Their Weekly Appointment At the Pink And Frilly Girlification Clinic   

Jonathan and Arnold are reminded how the women introduced them to dressing and petting.

Art by Prissy --- Story by Prim

  "Hello? Miss Hortensia?"

"This is Miss Hortensia."

"Ohhh, Mistress - it's Little Sissy Jennifer and I feel ever so sweet and girly in my panties - and in my tummy - and in my arms and my legs, Miss Hortensia. I'm such a sissy little Jennifer."

"Yes, Jennifer, I know you are. Tell Mistress Hortensia where you are now and what you are wearing."

"I-I'm in the taxi, Mistress." There was a long pause, then: "I-I'm wearing my white dupionne silk, wide skirted communion dress overlaid with tulle edged with white lace." There was a pause for weeping, until the caller could gather himself and continue. "And over it I'm a pink see-thru women's mackintosh - which I borrowed from Miss Rawtenstall from next door. And I'm wearing white half-heeled Mary Jaynes and lacy knee-highs to make my legs feel pretty."

"Are you wearing a bonnet, Jennifer?"

"Er, I'm holding my bonnet, Miss Hortensia."

"Put it on, Jennifer. It's no good you looking like half a sissy as you walk along the road, is it?"

"No Mistress."

"Good. Have you put on your bonnet?"

"Yes Mistress."

"In that case you may get out of the cab and walk into the mall, through the market, through the main course, through the food hall and ring the bell at Pink and Frilly. We will see you in quarter of an hour. Bye Jennifer."

A tear ran down each of Jonathan Jones's cheeks as he popped his pink phone into his patent pink purse. He gathered his courage as tightly as he could, which he was used to each Thursday as he got close to his girlification class, and stepped out of the cab.

"That's fifteen pounds, girl," said the cabbie, "or a fiver if yer'll suck my cock in yer bonnet."

Jonathan paid his fifteen pound as soon as he could and turned to walk as quickly as his white patent heels would allow him.

"Come in, my little sweetie," said Miss Hortensia, closing the door of her flat behind him. "So, you can't wait to feel as feminine and sissy as ever for your Mistresses? That's nice, isn't it, Geraldine? Isn't our sweetie looking just so girly in his pink mackintosh and his lovely white communion dress?"

"What a sweet little girl he is," replied her friend. Miss Hortensia was wearing a dress of jade green satin with a scooped neckline. It showed her suspender clips and every detail of her corset for today's sissy appointment, while Miss Geraldine was in a crisp lilac lace-fronted blouse and a strict pencil skirt in navy serge over a sizzling petticoat slip. Her phone rang as she was helping to remove the sissy visitor's shiny mackintosh.

"Hello Arnold, my baby," she said. "or should I say 'Angelica'? I hope you are nicely dressed for us, as instructed?" She listened, laughed, and went to the window. "All right, so you are turning into Bloomer Street now. We are going to watch you coming along the railings."

Both women led the sissy in his white dress to the window, where they were able to see a rather ridiculous apparition turning into view. Arnold Smith was riding his pink tricycle as fast as he could to shorten the time he would be on public view. This meant that his pink dress blew up contantly, to reveal oceans of white pettis underneath, and as they parted with every turn of his pedals, they revealed how his pretty pink panties sported a rigid point of shame in the middle of his panty gusset. When he wheeled his tricycle in at the street door, the women met him with laughter while all he was concerned about was trying to get all his petticoats down so that his dress could lie flat over his ruffled pink panties.

The sissies knew each other. They were here every Saturday without fail, partly because they were ordered to by the women, but also because they were rather fond of seeing each other in dresses and indeed, being seen in a dress by their partner. It's perfectly understandable how a relationship will grow in sissy sweetness as their dresses are lifted and their panties are inched forward into the softest and most lovely kisses of silk on silk at the tips of their rampant cocks. As usual they soon found themselves fastened at floor lever into their bouncey chairs, their legs splayed wide and those pink panties facing upwards, to face each other between their tormentresses at the Pink And Frilly Girlification Clinic.

"What lovely stiff erections," cried Miss Hortensia, arranging her chair alongside the pair. "Eager to listen to their Mistresses telling them how girly they are," added Miss Geraldine. The sissies blushed alongside the skirts and stockings of their beloved Mistresses. How lovely it was to pay their weekly visits to Pink and Frilly. As usual, the women wanted to cast their minds back, for the shameful benefit of the sissies who sat with gentle bounces between them, to that first time they met Jonathan and Arnold two years previously.

"How nice it was of you, boys," recalled Miss Hortensia, "to come to fix our double glazing at the dress boutique, and to accept our kind offer of a drink before you started."

"And how you were soon gone with the fairies so that we could undress you upstairs and put you into our silkiest lingerie," went on Miss Geraldine. "Do you remember how stiff their cocks became in just half a minute?"

"How could I forget? We closed the boutique and played with those cocks for an hour, dressing them in one pair of gorgeous panties after another."

"Kissing our sissy boys into full obedience so that we could dress them in girls' frocks and panties. They loved that."

"Oh my dizzy aunt, did they love it! After a few top-ups with our special drinks, we must have had them in at least ten different dresses each. They were so excited it was the easiest thing to get them interested in each other."

Both women laughed and looked into the eyes of their sissies, who were filling with tears at this revisit of that fateful day in their sissification. Both women chucked their sissies by the cheeks and took their pantied erections in their hands.

"And that is why you want to come and see us time after time, isn't it, our sweet little darlings? Because you can't help but want to cuddle your excited sissy-girl panties together."

Their fingers were working on the stimulated, panty-gusseted cocks. "Our sissies want to be unsexed little sissy sweethearts, don't they, like on that first time - end every Saturday since?"

Geraldine pouted her lips together in a condescending smile above the sissies. "Our sissies are crying enough for their panty-gusset stimulation, Miss Hortensia - so it's time for baby dangling."

"We'll have to dress our girlies in their baby-girl dresses and sissy panties," cooed her partner as both women unfastened the sissies, got them to their feet and began undressing them. "We know how they've always liked to be stimulated by sweet little shortie dresses and Auntie's big silk panties."

The dresses were hanging ready at the side of the room where the dangle harnesses were ready for their occupants to be suspended and secured. First they dressed Sissy-girl Jennifer, this time in a pink baby dress with white polka dots, little puffed sleeves and a white sash in a bow above the back of his waist. They lifted him into his harness and secured it under his arms and round his chest, so that he dangled a foot off the floor. Next came Sissy Angelica, who looked lovely and very sissy in a white dress with frills everywhere and a matching white baby bonnet. Once he was dangling too, the women adjusted the harnesses until the sissies were face to face, getting very excited, and just a little agitated as their feelings of shame overcame them. Then, up their stockinged legs, their Mistresses drew the voluminous pairs of their own full cut panties, until they clasped the most intimate parts of both sissies within their silken confines. It was the way to bring home to both sissies just how feminine they really wanted to be.

"Let's put our sissies into their gusset cups, Miss Geraldine," said Hortensia. "That's when they really start feeling hungry for each other's clittie tickles, isn't that right, sissies?"

"Y-Yeth, Mith Hortenthia," mumbled Jennifer, bobbing on his elastic cords. "Oh yeth pweathe, Mith Hortenthia," chimed Angelica, sliding his white sissy stockings together up and down the full length of his legs.

The cups were satin lined, with clever electrodes concealed in the depths of their padding. Once they were fastened into them, both women held the stimulation of their testes and the roots of their cocks in their hands, with control consoles that could inject pulses of pleasure at their will. They turned the sissies panty-gussets on at low level, sending impulses of sweetness into the sissies' groins and producing uncontrollable bounces and gyrations in the supporting elastics.

"Oh Jennifer, I want your sissy clittie," cried Angelica as their panty-gussets slipped over each other on an up-and-down rhythm.

"Here it is, darling," cried Jennifer. "Oh no, here! Ohhh, here, press your lovely panty point into mine, sweetheart!"

Gradually, after a supreme effort at calming their excitement, they managed to bring the stretched points of their panties together, so that the rounded helmet of Jennifer's cock all but rested against the slippery knob of Angelica's. "Ohhh, darling, that's lov-er-lyyy!" cried Jennifer. "Slide against me, Jennifer," cried Angelica.

The pleasure in their cups was delirious as the silk-covered knobs of their pantied cocks slithered blissfully together. Miss Hortensia looked at Miss Geraldine, grinned with a slight nod, and gradually turned the sissies' impulses higher and higher. The sissies were overcome with wild wriggling and kicking, sending their legs and panties in all directions, until their Mistresses caught them in mid air, stood with their dress and blouse behind the ass of those panties, and brought them closer - and closer, until the two panty points were touching - and squeezing - in juicing slides of jism.

"There's no doubt about it, Miss Geraldine," said her friend: "what Jennifer and Angelica enjoy most of all at Pink and Frilly is those long, juicy moments where they share their most intimate girly feelings in their girlification gusset cups."

The rate at which their sissy cum was drooling from their panties to the floor was the perfect testimony that their Mistresses were absolutely right.


"Congratulations on another wonderful edition of Feminized In Frillies. I think you and Prissy are taking the art of story telling and illustrations to a whole new level, it really is so, so exciting. I just find myself squealing like a little girl as I play with myself and explode my sissy creamies time and time again into my frilly sissy panties." --- Princess Sissy Pansy, writing about Feminized In Frillies volume 6 (9th October 2020)