Hello my sweet darling. I am delighted to welcome you to my June Newsletter. First let me draw you close to me so that I can hold you and cuddle you for being so girly at heart and for looking so sweet. Mmmmmmmmm - kiss - kiss. Now let me tell you about my Newsletter and what's going on in Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse.

Once again it's a big thank you to all the girls who wrote to me and Prim, and sent us your photos. Without you there would be no Newsletter. As we read our way down from top to bottom you'll see how loving and caring they all are, and you can tell from their photos as well as from what they say just how feminine they are deep in their hearts. One thing that you can always expect from the Wendyhouse and from my Newsletter in particular is an all-inclusive mix of femininity that brings girls and sissies of all styles and desires together in a lovely gender-fluid community. Then at the end of my Newsletter I'm including two nice Wendyhouse stories for everyone to enjoy.

What about Prim's new rooms inside the Wendyhouse: the Lacy Lingerie Boudoir and the Baby Nancy Nursery? Prim has them nearly ready: they should appear by July at the latest. Then you'll be able to send me those sexy lingerie piccies of yourself you've been hoarding: if there's one thing sissy-girls love, it's seeing each other in lacy undies that reveal how ultra feminine your bodies are. The Baby Nancy Nursery will amaze you as to quite how many sissy-baby stories there are written by Prim in the Wendyhouse: more than a hundred and ten, which will be gathered together in one room.

This month Prim is working on the final part of Walt Wisconsin, hoping to have it done for you by the first week of July. It's time for Walt and Michael Shoemaker to cross paths for a shameful and sissifying climax in their sexual conditioning. Then my nephew will turn his attention to Prim's Petticoat Pansies #35, a special SISSY-SCHOOL issue. He's hoping to have that ready for July too, or soon after. As is always the case now, both Walt Wisconsin and PPP#35 will be for sale at USD 15.00 and won't go into the Wendyhouse until six months after they are published.


But enough news, darling, and more girls, don't you agree? What better place to start than with Kelly, a lovely girl from Oz.

I love the way she has her hair, and don't those blouses of hers breathe feminine sophistication?

To begin our letters, here is this issue's special letter, selected this time by Prim.


What about the Johnny Story?

Dear Prim,

I've been a member of the Petticoat Wendyhouse for over a year now and I'm likely to be sticking around a good while longer. It's a pity you've stopped adding new material, although I have to say there's so much to see and read and get 'worked up' about. My fave has always been the Johnny story, and it goes on for so long. What a brilliant dream of sissy helplessness from chapter 1 to chapter 40.

My question is will you be adding more chapters. If you think about it: the basic plot of Johnny being caught by his strict Aunts and then punished with OTT dressing in the most feminine of their vintage styles, then dressing him in sissy dresses and even schoolgirl costumes at Miss Williams' girls' school: it could go on and on. Please think about adding another 10, 20 or even another 40 chapters.

You know it would be very popular with your fans.

An admiring fan,

Sissy Samantha-Sue x

Hello Samantha-Sue.

I was thrilled to get your letter. Partly because it's always nice when I can see my pics and stories have brought pleasure to one of our readers: that's the aim - it's what brings me pleasure. It's also nice of you to tell me you find my work appeals to you.

But the real reason your letter got to me is your question: Will you be adding more chapters to the Helpless Adventures of Johnny, now called 'The Dressing Adventures of Johnny'? your letter coincides with the end of the Walt Wisconsin and Michael Shoemaker story: I'll be doing the final chapter in June and possible early July. Then I will need a new serialised story to follow it. Samantha-Sue, I think you may have come up with what is needed. There is plenty of scope for Johnny to be dressed and dressed and dressed, by his Aunts, by Miss Williams and by the girls at Saint Gertrude's Academy.

That is why you win a month of free membership in the Wendyhouse, my dear friend. I hope lots of our girls agree with me that more Johnny chapters will be most welcome.

Lots of love,

Prim x

What a nice surprise for Sissy Samantha Sue. So it doesn't have to be a long letter for your letter to become STAR LETTER with a free month's membership in the Wendyhouse. Can you write to me, darling, about any girly or cross-dressing subject you like. Just bear in mind that if you write to Prim or to me, we will presume you intend your letter to be published - unless you say you don't want it to be.

Our next model is Mandy who likes dressing in bridal gowns and bridesmaids' dresses.


Thank you Mandy for allowing us to include your photos in my Newsletter. You will join the other girls in the Rose Room any day now.

Letter 2 - Can I taste the Wendyhouse?

Hello Aunty,

I am interested in joining and saw that you needed some business. I was hoping that I could try a month to see if it's a good fit. I recently discovered your website and I have gotten so many thrills fantasizing of you being my aunty and dressing me as a little baby girl. I love to pretend that I am in the hands of comforting, controlling women who use my weakness and sex to make me dependent. My favorite stories are Assisted Viewing of the Wendyhouse, Bringing Arnold to Panty, and Mommy's Baby Rosie in Lace in Aunt frock's baby room. I also like some of the adult baby drawings I've seen on Pinterest. I particularly like the drawings depicting motherly figures with large breasts who are fondling stiff little girl cocks.

I think this is the start of a very exciting relationship and could be a loyal customer. From the little I've been able to see online, I am especially eager to see the content of issue #30 helpless sissy and #33 adult sissy baby . I am a grad student in the US and money is quite tight. Please let me know if I can try a sample month free before joining.



Hello Pat darling, how nice of you to write me.

Yes, there are quite a few Prim stories out there for sissies like yourself to discover and enjoy, including on a babying theme. I am particularly fond of little girls who want to be babies: I want to cuddle you into my breasts darling.

Unfortunately though, getting to taste the Wendyhouse free of charge is not the way it works. You need to visit the JOIN the Wendyhouse page and subscribe to membership in the usual way. From what you tell me about stories you have enjoyed, I think you would find you wanted a recurring membership: 9 out of ten of our readers LIVE in the Wendyhouse with continual membership at USD 10.00 a month: there are after all 556 Prim stores and 360 Prim pictures in there.

If money is short, though, there are other places where you can find Prim stories and pictures: my Newsletters are one, on the Home Page: I renew every 2 or 3 months. Better still are the Prim articles every month in Aunt Helga's Petticoated.com which are usually on a babyfication theme.

Very warm hugs between my breasts, honey.

Aunt Frocks xxx

Letter 3 - Sissy Baby Pat's panties day

My Dearest Aunty,

It's been a while since I've gotten to explore any more fantasies of feminization, domination, or infantilism. Today I got to explore more types of panties. It is still all so new and overwhelming. To share few new dreams: I can definitely relate to this image. I also find this extremely arousing/comforting, and can easily lose control of my little girl plums just imagining it. Lastly, I would love to be this new girl here, overwhelmed and helpless in their new life.

Here are some of results of my dress up day. I know they aren't the most sophisticated outfits/shots, but wearing girly panties is a big, scary step for me. I wanted to share it with you. Let me know what you think!

Sissy baby Pat

PS - What do you want to hear about? Do you like the sexual aspect of all this? Do you like to see men cream their outfits, or is that too explicit? I would be happy to do something for you if I knew it excited you.

Sissy Baby Pat my darling,

You are so sweet thinking of me and taking photos of your special panty-dress-up. I can see how excited you were - feeling very girly in your girls' panties. I will show your lovely panty feelings to the girls in my next newsletter.

What I want to hear about is just what you sent me: what you like to do in your dress-up moments when you are feeling so feminine. If you tell me, not only will I get that lovely 'Auntie's watching' feeling, but I will share your letter and even your photos with our readers. In a way, that's like you having a very appreciative audience sitting all round your room as you play your dressing games.

No I don't want to see creaming - Yes that is too explicit. There is no need for you to do something aimed at exciting me personally, my pet: I want you to tell me your personal sissy things and how you feel about them, so that I can pass them on to the girls. One thing girls love is to hear how other girls dress up and how lovely they feel.

Warm cuddles in your panties, dear,

Aunt Frocks xxx

Here is one of our baby girl readers: Pink Melissa. She is ever so cutesy as you can see.

Melissa loves satins and frills, all in lovely, soft, little girl colours. She makes me want to cover her in aunty cuddles.

Letter 4 - Made to join girls classes at girls' school

Dear Aunty Frocks,

I am an avid fan of your newsletters. One of the best things you've done in your newsletter pages is going into uniforms for sissies who are forced to attend a girls' school. Some of your readers came up with really exciting ideas but I think the best uniform would be one which was all pink and very frilly, so that I really stand out as a pansy sissy amongst real girls. How they would laugh at me as I sat at my desk blushing bright pink. I would wear a little long sleeved blouse which was such a pale pink it was almost white, then a pink skirt to well above the knee, white tights and pink strapped Mary Janes. My tie would be - PINK of course, and my hair-ribbon in a bow would be pink too. Unlike the other girls I would have to wear jewellery: large pink button earrings, three rows of pink pearls hanging on my very large tits and bracelets to match them. I would have a pink patent shoulder bag to match my Mary Jane shoes.

It's always been a dream of mine that my mother sent me to the local girls' school: they wore grey skirts with white blouses and red and gold ties with a red and gold band round their school hats. When I was young I didn't want to wear pink: I thought I would have to go to the school wearing their uniform, so I would be taken to the uniform shop to be fitted with a school blouse and skirt, with tights and a hat. I used to dream that the girls would constantly report me to the teacher for made up crimes, so that I would be brought out to the front and scolded in my uniform, then I would have to bend over a desk to have my skirt and petticoat turned up, my knickers pulled down and I would be caned across my schoolgirl bottom.

Please publish my letter in your Newsletter with the others.

Sissy Angela

Angela darling,

Thank you for writing to tell me about your schoolgirl fantasy - the girls will love sharing your fond uniform memories. What a thrill that would be for a sissy girl like you to be marched into the girls' school uniform shop: I know just the sort of place: they cater for all the local girls' schools, so there are green uniforms for the convent school and burgundy red uniforms for Lady Mary's and so on. You would have to be undressed to fir you for a nice school blouse and a school skirt that measured the right distance above your knee. And a school blazer and tie. Of course you would constantly see yourself in the shop mirror. These shops are always owned by a strict schoolmistress type of woman who stands no nonsense. I wonder if she would be so disgusted that you wanted to go to Saint Catherine's that she would decide to put you across a stool, lift your new school skirt and cane your knickers!

That's what you get for being half sissy-boy, half sissy-schoolgirl!

Warm hugs, darling,

Aunt Frocks xxx

Letter 5 - Sissy Marcia's 'dolly-dressing'

Dear Aunt Frocks,

how nice that they are so happy!

It makes me happy to see her happy!

Yes, I was very excited and I love to beautify and dress my sissy dolly like that.

I am happy that you want to be with me!

That is a great pleasure!

It would be a magical time and we would take many beautiful pictures.

Gladly !

Present my pictures on their website!

This embarrassment must be published!

Maybe I'll get a monthly membership as a reward

If you wish, I regularly amuse more pictures:

in different sissy outfits and other sweet little high-necked doll clothes.

many greetings!

your Sissy Marcia

Hello Marcia my pet.

I published your photos - your darling cock looking so submissive in its dolly dress. Did you see them in my Newsletter no.27 on the Wendyhouse home page?

I think you are right: you should be enjoying a free month in the Wendyhouse. Go to Login here, then choose Login to the Wendyhouse and when you are asked for authorization enter these codes:

Username: ************

Password: ************

They will last until 07 June. I hope you enjoy.

I would be delighted if you sent me more 'dolly-dressed' photos, darling. I can't promise I'll publish them, but that would depend what they were like.

A kiss for my sissy baby Marcia.

Aunt Frocks x

Talking of sissy little-girl dresses, what if I share with you some nice online sissy-dress outlets. Have a look through these four online dressmakers, darling. You may find something which is a 'must-have' for you. Click on each image to take you there:

Mmm, there are some juicy dreams in there darling, which I know you would like to wear. There are more links to online Sissy stores in my Newsletter No. 23 in the Emma Room.

Letter 6 - Should I join the Wendyhouse?


I am obviously thinking about it, but have a few concerns.

First of all I have some elements of the fetish that your site seeks to serve, but there are also elements of the fetish that irritate me, and I mean irritate me to the extent of ruining it, not just something I can put up with to get the other bits.

My fetish revolves around being forced to be a baby girl, by a dominant, powerful female or females, and then undergo all the embarrassment that entails - being nappy changed, bottle fed, paraded, dressed, undressed, bathed, etc - treated like a baby, especially in public.

I cannot stand any sexual element to it, so "cumming in your nappy", mention of erections, blowjobs, handjobs etc. completely ruin it for me. I also cannot stand willing victims, the victim has to be forced for it to work, and that even applies to the kind of "you are secretly loving this, aren't you" kind of thing. I am also not so keen on the focus on pooping on some ABDL sites. I mean I think it would be ok if it resulted in a public nappy change, but not as an end in itself.

Anyway, with all this information, do you consider that it would be worth my while joining. I do not have to like everything, just enough.



Dear Iain,

I must apologise for not noticing your mail until now - it was hiding in a very full inbox. Please understand.

Now, your liking for sissy babies who are forced into babyhood by determined women. Darling, that is what the Petticoat Wendyhouse is all about. Very occasionally Prim includes baby cummies - because some readers like that - very rarely pooies. It's not often that babykins feels happy and contented. If you bear in mind that there are more than 500 Prim stories in the Wendyhouse, all of them available to members because your membership means you are in the whole archive, and maybe one story in three is a baby story, that's quite a lot of sissy emotional feeling. Many of the other stories involve similar themes, all on cross-dressing and nearly all involving anguished submission to strong women or girls.

I think you should give it a try, because you won't be disappointed. There probably isn't another website that gives adult babies as much fantasy humiliation as Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse.

I hope you'll join me soon.


Aunt Frocks x

Sometimes you come across a girl who wears her outfits with such panache and verve that you sit back and ask yourself: tg or gg? Well that's the case with Laurie Ann. Take a look at her pictures and tell me you are not impressed.

Isn't she a dream? Any day soon Laurie Ann will be joining the girls in the Rose Room: I think you'll agree that is where she belongs. If you want to see more of her delicious dresses and costumes, go here to see her Flickr accunt:
Laurie Ann's Flickr photostream

Letter 7 - I like wearing risque short mini skirts

Dear Aunt Frocks,

I've been dressing ever since I used to wear my sister's stuff, most of all her minis. She used to wear micro skirts, just a few inches long. I love wearing pantyhose and I want to show off my legs, at least to myself in front of my mirror, so the shorter my skirt the better. A little glimpse of my panties is ideal.

I wish Prim would write a story about a young man found stealing micro skirts from a store: he has to wear one, with pantyhose and white panties underneath, with a white blouse, and do a day's work in the store, serving teenage girls who want to buy very short skirts. He's great at drawing prissy sissy dresses with all ruffles, but he never seems to dress his sissies in ordinary short skirts.

Just a special request.

I love the Wendyhouse. Thanks for all the toons and stories.

Monica-Jayne xox

Hello my sweet.

It must be frustrating for you as a member of Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse when you have a particular fetish dream and Prim never brings it in. I do sympathise, Monica-Jayne: let Aunt Frocks hug you into my blouse and give you a warm, Auntiful cuddle.

There's a special sweetness about skirts for cross-dressers, isn't there. Some girls love the caress of wide skirts on oceans of petticoats, some like the constriction of long narrow skirts, and some, like yourself, love the sexy look and feel of mini and micro skirts: they are so very femmy. If you were here with me now, darling, I would dress you in my pantyhose and one or two of my own skirts, to give you that nice feeling of being feminized and mothered at the same time. And of course I would caress the sweet point showing at the front at the top of your legs.

I've shown your mail to Primmy and he says he will try and bring minis into his work as soon as he can. There's something for you to look forward to. Meanwhile here are some of those very girly short skirts being modelled for you to enjoy.

Love and hugs,

Aunt Frocks x

Letter 8 - Little Mattie Fanny's photo day with Mommy Ellen

Dearest Auntie ,

I do hope all is well with you and Prim and I am so very sorry that I've been out of touch for so many months (since August of last year?) Anyway I have dearly missed interacting with my special aunt who has a rather distinct understanding of my sissy baby needs.

I did of course subscribe for the Prim / Prissy 'FEMINIZED IN FRILLIES' special which caused me to make countless involuntary spurties in my diapers. I assure you that I did not touch my little peenie; it just helplessly squirted on its own! Seeing so much sissy cream all at once was simply too much for me; it really is to sissies as blood in the water is to sharks.

I eagerly await the release of the new 'SISSY COCK-SUCK' special, as thanks to your and Prim's guidance, my oral fixation to nurse on dummies, frothy milk bottle teats, and the maternal nipples of voluptuous breasts has grown to now include an intense craving to bob on smooth sissy penises as well.

Anyway, I fear it may be too late to make your next newsletter, but if not I wanted to share a few piccies from a wonderful weekend visit made to Le Femme Charm School last October (http://xdressnj.com/sissies.php) 'Mommy Ellen' made me over and regressed me as her 3 year old baby girl, after which she commenced with an extensive photo-shoot to document the occasion. You will find that the resulting photos are a bit different from my usual fare. In particular, Mommy prefers her sissy-babies to look 'happy' and for them to smile for the camera. This was new for me because (as you and Primmy both know) I'm typically seen pouting and/or looking surprised and ashamed while I wallow in the misery of enforced petticoat punishment. Full album is below although I included 3 direct image links which I think you may agree would tie in quite nicely with the SISSY COCK-SUCK special.

Very tight hugs & baby kissies,

Mattie (aka Little Fanny Mattie) xoxo

Hello Mattie my little Babykins.

WHAT a lovely package you have sent me here: a respectful letter, oodles of gorgeous photos from your day with Mommy Ellen, and your pdf version of such a special day at her charm school. You have put so much work into it, and I would imagine that Mommy Ellen will be delighted with the window-view of her excellent services that you have set up for her. But you are like that, aren't you, Little Mattie: so generous with your time when you can see that it would help someone else. You did the same for us here at the Wendyhouse when you introduced Prim and me to Fetlife. A special kissy-kiss-kiss for such a cute and good baby girlie.

Wow sweetie: your photos are sooooooooo inspiring for baby girls. Yes they are a bit different from your usual ones, in a nice way. Super quality of course, which future visitors to Le Femme Charm School will be pleased to see. I liked the way they were different: almost a cheeky little girl smile, simple dresses - there's a lot to be said for them: so much more like real little girls, which is what I think you want to be. I've never been keen on piggy noses for sissies so I prefer to miss them out. I'm not really sure of their message. My fave pics are the ones where you are wearing your pink satin dress: it looks so special and girly. Perhaps best of all is the "Sissy Sitter" magazine cover pic: it captures that cute Mistress-Sissybaby relationship: a knowing and patient adult with a ridiculously feminized sissy: it's a perfect page.

I hope you liked the Sissy Cock-Suck special issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies, darling. So you are now a 'bonnet-bobbing' sucking sissy-slut, are you? Well, well, well. And we all thought Little Mattie Fanny just wanted to play with his dollies in their buggy while he was wearing some embarrassingly pretty dresses.

I hope you will also enjoy Feminized in Frillies Volume 2 which will be coming soon, hopefully before the end of May. More Prissy piccies, and each one filled out with a Prim story.

Sit across my skirt, sweetikins, for Auntie to plant a long and loving kiss on her smiling baby girl.

Aunt Frocks x

Mattie has made a brilliant report on his day with Mommy Ellen. You can read it here and see him going through his baby paces - or maybe baby wriggles and wiggles more be more appropriate?

Little Mattie Fanny's First Visit with Mommy Ellen

Wasn't that exciting from Little Mattie! Would you like to know more about Mommy Ellen, darling? There are a few links in Mattie's report for youo to follow up to find out more about Mommy Ellen and Aunt Joelle. But now it's time for us to enjoy two nice stories from inside the Wendyhouse, starting with this one that goes with a Prissy pic. It is in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #17 in the Wendyhouse


And now for a Prim story, also from PPP#17 in the Jessica Room.

Lesley's New Breasts

What a wonderful dream, isn't it darling, to find such feminizing changes happening in your ex-male body. Finally, to finish my Newsletter this time, here is someone who doesn't need much changing at all to be utterly feminine: it's Debbie, who has graced my Newsletters several times, I'm happy to say.

Look out, then, for Prim's publications coming in June and July: Walt Wisconsin Part 8 and Prim's Petticoat Pansies #35, the special SISSY-SCHOOL issue. They are both bound to appeal to those feminization desires you hold close to your heart.

You can saunter through my Newsletter again with me if you like, hon, or you may prefer to come with me into the Wendyhouse. Hold my hand and we'll carry on being feminine together.

Love and cuddles, my darling,

from your Aunt Frocks xxx