Ready For His Wife's Visitor    by Prim

"Come here. We've got just ten minutes for me to get you dressed." Rosamund Hansworth pulled on her latex gloves as she sat on the lilac velvet stool between her closet and the side of her enormous bed. Stanley Rawsthorne stepped forward, with a shiver in the chill of her bedroom, and stood with his knees pressed together, arms by his sides and his hands spread down the outsides of his thighs in the prescribed inspection position. He wilted with shame, naked in front of his wife's mother for her to check that he had showered correctly for sitting with her and her daughter for the evening. As always, she started with his genitals. He peered down between his enlarged breasts as she held his cock and testes in both hands and turned them this way and that.

"Have you given this stupid little thing a thorough wash? My daughter might want to take it out to show her visitor."

"Her visitor?" Stanley's knees tightened together and his hands curled upward at the wrists. He fought to control his nerves, but he just had to ask. "Wh-Who is going to c-come, Mother-In-Law?"

"A friend of Janice's. Your wife needs some sensible company of an evening. Bend low."

Stanley reached his fingertips to his toes, his pulse quickening, keeping his knees straight as Rosamund's fingers parted his buttocks and opened his anus to peek inside. Her finger pushed in by two or three inches and withdrew.

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