21-1 Blousing Landladies

21-2 Polly Poppitt Becomes the School Sissy
Miss Hardcastle presents the newly picked school sissy to the school assembly.

21-3 Tuesday Is Petticoat Day
Mme Isabel Flounce knows how petticoat layers of silk and nylon can speak to the girl inside any boy.

21-4 Girlfriends in Sissy Dresses

21-5 My Husband's New Panty-Dress

21-6 Frilly Petticoats and Panties for Maid Arabella
Madame Fullgirdle took in her sister's orphaned son,
but insists on extra petticoating to make sure he knows his place as her maid.

21-7 Sucking for His Aunties

21-8 I Love the Feel of My Dress
Oh those wonderful days when I can visit Grandma Geraldine

21-9 Passionate Love In Pretty Dresses

21-10 At the Sissy Sweetie Contest

21-11 Cecil Becomes a Girl
When a boy's mother and sister want him to be a girl,
there's no point him fighting it.

21-12 Ronny's Dommy Mommy

* * *
If you like to feel girly and dominated,
spend some feminine time in
Prim's Petticoat Discipline Corner.

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