Six Prim-Prissy stories

The first collection of Prim-Prissy stories
of female domination and petticoat discipline

Their Sissy Husbands
It's so hard trying to be masculine when you are being masturbated by another sissy's wife.

Turning Him Into a Sissy
How can Johnny possibly let his Mother-In-Law turn him into another sissy like his brother-in-law, but Miriam is so persuasive.

In the Lacy Sweetie Dressing Home
Two sissies sink deeper into sexlessness as their panties are petted relentlessly by their nurses.

Mothers-In-Law Take Control
Vivienne and Moira want nothing but the most emasculating costumes to make sure their pansy sons-in-law are completely desexed.

The Petticoat Nursery for Sissy Weaklings
Mommy Bouncey enlists the femmy help of two of her sissy weaklings to ensure bank manager Timothy Flint wants to visit the Petticoat Nursery as often as he can.

The Frillyboy Milking Clinic
We follow Nurse Rachel as she leads Fiona Frillpanty through an orgasmic morning amongst the sissies who are being milked.

* * *
Coming soon:
Feminized in Frillies vol.2
By Prim and Prissy