Hello my darling. My Newsletter this time is so special that I'm writing it for you personally. It tells everyone in the Sissy World and especially you that Prissy is back amongst us. Not just in his lovely collections of pictures that he does for the Feminized In Frillies series, where he collaborates with Prim for your pleasure: but from now on in all that pure sissy sweetness that we always felt each time we opened an edition of Prissy's Sissies.

Yes my pet, today sees the re-launch of Prissy's Sissies, starting with issue #70, for girly bois like you who experience all those glowing rosy feelings of being a girl when you dress nicely in your panties and your dress and plunge yourself into the frilly femininity of his stories and sissy pictures. As was always the way in Prissy issues, there are so many stories not just from Prissy but from other very sensitive and feminine sissies too.

When Prissy came to express his own sissyness in art and stories, he was able to use a special gift: he knows how to tickle those girly nerve endings of desire through his writing and his art. How does he do it? In lots of ways through what happens to the sissy bois that he tells us about. He creates such adorable sissy fashions of course, which so many dressmakers have clasped to their hearts thinking: bois with sissy desires will love to wear this if we make it available to them. We owe so many sissy dresses and lingerie styles to Prissy. But the chief way by which he can excite us is because he feels such girlyness in himself, and with his very active imagination and the artistic skill he has, he can put it down for us to share as we enter into his stories, just in the way Prim does in his.

Prissy made all this possible just a few years back. It's all here in each edition of Prissy's Sissies. The very good news is that what was 17.95 USD is now yours for just 10.00 USD. This makes him far more available. You can kneel at the very spring of girlyness and sweetness, and drink in all this feminine pleasure. And guess what: on December 15th, just in time for Xmas, we can bring you Prissy's Sissies #71.

For your pleasure and delight, my pet! Yes, it's all here for you. Feel feminine and enjoy.

I'm also thrilled to tell you, my pet, that some wonderful girls have written to me with their girlish feelings and desires by email, while other girls have shared their beautiful photos with us. Hold my hand and stay with me, darling. Let's plunge into my Newsletter and feel beautiful with them.

Aunt Frocks x

Let's start our fun with the lovely Holly Wood. Isn't she hot?

Not from LA but from Perth in Scotland. That's LA's loss, isn't it?

Holly Wood on Flickr

Letter 1 - Second life

Dear Aunt Frocks

I want to be a sissy girl for life.


Hello Robert.

I'm sure you do, dear. Of course you can ask a nice lady to see to your upbringing and control. Unfortunately though, I can't offer this myself. But there is the Wendyhouse, filled with guidance on feminisation.

You might consider trying it to see.

Love from Aunt Frocks x

This is Julia, a beautiful girl with a great sense of style.

We're grateful to her for sharing her photos with us at the Wendyhouse.

Julia Bell on Flickr

Letter 2 - Please make a gallery for me

Dear Aunt Frocks,

Please forgive this pathetic mincing sissy for wasting Your precious time, but this sissy felt compelled to write to think You for the wonderful site. This sissy has been a member of the Wendy House for several months and has regularly enjoyed all of the stories and the exquisite pictures which get a sissy's heart all aflutter; indeed this sissy can return again and again and never tire of the wonderful content. This sissy truly appreciated how completely the sissy mind is understood by the wonderful and divine owners of the Wendy House.

This sissy has one regret about the site: that she only discovered it so recently and has wasted so many years not being a member - though she was always a devoted aficionado of Prim's and Prissy's Art when she found it elsewhere on the web. As a token of this sissy's gratitude here are some pictures of this ridiculous mincing pansy which she hopes show what an inspiration the drawings of Prim and Prissy in particular are.

This sissy would be immeasurably proud if the pictures could be put in the rose room for others to see as this sissy loves nothing more than to be shown up for the ridiculous effeminate feeble creature she truly is.

This sissy apologises for wasting your precious time,

Your obedient, pansy poof,


Queerina loves the rustly vinyl look as long as it's deeply feminine.

She mixes her gorgeous dresses with shapely hose and a dash of humour.

Queerina's Flickr pages

Hello Queerina.

I wonder if you can imagine my delight on opening your mail and seeing your photos which you would like to see uploaded into the Rose Room as your own sissy-girl gallery. You gave your Aunt Frocks a surge of pleasure, my pet, not only because you are such a cute and effeminate pansy, but because you had been with us in the Wendyhouse for a little while and felt you simply had to be in the Rose Room with so many other girls. That's what we want to see.

And your photos are so cute. You suit your hair like that in a pouffe-ball bob, and your costumes are so shiny and girly. I like the sweet pink dress with the gorgeous green bow on your breast. I thought you had an air of confidence about you and I looked you up, to find your Flickr account, your intagram pics and your clips on You Tube. What a gurl!

The next time Prim and I will be uploading galleries will be in mid August, darling. Keep an eye out for the information message on the Home Page.

Kisses from your Aunt Frocks xxx

Letter 3: Roxanne introduces herself

Here are some pictures of the woman I grew up to be. Years and years ago I was a wittle little girl, adoring my pwetty dwesses, panties and other feminine adornments. Now, after many years, I have become a grown-up woman (looking for a husband, I might add!). I hope you think my feminine training was worthwhile, Aunty!

Roxanne Lanyon

So Roxanne has been a girl nearly all her life. You can see her female confidence shining through her photos.

Dear Roxanne,

How lovely to hear from you, and what a sweet thought it was to attach some photos of yourself. It delights me to say that you wear some divinely feminine dresses and jewellery, and can I also say that your home shows a beautiful feminine touch. So you began your female life as a sweet little girl? And grew up to be a beautiful woman. That is a life pathway that I am very familiar with from many girls who have written to me like you have done.

And since you are writing to me at the Petticoat Wendyhouse, I conclude that you are still in love with frilly girly dresses. Can you imagine ever losing that love of prettiness and feminine sweetness? I'll bet your need to dress yourself in the most delicate lingerie is also something you love every day?

Keep feeling feminine, Roxanne darling.

With love from Aunt Frocks x

Here are the lovely girls who have joined the Rose Room recently. Aren't they wonderful examples of femininity and style?

You can be in the Rose Room too, darling. You don't need to be asked: just send me a dozen or so of your well-dressed photos and you can join all our other Roses.

Letter 4 - The right way to read Feminized In Frillies, volume 8

Dear Prim,

I just love Feminized in Frillies 8. You and Prissy are so talented with your story telling and his Artwork. I am being a good little Sissy Girlie this time and only reading one story per visit, instead of reading ever thing in one go, so as to make the thrills and excitement last even longer.

I just love everything you both do. Your story telling excites me so, and Prissy's Artwork makes me want to be so naughty in my frilly silky Sissy Panties.

As a True Sissy, I feel so fortunate to have you two wonderful Sissy Girls producing such amazing Sissy Productions of such a high quality. As there is nothing else on the internet that can get near what you and Prissy are producing.

So thank you again Prim and Prissy for all your hard work, and keeping all your Sissy Readers so happy and Super Girlie in their naughty Sissy Dreams and Fantasies.

Deep Sissy Curtsies,

Sissy Princess Pansy. Xxx

My dear Princess Pansy,

You have been a VERY good girl, says Prim. He says now that you wrote to me and said how you enjoyed reading Feminized In Frillies volume 8, he can quote your words in the Wendyhouse and everyone will know what exciting stories and pictures there are for our visitors. But you are so right: of course it's better to limit your reading to one (or maybe two) stories at a time. Spread out that girlish loveliness that you feel. That thrilling expectancy you get as you first enter your codes and find yourself inside the new issue. Then you can log out, still throbbing with the pleasure of your excitement, knowing that you can feel the same anticipation again when you return: more new pictures and stories as yet unopened. That's what clever sissies do.

Personally though, precious, it's my pleasure to imagine you reading FF-8 on your laptop or your phone while you are dressed in one of your mega-frilly princess dresses. I can see you squirming in your chair and I can hear you moaning in your throat as you suffer the anguished embarrassment of those poor sissy boys who are being subjected to intolerable humiliaitons by Miss Hateman and her staff of nurses and nannies. Aren't they beastly to the little pets in frilly dresses and silky panties.

Between you and me, we know those sissies really like it, when they are bossed around by their stepmothers and their Mothers-In-Law. And when the Ladies declare that they must spend weeks at the clinic for feminization treatment, their little hearts leap with a mixture of fright and joy. They will have to be dressed, and they will have to be fondled and masturbated until all their nasty male cream comes shooting out in long, blissful, very girly orgasms.

We like that don't we, darling: you and me.

Love from your Aunt Frocks xxx

It's been a while since we saw the childish sweetness of Little Fanny Mattie.

Isn't she a cute little cherub in her adorable skirts and frills?

Little Fanny Mattie

Letter 5 - Where would we be without Prim?

Dear Auntie Frock,

this sissy is so very Grateful for all the Wonderfully Thrilling Erotic Stories and Art You and Prim and Prissy have purveyed over the years. this sissy cherishes each and every piece of Art and Prose. They delight and thrill this sissy; they resonate so completely with this sissy's fetishes and desires to be a total (pardon the crude language) Chastised, Diapered, Cock, Cunt and Cum Loving sissy Slut.

The Joy, Thrill and Release this sissy has experienced over, lo, these many years cannot be measured in monetary units. Only in the total bliss and contentment achieved by this sissy, can the measure of their Marvelous Effect be counted.

Almost always financially strained, this sissy has always had to steal Your Works from "after market" sites. this sissy's most humble apologies.

No more. While unable to subscribe on a monthly basis, this sissy can afford to subscribe every quarter, and thus catch up with the goings-on at the Wendy House. Still cannot afford the Feminized in Frillies publications; maybe some day.

You must certainly get countless letters, just like this one, on a regular basis. But, that does not diminish the intent of this little note of Gratitude, and the Regard this sissy holds for You and Prim and Prissy.

This sissy trusts that all is well in your sphere of Friends and Family, at least to the extent possible, given the current state of affairs. Here is to a better year.

With Admiration Unrestrained and Gratitude Unbounded, this sissy remains,

Your obedient servant, sissy riki sewell.


My dear Sissy Riki,

What a lovely mail you have sent me, filled with gratitude like you say, and your feelings show through your words.

Darling, Prim and I can tell you how thrilled we are that his stories and pictures bring you contentment and pleasure. It doesn't matter if you see them in the Wendyhouse or find them in other places, the important thing is that you can experience those lovely sissy girly feelings of feminine fulfilment. If you are enjoying our work, we are happy.

You feel we must get countless letters like yours expressing your pleasure that your desires are catered for on the web: alas we do get some but not as many as you would expect. I think sometimes, because there is so much porn and sissyness on the web across different websites, girls sometimes take us for granted, like we're always going to be there. Well the sad truth about that is that we won't always be here. The day will come when Prim and his Aunt have gone and the Wendyhouse too. That's when you're stuck with what Prim there is so far.

So it's as well to cherish it while it's there. Prim is doing his best to keep providing, while also maintaining the Wendyhouse website. We hope you and all other sissy girls enjoy what we're doing for you.

You'll be pleased to know too that we are safe from the Covid pandemic. We hope you and yours will continue to take care and avoid infection.

Hugs darling.

Aunt Frocks xxx

Let me share with you a little collection of Prim pictures on one of his recurring themes: the sissy being put into a face-dress. We're grateful to Marcia for sending us these pictures as well as one of herself, suitably face-dressed in her little-girl Alice dress.

Oh dear, aren't they powerless, these face-covered sissies? Once closed up inside a dress there is nothing a sissy can do to prevent their complete feminization.

Letter 6: Latest fashion photos from Wanda

Hello dear,

A while ago you asked me, I think it was on Tumblr for some latest photo's for you to use, here a few links to my complete photoshoots. If you want more from any particular shoot you see on Flickr, please do let me know and I will send you the link to that one.

Kisses, and keep on the good work with your lovely site,


Here are Wanda's links to her amazing fashion photos.

Wanda's first link

Wanda's second link

Wanda's third link

And here she is in person - Miss Wanda Nylon.

Hello Wanda dear. What a darling you are for sorting out these links for me to enjoy your fabulous fashion photos. I'll be able to include some of them in my Newlsetter this month. You add such a richly feminine feel to it with your sweet smile or your stern pursing of the lips, and your hair-style to die for. What a God-send it was when you installed those closets with the sliding mirror doors: How many hundreds of truly feminine photos and videos you have been able to post for the TG/TS world to enjoy.

Thank you on behalf of the girls.

Love from Aunt Frocks x

We've seen some girls from the Rose Room. Now let's see the delicious Chicle in her Lacy Lingerie Room gallery.

Chicle gallery in the Lacy Lingerie Room

If you love wearing your delicious lingerie, my pet, please think about sharing your photos with us, like Chicle has done.

Letter 7 - Female domination - does it really happen?

Hello Auntfrocks,

I just came across your website and at first was shocked and was quite disturbed but then found it rather naughty and arousing haha.

Are there actually women out there that enjoy humiliating men in this manner, parading them in front of their friends etc? just curious.

best regards, Matt

Hello Matt.

I suppose the first thing to tell you is that our site is regarded as tongue in cheek, suggesting that no, these are amusing flights of fancy. This is just as well, because we do not pretend that people treat each other in these abusive ways. There is certainly no intention of sexism on our part against either sex.

On the other hand we have the real intention in our site at Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse of giving our readership what they want. We provide a service for the many males - and some females - who like to think it does all happen, or to be more exact, who wished it happened to them. Our readership is mostly male, guys who are sissies: they would like to be turned into girls. It's not just on our site or course: this syndrome is prevalent on tumblr.com, flickr.com, fictionmania.com, petticoated.com, pinterest.com and many more similar sites.

These guys are very hungry for any art and stories dealing with dominant women who (supposedly) love to feminize and humiliate males who deliberately act weak and allow themselves to be sexually degraded. The key is cross-dressing. They want to be made to wear dresses, lingerie and all kinds of female apparel. There is the added niche interest of being treated as a child, or even as a baby. Hence the pursuit of infantilism, where 'adult babies' want to be put into diapers, baby pants and dresses.

To tell the truth, there ARE true cases of forced feminization. I know of several. There are also professional women who will treat you that way for a fee. There is no doubt that sites who provide for these sexual deviation interests keep these enthusiasts happy. You could therefore say that our site prevents much sexual abuse by keeping highly sexed males happy and excited in a safe way. We avoid all kinds of extreme, violent or socially unacceptable sexual practices. Our product is pornography, but I like to call it pink pornography, the sort that would make your grandma laugh.

If you find it intriguing, and the very fact that you wrote to me about it, I think you are probably more interested in sissy humiliation than you think. Why not taste it and see.

Thank you for writing to me darling. Good luck, and above all, keep safe.

Aunt Frocks x

Jennifer is a girl who loves taking photographs. Thank goodness, because she has shared them with us, here and on Flickr.

I think you'll agree with me that she's a beautiful girl and she dresses very well.

Jennifer Harris on Flickr

Letter 8 - How do I unsubscribe?


At this stage I wish to unsubscribe from your wonderful website. My user name is sissymaind111.

Please can you advise how I do this.

Many thanks

Hello Sarah,

Hi. Unfortunately it's not me who closes your subscription. You do it yourself as follows:

Verotel is our e-commerce company and when you subscribe they send you a confirmation email which explains how to stop your subscriptions.

Alternatively go to the JOIN/ENTER the Wendyhouse page and click on the red circular JOIN button to bring up the subscription page. At the foot of that page Verotel has a button to click for Frequently Asked Questions, one of which is how to stop your subscriptions. Just follow the instructions.

Again, you can always contact Verotel directly at


Any problems, please mail me again for more help.

I hope that helps you, Sarah. Thank you for supporting us and we hope to see you again soon in the Wendyhouse.

Warm wishes,

Prim x

Thank you so much for your very prompt response and instructions.

In this day and age it's a breath of fresh air that PRIM take their sissies so seriously and go out on a limb to look after them. I have found the original notification and I think I'll leave it for another few months, maybe re-read some of my favourites.

Thank you once again.

Sarah x

Hi again Sarah.

That's thoughtful of you to stay a bit longer to re-read some of your favourites. I'd love you to tell me what one or two of your favourites are.

One of the up-sides of the Wendyhouse method is that readers can come and go as they please. It's easy to take six months off, then return and re-discover some of the thrill of your fave stories and pictures after a break.

Feel feminine,

Prim x

We've seen Lucy before in my Newsletters, and I'm sure we'll see her again, because she looks gorgeous in her fabulous gowns.

You can see a lot more of Lucy on Flickr here:

Lucy Lovelace on Flickr

Follow the link to see lots more of her wearing her fashions for us to admire.

Letter 9 - Letter from Auntie Shelley "What Sissies Are Like" --- with Story: Georgia the Sissy Bride
What Sissies Are Like

[ My reply to Auntie Shelley] :

Yes dear, I got your overview. You work hard and I can see that you enjoy talking about being a sissy.

I'm sure you know that when we publish your descriptions of 'what sissies are like', we will need to say that this is not necessarily what we feel. There are as many different sissies as there are sissies. But you are rightly generalising to cover the majority of sissy girls.

I'm looking forward to reading your story when it's ready.

A loving hug from your Aunt Frocks xxx

Auntie Shelley's story

Letter 10 - The Lockable Satin Sissy Dress

Hi Susan. Now that I have been so rude towards you and your lady friends by spilling red wine on your white silky dress. You and your lady friends ain't happy with me. They say this man needs to be stripped naked and put into silky satin panties, suspenders, bra, silky stockings, full silky slip, a lockable satin petticoat, and then we will force him into this lockable satin dress.

If he refuses there are 2 option. If he tries to escape from us we will grab his balls and squeeze them into submission and drag him to the satin dungeon by his balls, slam the door shut and he will be locked in with us. We will punish him so badly that he will regret it forever. They start stripping me naked and then proceed with the special silky satin lingerie knowing every item will train my thoughts that I have no choice but to accept it. Then they ask you to collect the lockable satin dress and slip it onto him, but I refuse. Refusal is punishable as I am being kneed in the balls hard enough to make me fall to the ground. Then while I am being held you place the dress on me.

Would you and your lady friends go all the way and totally lock me in with all those padlocks, take me to the pillory for a spanking and balls spanking until I cum in my slips and petticoats. For rudeness towards you and your lady friends for spoiling your special white silky dress, how much pain must I receive from you all and how long must I stay in that satin lockable dress? Because then I say I will escape from you all, but next comes the lockable high heels shoes. You know men can't wear them let alone walk in them but you and your lady friends are not the forgiving type and say to me if you can get out of this dress freedom is yours. But you know that I can't. No matter how much I try I fail.

Now you all say to me: "He loves full silky slips and lockable satin petticoats: this is the beginning of your petticoat punishments. We aint nowhere near finished with you and your balls will suffer in petticoats for a very long time. So end your thoughts. This will last for a very long time. We have you where we want you now and you will be trained physically and mentally. You will obey us at all times. Any backchat means whipping you and kicking you in the balls without any mercy and writing lines. How many will I be forced to do and what will you have me writing?



First, Abbey darling, let me tell you how sorry I am for being so late in replying to your mail. As usual I'm only catching up later on. Thank you for your patience.

Now, what about what you imagine I and my lady friends would do to you after daring to spill red wine on my white silky dress.

Well of course it's unforgiveable. Your punishment is going to hurt. Or it will flatten you with utter degradation and shame. What else can you expect? You describe the likely outcome very well, my dear. I don't personally like to grab a sissy by the balls, or knee him or kick him between the legs, but a severe thrashing is more in my line. We would have you tied down with your arms and legs spread wide, so that we could lift your lockable slip and dress out of the way and leave your helpless ass cheeks open and defenceless. Then we would use our leather straps to make you burn. You would remember that, as you stand in the corner locked into your satin dress for our amusement.

I would also put you into a pair of my satin panties that I had fitted with locks on either side of the waist, especially for you. It would lock onto the rings sewn onto the inside of the waist of your dress. Then we lift your dress, pull your panties up tight around your sexless private parts, and lock it onto the inside of your dress. Then your dress drops down into place again, and you are locked into satin panties under your dress. THAT is what satin sissies like you deserve when you are careless and lacking respect towards your betters.

Hugs from your Aunt Frocks x

Here's a girl who loves satin in her dresses. It's easy to see why: it makes her so much more feminine.

See lots more photos of Samantha on her Flickr pages.

Samantha Satine on Flickr

There's just time for two or three more stories my darling, starting with a story sent to me by Sissy Larry.

Fairy Larry In Wet Diapers

Of course in this special month we should have a story from Prissy. This story doesn't have a picture of its own, but here's a Prissy pic on the same theme.

Prissy story: Mummy's Little Pride and Joy

And a Prim story for sissies who want to be mocked and humiliated by the Ladies.

The Sweetie Contest

One last photo, from the very special Klaudia.

Isn't she a girly-girl. She was photographed here at Boys Will Be Girls of London England. Maybe you should look them up to see more very special girls.

Klaudia and lots more mouth-dropping beauties at Boys Will Be Girls

So we come to the end of my November Newsletter, my pet. I hope you enjoyed being with me for these few minutes. But before I go, did I tell you that Prim and Prissy will be opening the next edition - Volume 9 - of Feminized In Frillies before the end of the month. You must have one of your frilliest dresses ready for when you order it, darling - and a few pairs of replacement panties.

Why don't you write to me, my precious. I would LOVE to hear from you. I can't promise your letter will appear in my Newsletter, but if you write to me, I will presume you would be happy for me to publish what you say, so change your name if you want to. I will understand.

Love and cuddles from your best Auntie:

Aunt Frocks xxx

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