Sucking Their Dollies For the Ladies
by Prim

A shiver of embarrassment rippled through Maurice Downside as he stood in front of the two women with his elbows in at the sides of his waist and his hands held high and out to the sides. He wasn't putting on a pose as his knees bent to one side: he stood that way naturally, but it turned out to be just right for his inspection.
"Oh doesn't he look a limp-wristed panty-waist, Meredith?" declared his wife as she helped her friend to fasten all the sweet little blouse buttons down the front of her husband, Brady. "And his cock! He can't wait to show the ladies how sexless he is."
"Oh Clara, you're too hard on him. He just wants to be a girly little sissy-pants in his blouse and bloomers, don't you Maurice, sweetie?"
The sound of women enjoying drinks filtered through from the living room where members of the Venus Sisterhood were gathered to enjoy an evening of sissy-husband baiting.
"Oh look what you've done Clara: he's starting to shake," said Meredith, pulling her own husband by the sides of his blouse collar until he faced her for an inspection of his lipstick and eye shadow.
Clara Downside had no intention of feeling any guilt. "Come here, Sissikins," she ordered, "and let me feel your cock. Hmm, I thought so. He may be scared out of his panties about being exposed to female teasing, but there's something more attractive on his mind, isn't there, dear?"
The front of Maurice's pink chiffon directoire bloomers showed an eagerly upright erection, while the embarrassed way he turned his face away in the pale blue collar of his blouse was a sure sign to his wife that her suspicions were quite right.
"It's because Brady is looking so nice, isn't it, you fairy? Brady has a nice cream polka dot blouse on, with silky stockings and pretty pink ruffled panties, and you can't resist wanting to huggle and snuggle up close. Isn't that right panty boy?"
Her husband didn't deny it: he buried his face in his hands. What his wife had said was evidently true, and it had a parallel effect on Meredith's husband. Brady Grainger tried his utmost to hide the excitement he was feeling by clasping his hands together in front of his ruffled silk panties, but his whimpers of sexual arousal were more difficult to hide.
"Well it's no wonder," said Meredith, laughing. "We've been dressing the two of them all afternoon in Maurice's lovely petticoats and panties, and giving them those adorable naughty-girl spankies over our knees. I'd be very surprised if they weren't turned on by how lovely they look for the ladies tonight. I think we should have the two of them showing their affections with a little bit of sissy-kissing. Come on, both of you, arms round each other. Go-o-o-od. And.... kiss!"
The two husbands seemed to fall comfortably and naturally into each other's arms and their lips locked together. Behind them their wives exchanged silent giggles and made their planned preparations, starting with their bonnets, which they slipped onto their husbands' heads almost without them noticing. They threaded the ribbons under their kissing chins and fastened them up. While Meredith smoothed and patted the backs of the two blouses, encouraging their love-play, her friend wheeled the sucking trolley into position. They shared another laugh as the sounds of their intimacy grew into heavy moaning and the sizzle of passionate silk blouse-hugging. It was time to get Maurice onto the trolley.
"Let go of him, just for a moment," Brady heard in his ear as Clara pulled him back with an arm across his chest and a grip of iron on his rigid cock. She let go of him to give her friend a hand.
"Up onto the trolley, lover-boy," said Meredith, pulling Maurice back into the folds of her green taffeta frock, while Clara took him by surprise and lifted his feet into the air. They planted him on his back on the waiting cushion and clamped his hands onto the side rails with ribbons.
"And stop kicking," she cried. "Your lovely Brady is going to suck your sexless cock, if you'll only stay still."
His ankles had to be secured onto the central bar running along the floor of the trolley. It turned out exactly as the women had planned, and with his cock sticking up, panting for his petticoat pansy friend, they'd have no trouble persuading Brady to get up there and lie on top of him.
"Look at his adorable cock inside those delicious pink bloomers, darling," cooed Clara in his ear as the women walked him to the other end of the sucking trolley holding an arm each. "Step up here, like a love-drawn sissy-boy, and you can lean forward until your lips reach that lovely purple helmet, to dab loving little kisses on it."
At that very moment Maurice's throat released a wail of girlish desire as he looked up. It was the thought of Brady kissing his cock, in his lovely peach polka dot blouse. The burst of emotion was just what was needed to make Brady breathless with desire for his sweetheart's cock. He stepped onto the tray of the trolley, realising with pattering heart that his own cock would press his ruffled panties into Maurice's face as he looked up. Ohhhhh, he would kiss him on the front of his panties. He would feel all those...
A peal of laughter rang through from the living room. The women were almost high enough to enjoy the sissies to the full. It stopped Brady in his tracks and the droop of his face showed the fears that held him back.
"But Clara, I don't want the women to see me wearing this blouse and this baby bonnet. They'll laugh at me, I know they will."
"Yes, dear," soothed Clara, moving his hands so that his weight was in her arms. "Maybe they will, but they'll be so friendly and sweet while they watch you kissing and sucking."
She lowered him the last few inches and released her husband's cock into the open in front of his nose. A swell of femininity rushed through the sensuous sissy, and it was only natural for him to suck the exciting sweetheart cock in front of him. He gave the helmet just one kiss, but it was so soft that he instinctively opened his lips and slid them down, lower, with a moan of affectionate pleasure. As he did so, Meredith's fingers had released her husband's cock from his panties, and she guided it into the wet, warm lips of his sweetheart. How naturally they pressed round his cock, just below his helmet, and began to suck.
The two of them wailed and moaned with desires for more pleasure, and sucked and sucked more deeply, their heads pushing and pulling as they felt ribbons fastening the backs of their necks in place. They were forced to suck cock, but that wasn't unpleasant. No, it was beautiful, and the sissy husbands sucked as deeply as they could, not noticing the smooth running of the trolley, the opening door, the change from the quiet of the back room into the busy, perfumed atmosphere of the front room, and Meredith and Clara were surrounded by their Sisterhood friends.
"Ooooh, look at them. Look at their heads bobbing and pulling!" and the women fell silent for a moment to listen to the slucking and squelching that was being performed in front of their eyes.
"I think the shame of it is hardening their cocks," declared someone.
"You can see how they feel ashamed and so girlish," said another, bursting into a long giggle. It was true that the two sissies sucked all the more in front of the women once they heard how scornful they were, but the first climax of their sissy passions came when Maurice choked on his sweetheart's cock. Brady was ejaculating a big load into his throat. It was the signal for hilarious laughter from all the women, and everyone sat close to either end of the trolley, so that they could watch one sissy sucking or the other, and encourage them with nice giggling comments, the way women always do when enjoying sexless husbands being humilliated in silky frillies.