html> Prims Story of Petticoat Punishment, telling the story of a sissy's shame as he is made to suffer female domination through enforced transvestism

The Dressing Adventures of Johnny #3

Johnny's Dress Humiliation

Chapter 21 - Johnny Is Deeply Dressed as a Baby

Chapter 22 - Johnny Asks to be Babyfied Even More

Chapter 23 - Johnny Is Taken to the Girls School

Chapter 24 - Johnny Begs the Schoolgirls to Feminize Him

Chapter 25 - Johnny Is Put On Display

Chapter 26 - The Schoolgirls See Johnny's Femininity

Chapter 27 - Johnny Is Dressed In Girls Lingerie

Chapter 28 - Johnny Is Prepared for Dressing

Chapter 29 - Johnny Is Dressed In An Exciting Skirt and Blouse

Chapter 30 - Johnny Is Punished In Skirts For His Perversions

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