Darling, let me hug you with the biggest Aunty hug ever. You've joined me for a mega-long Newsletter. That's because I haven't written to you since November 2021. You may be fazed by facing letter after letter and feel you may get tired - but honey-pie, if you start skipping bits, you're going to miss out some lovely thoughts from me and the girls.

Strangely however, there is not a lot of news - but what news there is is VERY BIG.

First up, since November the Wendyhouse is hosting Prissy's-Sissies. On the 15th of every month you can buy Prissy's issues of his iconic sissy world of femdom discipline.

Secondly there was the start of the Penelope Room on January the First. Girls have described it as "an inspiration", "bite-size pieces of sissy loveliness!" and "the answer to all my sissy dreams". Click on the Penelope Room panel near the top of the Home Page to get the idea.

The other news you'll want to hear is that next month Prim hopes to complete Feminized-In-Frillies vol.10. Perhaps you'd better order some new lovely panties online for that one, sweetheart.

Meanwhile you have all lifted my world time and time again by writing to me, or letting me share your photos with all the girls. So here we go: let's do it.

Aunt Frocks x

I can't think of a better way to start than by showing you the 3 new girls in the Rose Room: Jan, Penny and Tilda.

Aren't they sweet Roses? They join so many other lovely girls who have shared their photos with us for your pleasure.

And let me show you some photos sent to me by Charlotte Sometimes.

You can see how she loves to be dressed as a cute baby girl and rendered helpless. How cute.

Now for some letters you've all sent me: I LOVE finding your letters in my inbox. Remember, it's auntfrocks@mail.com

Letter 1 - Telling my wife I want to enjoy the Wendyhouse --- Barbie

Hello Aunt Frocks,

I quite by accident stumbled on your site and have only seen images like this in my dreams. My wife knows I'm a crossdresser and seems okay with it and I'm wrestling with the idea of showing it to her because I don't know if it would be too much for her. Do you have any suggestions as to how I might approach her or should I just let it go?

I would imagine you're extremely busy but if you could take a minute, any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Ted, aka Barbie

Dear Barbie,

Please let me apologise to you for this terrible delay in replying to your request for help. I confess that your mail arrived at a very busy time so I parked it for later attention so that I could give you a suitable answer. I wonder if you have shown our site to your wife yet? I would say this:

The first and foremost thing is to protect your love between your wife and yourself. If you think 'following your true self' and satisfying your sissy sexual urges is deeply important - which it is, at least pause for serious thought, in case charging in might damage your happiness together - and her happiness too.

Secondly I would say you need to speak frankly with her if you want her to allow you to spend time (and let's face it, pleasure) in the Wendyhouse. It's perfectly understandable that a wife might see sexual fun and pleasure anywhere else than in her arms as an alternative. i.e. infidelity. Not all women see it like that: so it depends on your partner. So you need to reassure her that this is part of your sexuality, and acting within it does not mean in any way that your love for her is any the less. Quite the opposite, since her 'permission' would relieve you of any sense of cheating or sneaking/stealing behind her back. She will have recognised the fuller picture of your complex sexuality.

That said, if I were you and to further reassure her (I'm presuming that she will have had to make a generous gesture towards you in allowing you to 'indulge in the Wendyhouse' with some reluctance), I would set limits on how long you spend, and how often you enter into the Wendyhouse. If you do have such an arrangement with her, I think it would pay to be quite up-front with her about when you're doing your personal sissy thing. Such chats between partners can be quite liberating, when it's obvious to both that you are being perfectly open and loving.

When I say loving, that implies, of course, that if she is not happy with it, you need to address that. Being sensitive is important. In a worst case scenario, she may be able to accept you only if you are 'straight' and devoted to her in the way she understood your relationship on your wedding day. If she is coming late in your relationship to 'a new you', a person who she was not expecting, it's understandable that you may have to both talk in depth about what you are to do. Always bearing in mind that you love each other.

Generally speaking, you will probably be able to guess at all of these points before you even mention online sissy sites. And by the way, women are keenly acute on what their partners do online. Not necessarily in a surveillance and guilt way: just gifted with womanly instinct, which is stronger than men's. Women live for relationships, men for sex. A huge generalization, I know, but so correct.

So Barbie: I hope I've said something which you will find helpful and comforting. Meanwhile, I hope you - and maybe she too - will find what you like in the Petticoat Wendyhouse.

Love from Aunt Frocks xxx

This is Tilda Ampersand. She seems to have a closet for all occasions.

What a lovely girl she is in all her moods. Click on the link to see what I mean in her Flickr photostream.

Tilda on Flickr

Letter 2 - Let me tell you how sissy I am --- Tinkerbelle

Dear Aunt Frocks

I've been a long time reader of your wonderful newsletter and it has been one of my sissy wishes to write to you for quite some time. I do hope you might allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tinkerbelle and I'm a prissified sissy from the UK. I've been a sissy pansy for as long as I can remember and started dressing in lingerie, tutus and petticoats from a young age.

As many of us know, prissy sissies are dedicated to dressing in the most extravagantly frilly and flouncy outfits imaginable. I've never had the desire to pass as a girl or be anything other than an utterly emasculated dollykins. I simply need to be paraded in sissy fineries, trained in pansified obedience and turned into an object of frilly amusement. This very often results in me feeling embarrassed, which is something I'm sure many other sissies can relate to.

How did I become such a prissy sissy? All I can say is that from my beginnings as a pansy, swishing in endless frills, huge petticoats and ribbons has felt like the most natural thing to do. Like most sissies I am meek, delicate and naturally effeminate, with a love of serving and entertaining others. I take pride in presenting myself as a perfect prim sissy, with matching accessories, colours and elegantly styled dresses. I believe it is every sissy's duty to pay the utmost attention to detail, with suitably exaggerated lingerie, hair bows and lavish makeup to complete the look of a frillified creampouffe.

I would love to serve a Mistress or dominant couple one day and take my sissification to the next level. Like many sissies I enjoy daintily completing tasks and obediently accepting my place as a submissive pantywaist.

So thank you, Aunt Frocks, for your very special website and allowing pansies like me to share their love of all things prissy and prim. My lifestyle as a prissy sissy has always been helped so much by sharing my dreams with other sissies and offering encouragement to each other. I love hearing from others, so I hope any reading this might wish to get in touch with me.

Yours sincerely,

Tinkerbelle xx

Hello Tinkerbelle dear, it's nice to be writing to you - after you mailed me and then had a long wait for my reply.

I am so sorry and I can't explain properly how it happened. I opened your mail on a day when I was going to be busy, to see your photos, which are lovely. Then put it aside for later - and forgot about it. I am so sorry my dear.

Your photos. Yes, oh my, what a sissykins you are in your dress of cherry pink with white polka dots. How girly is that! Darling, let me compliment you on paying such attention to detail: matching white suspenders and stockings, white gloves and white petticoat. Then your dress material is matched by your hair ribbon on your sweet perm, and your lovely sissy-heel shoes. You are a dream of a sissy picture. I can only guess at how sissy you must be feeling, dressed like that. Are you aching in your panty point, I wonder?

So you began dressing in lingerie, tutus and petticoats at an early age. I wonder, pray, how you managed to find such delights? Did you have a ballerina sister? Or was it at school dancing class? I have to agree with you of course that sissies want to go way over the top in the frilliness of the clothes they want to wear. The sort of sweet and lacy dresses that show you to be very girly and filled with sweetness: feminine to the extreme. In your own words: a 'frillified creampouffe'. I love that expression.

I can understand too how you want to serve, if only you could find an accommodating mistress and her husband or boyfriend. You would be the perfect, effeminate maid I am sure. It's nice of you to say you have learnt from other sissies in the Petticoat Wendyhouse. I always feel there is so much to learn from the lovely girls who let us share their photos in my Newsletters and in the Rose Room. Aren't they an inspiration! And of course there is so much sissiness to learn from the sissies in every picture and every story.

Darling, don't let my late reply put you off from writing to me again - or maybe sending me more of your sweet photos. I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Love and Auntiful cuddles into my breasts, my pet.

Aunt Frocks xxx

Thank you Tinkerbelle for sending me your photos to show to everyuone. You're a delicious girly cherub.

Letter 3 --- The Wendyhouse - or my wife --- Sissy Tiffy

Oh Primmy, I love the Wendyhouse. I actually joined and paid the monthly subscription for over a year until my wife found the charge on my card and asked me what it was for. She accepts me and is even my mommy from time to time, but she doesn't indulge my need for unsupervised erotica. I may get another subscription but it will be at the risk of making my spouse extra cross with me. I do love the site, the pictures, stories and everything soooo much, though. I begged mommy to let me and told her I would even tell her when I was looking, but she wanted nothing to do with it, or me for a long while and finally began to give me cuddles again after a couple of months of denial. I really just wish she would take me down the path of these sissies so I could live as I'm supposed to. I'm so utterly in love with the fantasies you bring to us all. I just can't thank you enough for all of the feelings you washed over me and the ideas you've stuck in my head. You are probably 50% of the reason I'm such a sissy baby in the first place. I always fill my diaper with wee wees and creamies when I read your lovely passages. And never more than when I had my membership. So much so, that I had nothing to give to my mommy because I had already been such a baby over and over in my girly lingerie and pampers.


Sissy Tiffy

Tiffy honey, you say such nice things. Thank you.

But there we have it. If being in the Wendyhouse meant you had no excitement left for your darling Mommy, it wasn't a good idea.

Perhaps you have a choice to make: to do without the WH or to pluck up courage to talk it through with your beloved and hopefully work towards her seeing it as part of your sexuality. Many married sissies do this successfully, depending of course on the depth of understanding of your partner. Only you would know whether that might click with her, or whether it might rattle her love for you.

From what you say, it sounds to me like you can survive without the WH and would rather have a peaceful and successful life of married love. You are lucky in having that. But it is possible to combine the two - above board and in open honesty with your loved one. Perhaps you can find an agreement which still shows her that you love her with all you've got.

Tiffy hon, do you mind if I pass what you say and my reply to my Aunt for her to include it in her Newsletter? If you are not happy with that I will not do so.

Feel sissy, and happy.

Prim x

I always like to share photos from Donna. Isn't she a classy dresser?

I'd love to work in the office where she's the secretary. Such taste! So sexy!

Donna at Flickr

Letter 4 - Trannies In Trouble --- Sandra

Hi Everyone! Sandra here again from T's in Trouble.

It's been a good month with some fun and hot new scenes on the site, plus the feel of summer right around the corner. Of course I love / hate summer - love the feeling in the air, hate sweating when I'm dressed!

In the meantime here are some recent preview pics, with bondage slut Sara O. in her corset and nosehook, Dani Doll in chairtied chastity, Dani T. Leather massively gagged, me tricked by my favorite step cousin Star Nine, and cute TS Veronica Winter chairtied and strictly microfoam tape gagged.

Plus more pics on the What's New? page below. And all the videos downloadable on the site or viewable with streaming - you can cancel anytime.


Keep it tight! ~Sandra

Here's the link to see more trannies in all sorts of difficult situations. I think you'll love to see them.

Letter 5 --- An out of the ordinary submissive dream --- Anon

Hello Auntie Frocks, I hope you're doing well.

I had an odd idea strike me the other day while I was reading some of your work. I don't know why I'm writing to you about this, but I feel strangely compelled to do so.

It's where it's done in your usual style. But instead of a twenty-something being turned into a prissy sissy, usually with some ageplay going on, it's sort of the opposite.

It's where a twenty-five-year-old man angers his boss, a glamorous older woman, and she decides to teach him a lesson. She decides to turn him into a glamorous older woman, almost an exact copy of herself. She makes him go to the salon to get his hair dyed grey and made into a towering bouffant updo, get vintage clothing and all the while being completely dominated and humiliated.

I just wanted to write that idea down alongside wishing you a lovely day.


Hello my pet. It was nice to hear from you and there is no need at all to apologise for putting your dreams down on paper.

It's funny that you should feel you are being the opposite of the sissy hopes I might expect, or even of the sissies who love to be in the Wendyhouse. It's even funnier that you are actually coming close to Prim and his own dreams, which I know all about. Prim would love to be dominated by women a lot older than himself - mother figures or even grandmother figures, and to be dressed by them in their own vintage styles. So flamboyant blouses, longer or wider skirts, strict foundation wear and very silky granny panties and slips.

So there you are darling: you are being unexpectedly Prim-like. Congratulations!

Love from your Auntie Frocks x

What a pure dream of sissy sweetness Christine is! Doesn't she dazzle in every photo!

So feminine. So cute. Isn't she a dream?

Letter 6 - Living the Dream --- Audrey


I have been enjoying all the updates you have been making to the Wendyhouse and more. I hope that has led to some financial success. As I was browsing the WendyHouse today I realized that Annie's entry was in desperate need of updating. I have sent a selection of photos for you to choose from. Probably more than you will need.

She is living the dream of a 5 year old child. Her world consists of her dollies, Disney Princesses, fairies, unicorns and all types of childish interests. Annie's affirmations are the perfect text to put in her profile:

Annie's declarations

I am a five year old little girl sissy princess.

My dollies are my best friends.

My mommy makes all decisions for me because I am a child.

I must be dainty, delicate and feminine in every way.

My life is all about girly sweetness.


Dear Audrey darling,

It's always a pleasure to hear from you, and especially when you update me on how Annie is growing in all the graces that make little girls so sweet and cute. Oh my, isn't she a DARLING! And no wonder she is such a happy girl when her closet boasts such super-girly dresses. They are all so wonderful. I'm going to update her gallery in the Rose Room, and of course she will feature in my upcoming Newsletter, which I hope will come out in April.

Isn't it lovely for a sissy-girl to live in such a wonderland as you describe, where all her thoughts and playtimes are filled with dollies, Princesses, and colouring, etc. Her declarations are pure girly-sissy. She is living the dream, Audrey, thanks to the wonderful upbringing you have bestowed on her. Thank you for telling me all about it.

Love from Susan xxx

Yes, enjoy the Penelope Room and each edition of Prissy#70s

What a sweet little girl you are, Annie pet. Thank you for showing us your dolls and your dresses. We love them.

Letter 7 --- Locked in Satin --- Abbey

Hi Susan and how are you? How are you keeping these days? I hope all is well with you and I really wonder how you and your lady friends will strip me naked in your satin petticoat dungeon and then force me into a silky satin lockable bra, full silky slips and stockings suspenders, and special silky satin lockable panties. You said there are locks attached to the panties and also to the lockable satin petticoat: they will all be locked inside the dress. Will you pull those panties up nice and tight against my balls and lock me in it with my petticoat locked to the inside of the dress? Will you have the balls to put me in a silky full satin dress and totally lock me in it for ruining your white silky dress with red wine? Then you find out that I have been playing with myself in your black silky satin petticoats. How your lady friends love hurting my balls in petticoats till I am crying in pain. How would you turn me into your petticoated maid for a very long time with absolutely no chance of escaping you all and really punish me?

Many thanks


Well Abbey, if you were my maid and you ruined my dress, the consequences would have to be dire, I'm sure you will agree.

So your maiding lingerie will have to be locked in place, by me, of course, while my three lady friends look on and tell you what a stupid and careless slut you are. Your Bra will be locked together at the back and your suspenders will be locked at the back of your waist. As you so rightly say, your bra and suspenders, AND you panties, will have to be locked to your petticoat slip. These extra locks are best fitted at the front, so that the shape of the small padlocks will be clearly seen through your satin maid dress and your satin apron.

Your dress itself, of course, will be locked with a row of padlocks down the back from your neck to your waist, with padlocks at your cuffs to prevent your dress from ever being removed from your body - until my friends or I decide we want to change you into a new satin uniform. A pink one perhaps, or all white.

It's what you deserve anyway, Abbey, for being such a slutty maid, quite apart from spoiling my dress.

Your mistress, Aunt Frocks x

This is Sissy Pansy Penny. She loves being feminine as you can see.

You can see more of her smile and her girlyness in the Rose Room, and here in her Flickr photostream:

Sissy Pansy Penny on Flickr

Letter 8 --- SPH - Small Penis Humiliation --- Queerina

Dear Aunt Frocks,

Ma'am may recall queerina wasted Her time once before with pictures of itself which Aunt Frocks generously added to the Rose room and for which this pansy is eternally and humbly grateful.

At the risk of trying Ma'am's patience queerina has attached a cartoon which the pansy has been developing and would be very grateful for any feedback or even for ma'am to share it with others if She deems it in any way worthy. The picture is from a series that pansy has been planning - as queerina is especially fond of SPH this features in the cartoon. This pansy poof hopes Ma'am appreciates it and thanks Ma'am for the time wasted in looking at this pansy's wretched message.

curtsey, queerina

Well, Queerina my pet, you have excelled yourself. This cartoon is truly worthy of featuring in my upcoming Newsletter. The sweet situation of contemptible sissyness in having such a tiny penis. I love it. The ladies in charge of the treatment centre are rightly amazed at how ridiculous this pouffette Queerina is. I like the fastenings, and the clever accessories, and of course the way sissy queerina looks. You are talented, my dear, and I recommend you to pursue your drawing project if you can. I'd love to see the results.

Small penises are a curse for real men, as you know. It makes them think twice about continuing to 'be a man'. Or would they be better to stop trying and slide down the scale into becoming a sissy. After all, you get to wear very cute clothes - and you are filled day and night with girly feelings which are so exciting. I suspect that may be the route you have followed yourself from male at birth to adult sissy wimp. Am I right?

Meanwhile you must take every opportunity to show your very cute little penis to as many Ladies as possible (within the Law, of course). They deserve the chance to be amazed by it and to have a good girls' giggle together about another 'male' who couldn't make it.

My sympathies, darling.

Aunt Frocks xxx

What do you think of Queerina's pictures, darling? Isn't she talented?

And here is the artist herself. I think we're going to see more of her pics in this inimitable style - for our pleasure.

Letter 9 --- Sissies are to be feminine - and ridiculous! --- Maid Jan Poppy

Dear Aunt Frocks,

monica satin - Prim on Flickr - has very kindly reintroduced me to the delights of The Wendyhouse. I adore the artwork and the stories of poor young men being controlled, sissified and humiliated in the most fabulous outfits.

I started dressing some time ago in more formal dresses but mainly as an aproned housewife washing, cleaning, ironing and carrying out those essential tasks around the house. I realised my submissive nature needed something more than this so took to wearing maid's dresses for these jobs. Recently I found this still wasn't enough and I found myself drawn to short satin sissy dresses, frilly bonnets and panties, bows and ribbons but especially petticoats for a much more sissy style.

I have started restocking my wardrobe with such sissy items to try to emulate something closer to your wonderful creations. I so love the idea of being forced through a programme of ultra-sissification with all the torment that brings and then dressed in soft satin frills, then humiliated by being displayed for all to see. I hope that you would be kind enough to include some of my photos in a future publication and Prim suggested I send twenty, so I attach a selection showing my journey from aproned housewife to sissy.

My Flickr photostream is on https://flic.kr/ps/3XooTU

Yours respectfully,

Maid Jan Poppy

Dear Jan,

What a lovely letter, even before I begin to look at your photos. Oh my gosh! Aren't you a lovely girl!

The 1950s housewife style is very popular, isn't it, with girls of a certain age. It's easy to see why from your photos. Those crisp frocks, those pretty aprons all adding to a sense of hyper femininity. I can see you love to be feminine. It shows in the fashions you choose, of course, morphing into ultra fem sissy dresses: more about them later. It also shows in your attention to your hair and make-up and your general air of ladylike poise and elegance. I am in love with you for that. I also like what you do with your hands. To my mind, a girl should never think she's got it with her hands: she must keep practising to get better. For sissies to want deeper sissyness, the same applies to their knees. Look out for sissy poses, girls who make you feel "Gosh isn't she a sissy!" and copy them.

Darling, your dresses are beautiful. You began with simple feminine chic, like I said, but your choice of sissy dresses are delicious too. I love your blue polka dot dress since it's so little girly: it always looks so sweet when a sissy holds her dress out to the sides as if to show Ladies the full sissyness of your dress. Your other sissy dresses say a lot about you too: basically "This girl is a sissy!" Prim's belief is that Mistresses should never draw back from making their sissies more and more ridiculous. They must provoke mockery and outbursts of scornful laughter, and I can see that you know this. Sissies must expect to be held to account for being a silly girl who deserves the contempt of all women. Or for being a hopeless failure as a male.

Jan pet, I'm going to include your pictures in my Newsletter in a few days, and Prim will be making a gallery for you in the Rose Room. I'm delighted for you.

Love from your grateful Aunt Frocks xxx

Girls who follow your link to your Flickr photostream are in for a treat.

Dear Aunt Frocks, --- reply from Jan

Thank you for your lovely letter. I am so grateful for your kind comments and very helpful advice. It is my desire to become a true sissy and search for that special inner deeper sissiness. I realise that I must practice more to achieve better sissy poses and more of a mind-set to embrace those lovely feelings of being engulfed in sissiness. That must be my role in life. Imagining being mocked, belittled and held in contempt by strong beautiful women will help so much in trying to achieve a near impossible goal, knowing they will always find fault in such a pathetic little excuse for a male who should be punished for my shortcomings.

The ultimate accolade of "Gosh isn't she a sissy!" would be so wonderful to hear.

I have been buying some more accessories. In particular I find wearing the frilly bonnets excruciatingly embarrassing and can feel my blushes rise even thinking about what mocking laughter they might bring.

I will add new photos of my sissy dressing when I can to expose my sissy journey to all the world.

Thank you once again for including some of my photos in your Newsletter and adding a gallery for me in your delicious Rose Room.

Yours respectfully your Sissy Jan xxx

Yes Jan dear, bonnets will certainly make it plain to observers that you are a sexless pansy. Expect to be teased and scorned like a truly submissive sissy.

I think you will learn a lot more about how low sissies can stoop into pathetic wimpishness by reading Prim stories, and especially Prissy stories too and Prissy art. These are some of the treasures you will find in the Petticoat Wendyhouse.

Feel feminine, sweetheart. You may hold the frilly rim of your sissy girl bonnet and kiss the patent toe of my high heeled shoe.

Aunt Frocks x

We welcome Jan to the Rose Room. You must pop in and see her in her gallery.

She has such an awesome range of styles in her closet. And so many shades of femininity to match them. What a girl!

Maid Jan Poppy on Flickr

Letter 10 - New photos from Bridget --- Bridget

Hi Susan,

here are new photos of me that you might find worthy for your website. If you don't think they are up to snuff that's fine. You won't hurt my feelings as I wasn't trying to pose for them for that purpose but rather for my own enjoyment . I have so many dresses and clothes. If I forgot to remove any meta data please do so. Thank you so much for your site where I've neen a member since the beginning.


Bridget darling,

It's lovely to hear from you. And with so many adorable photos. You say maybe one or two might not be 'up to snuff' - I like the expression. That doesn't matter. I'll certainly use at least some of them, and I'll select the nicest ones. I love the way you dress yourself and find your pleasure with the most frilly and OTT of feminine frills and styles. That's my Bridget!

Love from your Aunt, and I look forward to your letter.


Here is Bridget modelling some of her fashions for us. Do you see what I mean about very femme styles?

And top marks for make-up too. She must feel ever so girly.

Letter 11: How should I curtsey? --- Paul

Dear Ms. Frocks,

I found you (somehow) via Google search. I will be working/house cleaning for two women sometime this month. I need to know how to curtsey "in excellent form," for this.

I saw a couple of you-tube videos that just were not good, and of course provide no feedback. As an aside, I will be wearing white socks and apron to perform this real, (no role-play) humiliating work.

Is this something you might help with via zoom, cam, etc. Or even if I recorded some video? Please try to excuse me if I am 'off base' here.

Thank you. I hope you are having a nice weekend.



Dear Paul,

What a refreshing message you sent me. I'm delighted to hear from you.

I can't do zoom or video for you dear, I'm sorry. But I can offer you one or two tips for curtseying. Am I to understand you will be in a dress/skirt? If so it is essential of course to hold it out to the sides when performing your etiquette. Use the tips of your thumb and your first and second fingers to hold the skirt about 3-4 inches from the hem: it is bad form to hold the edge of your dress: your mistress/master/superiors would like to see some of your skirt beyond the hold. Your 3rd and fourth fingers must be splayed upwards in sissy curves. Use your feet as follows: stand on the ball of your left foot and swivel so that it displays toes to your left, heel to your right. Then place your right foot behind it as your superior views you. Toes to your right, heel to your left. Then execute your subservient dip. In the manner of a bellerina, the gradual dip of your head should match the gradual sinking of your body from the knees, with a gradual bow from the waist. Your eyes by this time will be looking at the dipping front of your apron. You maintain your reverence until ordered to rise, or until you have completed the pre-arranged length from your training.

I'm sorry I can't send you a sissy demonstration of a curtsey. Needless to say, it is in the mind of the sissy that the essence of the curtsey lies: it says: Madame/Sir/Ladies/and Gentlemen, I am your humble and worthless servant. Please pour your scorn on me. The outward body movement simply expresses this in submissive silence.

Enjoy the Wendyhouse, dear.

Love from Aunt Frocks x

Maybe you know Jess Harper. You may have seen her photos before.

I'm delighted to say she happily shares them with us at the Wendyhouse, and of course she's one of the Roses in the Rose Room.

Jess loves taking photos, but you may have to sign in to flickr to see them:
Jess Harper's photos on Flickr

Letter 12 - Please choose a baby girl name for me, Auntie --- Baby Carla

My dearest Aunt Frocks

I can't believe I found the courage to write to you - and I hope this is alright.

Deep inside I am a Sissy Baby

Though, mostly I live my inner needs in my fantasy.

(Nothing wrong with that; fantasy enables so much, and is such a wonderful thing)

After all, being babified, sissified and humiliated by a dominant, but nevertheless caring and loving woman with a pronounced maternal personality will remain a dream.

I have several necessary adult baby items like soother, plastic pants (just to mention the obvious), and occasionally even wear diapers when leaving the house.

My preferred fetish material is plastic. I also like restraints of all kinds, including chastity devices (a good baby-girl doesn't play with herself)

And also - very important - even though I am a Sissy Baby, I remain 100% hetero, meaning I am attracted solely to women.

One of my favourite fantasies is to be kept as a sissy baby-girl by a lesbian couple, and they have their fun in forcing me into dependence, helplessness and ridicule.

Okay, why am I writing this to you?

I just wonder if you, dear Auntie, perhaps can give me a girlish baby name?

So far, I call myself Carla (or Baby Carla), which I like and is cute, but it would have a greater impact including a humiliation aspect, if a Mommy gave me a sweet baby-girl name.

Do you think you can give me maybe 3 to 5 suggestions? And I will choose the one that shows most effect on me? And please not "Bambi"; 40% of all sissies call themselves Bambi. And also not "Dolly" or "Barbie", which seem more bimbo-like names.

Thank you so much for your great work, and also so much understanding, especially when I read your comments in the "Baby Room" and the "Sweetheart Styles".

From your sissy-baby, baby-girl,

Baby Carla

Hello my dear Baby Carla. How lovely to hear from you.

My word, you are a deeply committed baby girl, are you not? And going out in diapers too. Thank you for telling me such important things about yourself and revealing your inner self. I know that takes courage, but I respect you for it. Now I feel I am your real Auntie.

So you would like me to suggest baby names that I think would suit you. Names that are for a girl baby, and also a baby who is sissy and cute. Here are my choices:


-Wendy - I always think Wendy applies to girls aged 4 or less

-Pollyanna - a traditional sissy-girl name

-Penny - Another name that applies naturally to a little girl

-and one double name: Mary-Lou

I expect you to look at these and choose something else, dear, because you sound more girly and babyish than any of these. You may also want a more up-to-date name, whereas these all belong to yesteryear. So Pollyanna for instance might put another name into your head from when you were little at school. Or you can choose another double name instead of Mary-Lou. If you look up the internet for This Year's Fave names for a Baby Girl, you'll see some gorgeousy girly and babyish names.

Have fun picking your name, my sweet,

and then write back to me telling me what to call you in future.

Love and kisses from your Aunt Frocks xxx

Let me introduce a very sissy fag who wants to be publicly exposed and humiliated.

Yes, this is Pansy Twat. What a pathetic excuse for a man - now completely girled. As you can see he has no masculinity left and is totally effeminate for everyone's amusement.

We're getting to the end of my Newsletter darling. It must be time for a story or two.

Starting with a story and pic by Prim, taken from Prim's Petticoat Pansies #35 in the Alice Room.
School Teacher Babyfication

Followed by an example of Feminized In Frillies, taken from Feminized In Frillies volume 5.
The pic is by Prissy and the story is by Prim

The Crushmen Sisters

So there we are, my pet. My April Newsletter No. 37 which now goes into the Emma Room in the Wendyhouse with all the others. Remember Prissy76 on the 15th of May, and Feminized In Frillies volume 10 around May 20th-22nd. And of course on the 1st of every month, there will be another 10 all-new Prim pictures arriving in the Penelope Room.

I'm leaving you with an adorable shot of Deedee in her tempting lingerie. Wouldn't you love to join her on the bed?

You've been an angel sitting by me for my Newsletter, darling. Now you can go off and enjoy the photostreams of these lovely girls, or if you're a member, you can pop straight into the Wendyhouse and feel REALLY FEMININE.

Let me give you another cuddle, my darling, because you are very special to me.

Your loving Aunt Frocks xxx