The tenth collection of Prim-Prissy stories
of female domination and petticoat discipline

1-Under the Control of Silk Panties
Experienced mistresses know how to use their panties to rob men of their mind and their strength.

2-Boyfriends Into Sissies
The nurses of the Girly-Boys Sissification Clinic
lead two women's boyfriends to a deep desire for sissy orgasm.

3-Most Sissies Want to Become Pathetic Sissy Girls
Sissy nurses know only too well that what their sissies want is complete girlification.

4-Sissy Milking - the Key to Making Them More Girly
The Secret of sissy feminization at Girly-Girl-Cuties is regular wanking to a shattering climax.

5-Sissy Training the Mommy High-Heels Way
There is no chance of Mommy High-Heels Sissies Not Becoming More and More Effeminate.

6-New Girl at the Pink Panty School
No wonder 'new girl' Nadia is crimson with blushes at
the way everyone treats him at panty school.

7-From Boyish Scamp to Submissive Girl
Grandma knows that sending Willy to stay with his Aunt Rose
for the Summer will make a 'new girl' out of him.

8- Sissies Must Learn to Suck
Carmen and Augusta Garter find best success when they
subject their pupils to extended Cock-Sucking.

* * *

If you like to feel girly and helpless,
our stories of petticoating sweetness are especially for you.
Be feminine!

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