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Daisy --- 11th August 2020
Lovely stories Prim, an old favourite is: Invited For a Blousey Weekend at his Mother-In-Law's, I have spurted so much cum reading this story over and over. Yes it was a very large eruption and all thanks to your lusty titillating potent words about satin sleeve masturbation...Wonderful.
Satinlush --- Fetlife, 29th December 2020

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Dillon Goes to Seddie's Party

No wonder Dillon is excited: he is invited to Seddie's all-girls party, and he will be going as another girl. His Mommy gets him ready with a new pair of silk chiffon panties, and three layers of extra frilly petticoats under his party dress. But will he be able to contain himself, surrounded by so much femininity?

The full story is in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #14 in the
Jessica Room.

The Wendyhouse Is Open

This picture has never appeared in the Wendyhouse. It was uploaded into Flickr to advertise the launch of Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse in January 2016.

Monika Satin on Flickr
In the Girls' Legs Suspending Room

Hell, you don't want to be here, in the Fem Ultima clinic, especially under this lunatic, Frau Doktor Strapz. What are these girls doing swinging from the ceiling. Hey wait a minute. They're not girls - they've got cocks of their own. Oh my God! It looks like I'll be next!

The full story of Walt Wisconsin and Michael Shoemaker, in 40 chapters, is in the Hannah Room.

His New Sissy Uniform

Ellis Fairchilde has been overwhelmingly elected school sissy. So Miss Archworthy, the chief secretary of the High School, delivers the package of his new uniform to his mother, to prepare him for his first presentation assembly the following day.

This story is in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #14 in the Jessica Room.