The Helpless Adventures of Johnny
Chapter 13: Johnny is Smothered in Knickers
and Laid in Aunt Myrna's Panty Drawer
by Prim

johnny2-13  It was a very delicate and weakened Johnny who was carried in his babywear by Aunt Barbara on one side and Miss Williams on the other, as they followed Aunt Myrna to her bedroom, where the perverted culprit was laid on the satin bedspread. The contents of his bottle had livened all of his senses, so that his silky diaper and baby petticoats felt so smooth and shiny, while the sweet fragrance of the satin and chiffon drapes of his aunt's bedroom filled him with desires for the soft touch of her feminine fashions. But for this session it was the silkiness of Myrna's lingerie, especially her panties, which the ladies wanted to impress upon his freshly awakened senses.
  "When we discovered the little pervert playing with Barbara's dresses and skirts," said Myrna, watching as her companions removed the culprit's dress, blouse and petticoats, "he had chosen to dress his personal parts in a pair of her pink satin panties."
  Aunt Barbara agreed as she undid the sides of his diaper and opened it out. "With a deep pink lace frill at the legs," she confirmed. Their nephew's cock was rigid (as they looked down to examine the jism it had spurted into his diaper)... perhaps because of his baby dress? Or maybe as a result of the humiliation drink he had just consumed? Or was it because he was enthralled by their talk of ladies' satin panties?
  "I only wish," said Miss Williams, "I had brought along some of my own panties, I would certainly put him into them."
  The aunts chuckled their approval. "Well you can help dress him in some of mine," said Myrna. "Come and collect some sets of panties with me while Barbara holds him here ready to be pantied. With Johnny's blubbering in their ears, they crossed to the dresser, drew open one of the drawers, and gathered a selection of very smooth and slippery panties, all full cut, or even long legged directoire knickers, and all of them in the softest silk.
  "These have definite possibilities for the school project I have in mind for him," said Fenella. "I can see the looks of ecstasy on my girls' faces as they put the sissy through a 'panty changing display' on the school stage in front of the school assembly."
  Johnny's blubbering became outright sobing at her words, especially as he watched the pairs of panties being laid out on the bed, soon to be drawn up his legs. He collapsed with a rush of emotion and slumped backwards off his aunt's knee as if to distance himself from them, wriggling and kicking in a very babyish kind of way.
  "My goodness, Myrna, look at his breasts!" cried Miss Williams, aware of how they had grown now that he was lying on his back.
  "Quite so," replied Myrna. "We had better dress him in one of my brassieres and a garter belt, with stockings for his legs before we dress him in any panties.
  Johnny was soon sitting on Aunt Barbara's knee again, this time in a white satin brassiere that was only slightly loose on his growing bust, while a matching satin garter belt held him tautly in tan stockings that seemed to add a delightfully feminine shape to his legs.
  "Show your affection for my long directoire knickers, Johnny," said Aunt Myrna, standing over him and letting a pair of her long legged nylon bloomers drop into their full length an inch or two in front of his face.
  "I think he will show more affection if the back of his hair is held in these cream polyester full cut panties," added Miss Williams, eager to make the boy suffer more acute embarrassment in front of them. She spread the panties behind his head, so that as Myrna closed the other panties over his face, he was enveloped all round in his aunt's panties, breathing their exquisite femininity and mewling with sexual excitement as he was caressed and fondled without mercy in the soft slippery lingerie. His penis was attended to by Aunt Barbara, who took a pair of oyster polyester panties edged with pretty lace and wrapped them over his member, softly frolling it up and down its length as his face felt the embrace of precious panties.
  Perhaps it should not have been a surprise, but after a couple of minutes or so, Aunt Barbara was holding onto a pumping sissy penis. She clasped the cream polyester around it to try and keep the ejaculate from reaching her dress or the bedspread.
  "I see," observed Myrna, sliding her blue nylon panties onto the top of his hair and from there, pulling them down over his head so that the waist elastic clasped his neck. "The scoundrel needs to be panty drained, by the look of it. I want you to bring him over to my lingerie dresser, and we shall see his reaction to some nice ladies' panties now that he has been fed with more perverted desires."
  Johnny wept aloud inside his panties as he was led across to the dresser with Aunt Barbara behind him making sure he didn't collapse on his weakened legs. When he reached her, Aunt Myrna drew her panties off his head and opened the top drawer, to reveal a dizzying display of very feminine brassieres, some with form-shaped cups, some with cups decorated with lace and some with cups supported with extra satin. He was made to kiss whichever brassiere was presented to his lips, even though he was weeping.
  "Thank your Aunt Myrna for this lovely privilege boy," ordered Aunt Barbara in his ear, and as he tried his best to form the words, Miss Williams wrapped a brassiere of black satin tightly round his head, so that his nose pressed deeply into one of its cups for him to kiss its inside.
  When his penis was fully extended again, the brassieres were returned, and the drawer was closed, so that Johnny could be presented with the sweetest of all his Aunt's attractions. Aunt Barbara moved him a step backwards, so that the lowest drawer in the dresser could be slid open. A wail of desire burst from his lips as his eyes devoured the ultra-feminine display of his Aunt Myrna's silk and satin panties, from one end of the drawer to the other. "Kneel down, Johnny," said Aunt Myrna at his elbow, "and admire my lovely panties more closely."
  "Oooohhhhh! Your p-panties, Aunt M-Myrna!" breathed the dizzy youth. Luckily Aunt Barbara slipped her arms under his and kept him from slumping in a heap at their feet. "I w-w-want them, Auntie. I want to w-w-wear them. I l-l-love your panties!"
  He was lowered to his knees and Aunt Barbara clasped her hands together over his bare belly to keep him upright as she knelt behind him, her dress behind him over his stockinged legs. "S-S-Satin panties... s-s-silk panties...with sweet l-l-ladies' lace!" he mumbled, his voice weak with emotions that churned through his whole body. "Please can I wear your lovely panties, Aunt Myrna?... They're so... so... beautiful. I want to wear your panties all the time."
  His aunt knew what to do. She folded a pair of her full cut panties in two, and wrapped them over his mouth to keep the perverted boy quiet.
  "Well that's one way to control his frenzy of femininity," laughed Miss Williams. "Are we going to present some of your panties to his sissy penis for reverent adoration?"
  Aunt Myrna already had a pair of panties in white bridal satin in her hands. She folded them in two, making a soft and shiny pad, and held them in front of his unprotected, vertical penis for it to express its adoration.
  Johnny's resistance was wafer thin. He moaned into his panty gag, attempted to push deeply into the panty pad, and succeeded only in squirting little jets of his jism into its feminine sweetness.
  "You little deviant!" cried his Aunt. "You worm of a boy! As penance, we will put you into my drawer and cover you in my lingerie! While you are closed in amongst them, you can express your apologies to my panties."
  Miss Williams loved the idea, especially since Johnny's wet penis stiffened again with astonishing eagerness. She loved to see him so excited, and Aunt Barbara loved the idea too. She wanted to ensure that Johnny became besotted with silk and satin lingerie. "I have a pleasure-giving sheath for his penis and testacles," she said. "Its sensors react to silky material, and at the same time it will keep Myrna's panties dry." It slid over his erected penis like a condom, with a sensor-rich belt near the base and elastic loops to hook around each of his testes.
  The boy's body floundered in effeminate weakness as the three women spread him on the carpet and dressed him in one of Myrna's blouses, along with four pairs of her satin panties. Then he was bound at his wrists and ankles "to keep him helpless while in the embrace of my panties", explained Myrna, and was laid in the satin panty drawer of the dresser, shaking with sobs and weeping pitifully. All three ladies delighted in covering him in heavily perfumed panties in rich silk and satin, so that there were four layers of panties beneath him and as many laid over him too, with extra panties spread here and there to ensure that the helpless boy was deeply pantied.
  His pleasure device was turned on, and the ladies knelt and listened to his moans of desire and pleasure, with grins of pure delight on their faces.
  "He'll stay there for at least half an hour," said Myrna, and they drew up chairs to sit and watch the liquid movement of the panties as he struggled and moaned in his panty enslavement, as the hands of three ladies stroking and fondling him again and again to ensure that he was constantly aroused during his pantied torment.
  "Well now," said Aunt Barbara, as the boy burst into an evident orgasm - the third within quarter of an hour - "what are we to do with him next that would feed his lustful dread of humiliation?"
  It was her sister who told them of an idea she was forming, which could add a new depth of misery to his painful humiliations. "I'm going to call one of my best clients," she said. "Fiona Mitcham will be as delighted as you are, Fenella, to see a boy being sissifed. Even better, her daughter, Pauline, used to go to school with Johnny, and she will leap at the chance to make an utter fool out of him in feminine dress."
  She made the call, and she was absolutely right that Fiona and Pauline Mitcham would be utterly thrilled to come and observe the sissy pervert being dressed and humiliated. As she hung up, shiny silky ripples slid to and fro amongst the panties, as their occupant whimpered helplessly in yet another climax, ejaculating into the pleasure device inside his Aunt's panties.