17-1 - From Mummy's Angel to Mummy's Princess
Is Michael growing out of wanting his mother to dress him in her things?
She'll have to do something about that.

17-2 - Ready For His Wife's Visitor
Stanley Rawsthorne will wear what his Mother-In-Law says
when she is preparing him to meet his wife's boyfriend.

17-3 - Party Frocks for Their First Date
Velma and Caroline will keep their husbands dressed as docile girlfriends.

17-4 - Girls In Dresses
The Female Society loves it when their sissies are overcome
with the sweetness of their dresses.

17-5 - Nicely Dressed Together
Marcel and Reece fix up a first date together. They can hardly
contain their excitement.

17-6 - Please Make Us More Feminine
When very frilly sissies ask her to help them become as girly as real girls,
Nurse Laceway knows what's best.

17-7 - Two Sissies, Still Girlfriends
Now that Polly has been turned into a baby girl, Sissy will have to learn
that they can still be girly sweethearts.

17-8 - The New Girl
Thankfully three of the senior girls are on hand to help Cecil
on his first day at Saint Monica's High School for Girls.

17-9 - It's Changing Time, Babies
When two sissy husbands start their babyfication lessons with drinks of Female-X, they become highly emotional.

17-10 - Sissy Son-in-law
Once Patrick confesses his adoration of his Mother-In-Law, he will
progress to becoming his Momsy's little girl.

17-11 - Lesley's Next Appointment with Doctor Sweetcum
Doctor Sweetcum's divine way of making Lesley more feminine
inspires him to be as girlish as he can while he waits for his next treatment.

17-12 - Girly Sweethearts at Xmas
Damien and Lesley take care to be beautiful and feminine for each other.
But will their mommies let them become more intimate?

* * *
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