16-1 - Invited for a Blousey Weekend
"You're going to show me," says Phyllis,"how much you love my blouses."

16-2 - A New Girly Husband
Resistance was useless. Alex would long to be kept in Genevieve's satin lingerie.

16-3 - Maternity Blouse part 1
Seth Bridge arrives at Maternity Blouse. He must be dressed by Blouse Ladies.

16-4 - Maternity Blouse part 2
Seth missed his appointment at Maternity Blouse. He must be dressed VERY babyishly.

16-5 - At Sissy Club
Before the Ladies put them in their panties, the sissies want to swing high with their dresses pinned up.

16-6 - Sissy Face Panty Smother
Committed to Pantywell Hospital, Frances is enclosed in panties for his feminizing treatment.

16-7 - Naughty Percy-Pantyhose
The senior girls hold Percy's arms and legs in his baby chair at the front of class
while he is fed his bottles of baby-girl milk.

16-8 - Such a Little Cutie
The woman who is coming to dress David in his babywear is his former girlfriend Melanie.
How he blushes as he confesses his adult babyhood.

16-9 - James Adores His Momsy-In-Law
Astrid loves to humiliate James, her live-in son-in-law. Caught between adoring her
and loving being dressed, he submits to becoming her baby.

16-10 - Playing Petticoats and Panties with the new girl
Miss Lovekiss leaves Timothy in the Pretty Korner at Saturday Sissy School.
When Jordan and Marcus ask him to play a sissy game, they all feel so frilly.

16-11 - The Stockings and Pyjama Party
Mario, Rufus and Phillip have clitties that ache with girlishness.
They will spend a whole evening in bed together in their nighties and negligees.

16-12 - He Needs Girls' Panties
The girls at Boux Avenue know Anthony. They have had him in the lingerie chair before
to test him in panties for his Mother-In-Law.

* * *
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