to show your feminizing penis ribbons."
  The boys know how to hold the lace edging of their white nylon aprons with effeminate sweetness, using thumb and first finger and flaring the other fingers like extremely feminine little girls. Their penises are bolt upright, measuring an amusing two inches in length, proof of their reversed sexuality. They cannot resist the tiniest of sideways glances, leading to the escape of little squeals of desire on being so close to their partner's penis. Connor is directed to curtsey in front of Matron Carnforth, while Meredith must curtsey for Councillor Floggingham who sits next to her. They are watched by the remaining committee member, Miss Bethany Ramsbotham. All the ladies have passed their seventieth birthdays.
  "Reveal your effeminate penis to me," orders the Matron, her head high after a lifetime of being instantly obeyed. She is wearing a very full frock in mauve slipper satin, buttoned to below the waist and with a narrow belt in the same material. Her ample bosom now resides a good few inches lower than in her heyday.
  "Step forward so that I can inspect it more closely... stand here, between my knees."
  Connor's balance and strength wither away as the satin skirt closes round his legs and Matron Carnforth cups the curves of his naked bottom in both hands and draws him so close that his legs couldn't move any further forward because of her knickered groin. Her breathing becomes heavy as the boy loses all control over his vocal chords and gurgles and whimpers as if he were drowning.
  Miss Ramsbotham is on hand to hold his head still while Lady Miranda inserts a ball into his mouth and straps it round the back of his slim neck. His reactions become quieter but just as helpless as Matron's satin frock overwhelms his soft, bare legs. His bottom is relentlessly pulled forward, until his small, erect penis is buried in the buttoned bosom of her dress, while she slides her satin dress sleeves up and down his bottom in pitiless self-indulgence.
  While Connor's hands find satin bliss, sliding to and fro on Matron's back, his partner Meredith is being introduced to the blissful dress front of Councillor Floggingham. Her dress is in oyster pink silk georgette, with pretty rows of frills down the bodice and full sleeves cuffed with a tube of silk eight inches long and trimmed prettily with lace round each hand. The dress sits on a bed of three silk petticoats of square dance exuberance, and is buttoned down to the hem which would normally fall almost to the floor over her petticoats.
  The wretchedly frightened eighteen-year-old is balled and strapped in his mouth before he even touches her silky dress, because he shares his darling Connor's feelings so keenly, and in any case, this dress will play havoc with the effeminate sensitivity of his shapely legs.
  "Your stockings have been removed," declares the Councillor, "because your legs are going to pay homage to my dress and its petticoats, do you understand boy?"
  "Y-Y-Ye… Y-Y-Ye..."
  Helpless as he is to speak, or even to stand, committee members keep him on his feet by holding his hands, with his apron raised to give the Councillor full view of his reduced erect penis in its white ribbon. She undoes the buttons of her dress from the belt down and parts the sides to reveal her peach petticoat beneath, prettied with inserts of lace and with flounces of georgette edged with lace flaring from her knees. He is moved forward from behind, and Councillor Floggingham directs him to one side of her display of silks, then, taking hold of his ear, lowers him across her lap, releasing a squeal of pleasure herself as his bare thighs sink deep into her trough of feminine materials. His buttocks are deliciously exposed to her gaze and her disposal, and after a few minutes of petting and smoothing, she reaches her paddle from beside her chair and measures him for a sound spanking.
  While Meredith is introduced to the punishing side of Society activities, Connor must watch, while he is introduced to quite another little diversion of the ladies. Matron Carnforth has his bare legs rigidly trapped between her thighs, and has arranged his defenceless little penis so that it sits invitingly in front of her mouth. A little tug on his ribbon bringd it close for her, and his gag limits the sounds of his excitement to deep murmurs as her lips descend succulently over his little feminised bit. He loves the feel of her greying hair as it touches and leaves his tummy, and the caress of her fingers as they explore far and wide around his smooth feminine bottom.
  And as the ladies time it, the start of the rapturous release of both sissies comes within a few seconds of each other, with copious gulps for the Matron, and the sort of squirts of sissy cream that the Councillor loves to produce in the lap of her petticoats and dress.
  The boys' presentation is under way, and it only remains for them to be rotated around the members of the committee before they are led forward into the community room where the rest of the society ladies can barely wait to get their hands on the lovely new sissy maids.