Learning to Want Their Dresses    by Prim

"The trouble is, the fool is persisting in claiming he's a manly type, determined to prove himself to my daughter." Miriam Virgina was impressed by the tight head-lock the staff nurse held on her son-in-law, but surely it was a very big ask to convert this insolent businessman into a little-girl sissy, like she and her daughter wanted.
Nurse Harmony tightened her grip, bringing a yelp from the head under her arm. "Have no fear, ma'am," she said with a soft smile, "here at Wimpy-Girl this pathetic husband will be subjected to girls' dress treatment from the very start. When you collect him this evening he will be begging you to keep him dressed very nicely in little girly dresses."
The door of the sissy school closed behind two other mothers-in-law as well, and the nurses got to work on the wretched males left in their charge. "Now let me see," said Nurse Sweet, "Gerard Knicker. I think this is the blouse for you to start in." She released her charge from the grip she had held him in for the past fifteen minutes and planted him on an upright armchair.
"You can't make me wear that," he protested. "It's a girl's blouse!" He had to wear it nevertheless, with its peter pan collar edged with lace, its puffed sleeves and the pretty lace panel at the front with three pearled girly buttons. A pang of embarrassment swept through him as he looked down at the white nylon and lace he was dressed in.
"And these panties, Mister Knicker. Your private places are going to become sooo feminine today, they must be kept in panties at all times."
Renewed floods of shame swept through him as he had to allow himself to be dressed in a pair of powder blue full-cut panties in bridal satin.
The other husbands were being dressed in blouses and panties too, in spite of their claims that they were men - husbands - completely male and devoted to their wives, regardless of the mad ideas of their Mothers-In-Law.
"Well of course you're male, dear," cooed Nurse Glow as she fastened Michael Pinkerton by the wrists onto his upright chair, "but we can't leave you like that, can we? Not when there are Ladies who insist that you are to be weakened and sweetened and turned into little wimpy sissies for them."
The nurses laughed as all three males were secured in their chairs with crimson looks of anguish on their faces. "So we'd better open these legs wide," declared Nurse Harmony, passing the knee-separators to her colleagues. "We'll have those weedy little cocks nice and vulnerable in their sweet panties, ready for the nice girling treatment you are all going to have."
"What!" "Girling treatment!" "Stoppit at once. Get that bar off my legs, d'you hear!" Beneath their dainty little blouses, all three males were in a fit of panic. Then Nurse Sweet activated the overhead cables and the whirr of pulleys drew their eyes to the ceiling, while at the same time a little pin prick in the arm of each blousey sissy told the newbies that they were about to suffer some infernal sex interference procedure.
The panic of a moment before turned swiftly into desperation, for above them and rapidly descending on their heads were the opened petticoats of three very girly little party dresses.
"No! What are you going to do to me? Let me go, pleeeeease!" They looked up into the white petticoat silk with their lashings of soft lace and frills as their faces were immersed inside the femininity of the dresses. Oh the softness, ohhh the sweet perfume, ohhhhhhh the dainty caress of slithering dress-petticoats! If they had only been able to think of their cocks in their panties they would have been aware of how stiff they were growing and how delicious they were feeling, but all they saw were the dresses that their nurses were holding and sliding and fondling and smothering around them. Such pretty dresses. Girls' dresses. Adorable dresses! No wonder Anthony Virgina soon felt himself swelling to a climax of girlishness inside his blush-pink dress with its satin lining. He just wanted to make love to it, and poured his eager cum in violent spurts of sissyness through the gusset of his panties.
Gerard Knicker and Michael Pinkerton were close behind, and it wasn't the only time they orgasmed. If they were good boys, their nurses told them, and climaxed three more times under different little dresses, they would be allowed to put on a dress each with their nurses' help, so that they could be wearing lovely party dresses for when their Mothers-In-Law arrived to pick them up from sissy school.