19-1 - Grandma's New Grand-daughter
No wonder Desmond is worried: his Grandma always insists
he wears some of her things.

19-2 - The Most Feminine Panties
More than 50 women gather in the Gendering Hall
for the amusing presentation of today's unfortunate male.

19-3 - Cousin Peregrine's Visit
How convenient that the girls have a male cousin. They know
just how to make him submissive and sweet.

19-4 - Damien Becomes the Class Pankhurst Baby Girl
Ms Murdistone promises that boys attending her school
will be turned into girls.

19-5 - Babied for Failure at Work
Matthew Lightfoot's wife finds welcome help in his development
from his mature female employer.

19-6 - Dominant Women
Madeleine and Nerys join the Dominant Women Society
and set about finding a male they can dominate together.

19-7 - The Prissy Boy of Lacy McGlen
The time-honoured tradition of Lacy McGlen was for their women to have
just one male for their satisfaction - the poor boy!

19-8 - Dressed For His Girly Vacation
It's surprising how outlandish women's imaginations can be
when they have an unfortunate male to dress as they like.

19-9 - Petticoat Punishment
Martin Berlin dreads being shown 'en femme' to other women, but his lack of
self control requires him to be taken to a 'school of discipline'.

19-10 - Girly Sissies Like to Kiss and Kiss
Mothers-In-Law with pathetic frilly sissies like to
bring out their deepest effeminate weaknesses.

19-11 - Garth Anderson Asks For Sissification
His new stepmother is a determined bitch who won't stop short of
complete sissification for the 18-year-old.

19-12 - Edward Gets His Uniform for Saint Bernadette's
There is no limit to a boy's misery when his stepmother
loves reducing him to tears of misery.

* * *
If you like to feel girly and dominated,
spend some feminine time in
Prim's Petticoat Discipline Corner.

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