The seventh collection of Prim-Prissy stories
of female domination and petticoat discipline

1-We Keep Them Weak and Docile At Frilly Boys
Continual masturbation makes boys weaker each time. That's how we feminize your husbands.

2-Our Mothers-In-Law Enjoy Desexing Us
They take Sissy Alice and me to Sissy-Boi Park for public humiliation.

3-Two Sissies Learn to Lust
When two Mothers-In-Law show their sissies how effeminate they are, their girly lust goes wild.

4-The Shocking Day I Was Turned Into a Girl
When I foolishly called on Jack, his Mother and Auntie took control of my sex.

5-Priscilla Silkpanty: Born Into Girlyness
The sissies at Sissy World don't just talk about their girliness, they wank each other's clitties too.

6-CLICK-From Sissy Kisses to Panty Ejaculations
When sissies kiss they can't help but fall in love with each other's girly clitties.

7-The Milking Queue at Maison Highheels
Four sissies watch each other being wanked. They can't wait to become more girly.

8-Sissies Will Always Go From Cock Kissing to Cock Sucking
Two women know how to make their sissies fall in love with each other's sissy dicks.

* * *

If you like to feel girly and helpless,
our stories of petticoating sweetness
are especially for you. Enjoy!

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