What Cuckold Husbands Are For
Art by Prissy --- Story by Prim

  I stand trembling at the door, my bare knees pressed together, my patent black Mary Janes touching side by side and my hands clutched together, wet with the sweat of my dread. I know I can't put it off. Master Brad has summoned me with his bell: if I take too many seconds he'll fly off the handle at me and that will mean a caning across my ass. I can't take any more of that - my poor little ass is too soft to suffer punishment. I check myself down in a hurry: Gillian's bra, filled out with my breast-forms, her delicate panty-briefs in white nylon, then my white frilled anklet socks with awfully humiliating drapes of lacy frills spreading over my shoes. Oh why have I let myself in for such gut-wrenching shame. A lurch of the need for obedience brings me to my senses and I tap three times on the door.

"COME ON, you faggot!"

I open the door politely, slip inside, close it softly, and turn on the spot to face Brad Renshaw, Gillian's current crush. He's sitting in the spare bedroom which he's turned into his cock-sucking room. It's so shameful. He's going to have his way with Gillian again - and she's going to be loving it! And I can't do anything to stop him, he's such a brute. A pig! A beast! He lifts his finger and signals me to come close with a sneer of contempt on his thick lips, his body naked and ready for me wearing just his grey striped waistcoat hanging open from his hairy chest, that gold chain round his neck with a gold crescent moon half way down his muscular rib cage and tattoos of a woman on each of his bulging arms, their hair cascading to his wrists: I know those arms well as they hold my head in place and make me - make me - Oh I can't even think of it, it makes me so ashamed to be unworthy of Gillian like this.

"Open your Barbie box, slut."

I am almost at his feet: my blue plastic Barbie box is to one side. I open it, take out my pink satin cushion edged with frills of white lace and crouch, naked and in Gillian's lingerie, to place it carefully between his opened legs. It says: "Sissy's Sucking Cushion". I'm creeping with fear in case he grabs me, twists me, hammers me again with slaps round the face, unless I do exactly what he wants - unless I give him blissful, passionate pleasure. So far he's being reasonable. My eyes glance up to his and he snorts at me.

"Well get on your knees, faggot. You know your duties, to get me ready to fuck your wife."

My knees sink into the cushion and I interlace my fingers in prayer. "Please, Master Brad, prepare me for sucking your lovely fat cock - l-l-like a little sissy girl."

"Sure I will, you cum-slut." He lifts the waiting petticoat in white silk chiffon, holds it for me to put my hands through the little puffed sleeves, and I bend towards him, my lips approaching that enormous cock which isn't even stiff yet, and hold it in my fingers so that I can kiss it again and again while Master Brad fastens the three buttons from the back of my neck down to my waist.

"I've got our little sissy a cute new dress today, pansy. I'm gonna put it on over your head."

My eyes are filling up as I look up and put my arms into it and through the sleeves for it to descend over my head and down onto my petticoat. It's pink, with a white silk lining, and it sizzles all round me as I release a helpless moan of despair. "Kiss my fucking great cock, pansy," he says, so that I lean forward and he can fasten the back of my dress. It has a sash ribbon which he does into a bow over my waist. I start to cry as I see the white lace edging round my collar and on the cuffs of my dress sleeves.

"Up!" he booms, and he's got my sucking bonnet, large, deep, wide, in stiffened white linen but all white satin inside. I hold my face still for him to wrap it round me as I weep silently, pulling the doubled satin lining all round my ears, gathering the ribbons under my chin and doing my up into a bow. Now I'm his little sissy girl and his cock is getting so stiff in my hands. And he's going to stick it into Gillian in about half an hour's time when she's finished getting herself ready for him.

Master Brad is texting on his phone, his knees wide apart, his other hand round the back of my bonnet. "Well come on, why the fuck haven't you started your sucking duties, slut?"

Will he hit me? I do my best to avoid it by holding the great, lengthening cock upright in front of my face, and I kiss the end of his knob, softly, with dainty dabbing kisses. I know what he likes: he has had me sucking his cock more frequently in the past few weeks, including every day so far this week. He just wants to fuck Gillian the whole time, and gets his greatest kick out of having me sucking him first, as if to 'invite him' to cuckold me, to take my wife away from me.

"Hi Dan," I hear above me, "have you got your sissy slave ready for cock-sucking?"

He's calling that Dan Bradley again. This is what he likes doing while I'm sucking him off: I know the woman Bradley's going to be fucking: Jenny Clark, and she's married to poor Peter Manley. He's got such a booming voice I hear every word he says, every groan, every moan. I can almost hear the slucking and sucking between his legs as Peter suffers the same crushing humiliation as me.

"I'm still dressing the pansy petal in his blue dress: blue cotton with pretty white daisies: he's like a cute little girl, the clown. An' I've got a new sucking bonnet to hold his face in: pink stripes with deep satin inside - so's he feels real girly."

I cringe with shame to be where I am, listening to this, as my lips slide down the thick flesh of Master Brad's cock. It's getting to its fullest and longest now, he's so roused at my weak, sissy surrender. I am his total sucking slave. He describes my dress to his mate, then uses his phone to take a photo of me, then he videos me as my bonnet rises and falls, bobbing over his cock in total servitude as I suck and suck.

"I've got him in his white sissy sucking bonnet," he says. "On top it says: "Sissy Simon's sucking bonnet."

"Sounds good, I've got my fucking fag by the edge of his pink bonnet: it says: "Peter Petal Suck Pansy."

Then Brad pulls me off his cock by the rim of my bonnet and puts his phone to my face. "Tell my mate what you're gonna do for the next half hour."

I nearly collapse with shame, I am so helpless, holding his cock with all my fingers and telling Dan Bradley about my awful submission to this cuckolding misery. My voice is like a frightened little mouse. "I-I'm going to suck M-Master Brad's lovely co- "

SLAM! "Owwwww, Oh please - " Luckily I was in my bonnet so his hand didn't dislocate my jaw.

"Talk louder you tit!"

"Sucking and sucking Master Brad's lovely cock, sir," I cried, fondling his shaft in my fingers as I knelt with him holding me by the bonnet.

"Tell Dan what you want," came the order.

"I want to obey Gillian: she wants me to suck you off like a sissy girly while she's getting ready for a night of - real fucking with - with you, Master Bradley."

He moved the phone and started taking another video. "Kiss the cock that you're gonna worship - kiss it, kiss it. Now push your lips over its knob like you adore its feel inside your mouth."

I closed my tongue against his wet shaft and sank my lips wetly down the shaft, up and down, up and down. I felt him changing my bonnet notice, undoing the buttons on top and fastening on another one. He told his mate all about it: "I've got the cuck in a bonnet saying "Sissy Sucking in progress" and he's bobbing up and down like crazy: can't wait to suck out my hot cum, like a wet cunt, the dick-head."

My misery hit a new high: I heard Gillian's voice. My wife was ready for sex and she was here to watch and tease.

"And this sissy's wife is here too," I heard over the phone: "She's got his baby high chair ready next to the bed in her room: Ohhhh, that's good, sissy, keep doin' that - ohhh yeahhh!"

He gave Gillian his phone, and our two wives laughed and chatted about their sissy, cock-sucking pansy husbands, being mouth-fucked into submission as their bonnets bobbed up and down, up and down. What a laugh they had as I choked and choked on the jets of cum that Master Brad shot into my throat. I'd brought him off like a dream and it was all too much for me: Gillian laughing and telling her friend, me surrendering to such a manly dom, and my own sissy cock spurted its little offering of sissy jism into Gillian's panties as Master Brad lifted my bonnet and told me to lick him clean ready for watching him fucking my wife all night long from my sissy-baby dangle frame beside their bed.