Worshipping Mother-In-Law's Panties
by Prim

  "...and for God's sake, find something better to do while I'm away than sitting in front of that damned computer. I'll see you on Monday, and it would be nice to have dinner on the table when I walk in."
  The door didn't exactly slam shut after her, but Selina was adept at putting her husband down at any time, and that's how Lindsey Jackson felt this time as his wife set off on her business weekend. Making money, that was what she was all about, he thought. He himself barely entered the picture.
  Not that he was fazed by that. He had been planning his fantasy fulfillment for weeks, ever since she had told him she would be away for the weekend of April 16th... and here it was at last. He was frightened and exhilarated at the same time. Was his courage up to this? He waited quarter of an hour, until he was sure Selina wouldn't be coming back for her bag or anything, then he dashed up to the bathroom and scrubbed himself up into twice the guy he usually was. Then he sat at the phone, shaking with nerves... and rang his Mother-In-Law.
  "Hello?... Desiree?"
  There was a moment's pause, then: "Lindsey."
  One word of her voice thrilled him. God, she was astute. He knew he had to dive straight in or he would lose his way with wimpish dithers and mumbles and end up ringing off.
  "Er, Selina's gone on her business weekend..." He hesitated as if barely poking his toe in the water.
  "Oh yes... Manning Systems, isn't it."
  It was now or never. He dived in. "Yes. I was wondering if I could c-come on over?"
  There was a pause.
  "To see how you are?" he added.
  Another agonising pause, then "Yes. Yes, come on over."
  His heart was hammering. "Good. I'll b-be with you in half an hour. Twenty minutes."
  "Good boy."
  His hair was standing on end as he got into the car and set off for Desiree's condominium. This was it. His plan of massive hopes was about to be put to the test... with a woman who would know nothing about it until he opened his mouth... until he confessed his infatuation; his desperate need. What was she going to say? Would she go ballistic? Would she laugh in his face? Would she hear him out, then get straight on the phone to her daughter? She would hold his life in her hands.
  He parked the car in the lot, out of sight of her windows, thank goodness. He didn't want her looking down at him as he walked into her building. Mechanically he hurried to the door, took the lift and came to her door, petrified. He was quite capable of talking to his Mother-In-Law sensibly... so that's what he was going to do. The door opened, and there she was... in an orange and silver striped blouse and narrow charcoal skirt to below the knee. She stood back to allow him in.
  "You want some company, Lindsey? I can understand that. Or have you come to give me a hand with this and that?"
  "Sure. I'll give you a hand... any jobs you need doing. Just show me what you want me to do."
  Desiree was not a woman of sudden movements. She played with her dark blue beads as she watched her young son-in-law and led the way into the sitting room. They sat opposite each other on armchair and settee, and Lindsey dried up... couldn't think of a thing to say. Her lips were a delicious carmine red and her hair drawn back, adding to her presence. She was inclined towards a smile, he could tell, then she drew herself up, crossed her legs with her hands on her top knee and asked him: "Why have you come, Lindsey?"
  The directness of her question cut through all the pretence, but that didn't help him with what to say. He hadn't even thought it through properly- how he was going to try and tell her what he wanted to...
  "Was it to seduce me my dear?"
  His face made a shocked, 'Certainly not' shape.
  "You desire me, don't you," she said, "...or something?" She dropped her chin into the cleft of her blouse as if to judge him better. "I think it's something feminine about me. ... my blouses maybe?"
  "My skirts, silk slips maybe? ... My panties?"
  His too vigorous shake gave him away, and Desiree pursed her lips and stopped her questioning. "Well then, you had better come with me."
  She stood up, held out her hand to draw him to his feet, and led him like a child to her bedroom. "I'm not really surprised, my little Lindsey," she said, undoing his belt and his flies. He didn't dare stop her. "I can read you like an open book, dear. I've known several men with similar 'interests'. You would positively love to be left alone in my bedroom for a few hours to play with my things, wouldn't you?" She chuckled, lifting his tee-shirt. "No, don't deny it. I've seen you looking at my blouses. I even know which are your favourites. I'm surprised Selina hasn't seen it too."
  When he was stark naked and very vulnerable, she led him to her chest of drawers and opened her array of girdles. A quick pull of one of her smaller drawers and she had a pair of nylons for him, followed by a full length corselet that must have belonged to her slimmer days. Lesley could scarcely believe it - Desiree was manipulating him easily and he was helpless to stop her. He was enjoying it, as his penis showed... allowing her to dress him in her corselet and stockings. Then she put him into a pair of her highheels.
  "Sit there on the bed," she said in a voice that had to be obeyed, "because one thing you are not going to do is play with my things on your own. I shall play with you, my little panty boy."
  She disappeared and left Lindsey pondering the unbelievable position he'd got himself into... and as he had thought, he was definitely within her power to expose him now to his wife. He had better do exactly what she said. Whatever she commanded. What bliss!
  Moments later the dream woman returned... in her pale green blouse with the huge collar and gorgeous bow on her breast, and she had paired it with her long, wide pleated skirt in a darker green. Her son-in-law's penis thickened and grew in front of her corselet, bringing a smile to her face.
  "Come and sit over here for me, my panty boy," she said, "and I think I may be needing this," as she held a roll of red rubber and let it unfold to spread over the seat of her bedroom chair.
  She made him crouch on his haunches on the seat, so that she could thread his legs under each arm. "Hands behind you," she said, and he felt her tying his wrists together in one of her scarves. When he was in a very exposed and helpless position, she sat beside him and turned his head with a hand under his chin so that he looked up to her. "Well, my naughty panty admirer... are you sure you want to show me how much you worship my panties?"
  "Y-Y-Yes please, Desiree."
  She lifted her chin and looked at him sternly down her nose. "Why do you want to worship them?"
  It was time for Lindsey Jackson to summon all his courage and make his ultimate confession.
  "B-B-Because they're your panties, Desiree. You wear them."
  Her stern look changed into a little smile, then she stooped to the lowest drawer in the chest and drew it all the way open.
  A gasp of emotion sprang from her son-in-law's throat and his palpitations became unbearable. Layers of silk and satin, nylon and polyester panties stared up at him, demanding his most abject surrender. Desiree lifted out a lilac pair and fitted it onto his hair, then drew it down until his face peered from one of the elastic frilly leg openings. It breathed her perfume and he moaned with desire.
  "My panty slave must worship my lingerie in silence," she declared, lifting out a pair of ivory satin directoires, and she folded them into a thick band of satin and wrapped them over his mouth, tying the legs into a knot behind his neck. He 'Mmmmphed' in suitable impotence.
  "Very good, little son-in-law. Now you are ready," and she drew out several of her pairs of panties and lay them in a line along the front of her panty drawer, before choosing a first pair, presenting it to his panting penis and wrapping it so that she could softly massage it up and down for him.
  "Is that nice, panty slave?" she enquired with a chuckle. "I understand your needs. Are you glad you have Mommy Desiree as your Mother-In-Law?"
  Her captive was beyond trying to follow her questions. His cream was on its way to begin his worship of Desiree's panties. She allowed it to ooze in little dribbles, stopping in time to prevent a climax, so that her first pair of panties lasted twenty minutes before she mistimed it and allowed him to come, gushing now in spurt after spurt of blissful relief.
  "That's very good panty worship, sweetie," she said, lighting a cigarette and fitting it to her holder. She left him for a moment to collect a drink for herself, and when she was sitting comfortably again he was already fully erect. She selected panty pair number two.
  "I think you may be sitting in front of my panties for a very long time, Lindsey. And I expect total adoration for each and every pair. After all, I have worn them all over my ass and my pussy. Make sure you remember that as your cock kisses each one," and he almost swooned as she wrapped his rigid penis in a second silky garment of adorable feminine control.