Eight Prim-Prissy stories

The second collection of Prim-Prissy stories
of female domination and petticoat discipline

1-Alan Smallcreep Is a Perfect Specimen for Panty-Pansification
Petticoat punishment is best in front of women who enjoy unsexing a weak man.

2-Training Them to Cum-a-lot
Two husbands are left with mother-and-daughter to audition for their weekend sissy club.

3-The Sissyboy Dolls
Miss Hateman's school for Sissyboy Dolls - trained for sale to rich women, as sex slaves for their husbands and sons.

4-Sissy Clive Is Turned into a Cock-Sucker
Miss Hateman puts a newly-married husband through her extreme training for sucking cock.

5-Women Can Take an Active Part in Crushing Their Males
Two mistresses exchange methods as their sissies undergo sissification.

6-Sissies-In-Love With Stiff Cocks
Two Mothers-In-Law train Alan and James into sissy worship of each other's cocks.

7-These Mature Ladies Have Nothing to Fear From Their Juicing Sissies
Olivia and Amanda protect themselves from lustful males by endlessly milking them.

8-CLICKA Shock for the New Boy at Pantyboy Dreams
The new arrival at Sissy School learns why he is now called Miss Blousey Cocksuck

* * *
Coming soon:
Feminized in Frillies vol.3
By Prim and Prissy


If you like to feel girly and helpless,
our stories of petticoating sweetness
are especially for you. Enjoy!

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