The Dressing Adventures of Johnny #2

Johnny's Babyfication

Chapter 11 - Johnny's Aunts Dress Him In More Blouses and Skirts to Increase His Addiction

Chapter 12 - Johnny Is Dressed As a Baby Girl and Fed With Babying Syrup

Chapter 13 - Johnny Is Put Into His Aunt's Silk Knickers and Smothered in Panties Inside Aunt Myrna's Panty Drawer

Chapter 14 - Johnny Is Displayed to Lady Customers In Aunt Myrna's Boutique

Chapter 15 - Johnny Must Model a Dress for Pauline

Chapter 16 - Johnny Amuses the Ladies By His Helpless Femininity

Chapter 17 - Pauline Makes Johnny Her Baby

Chapter 18 - Johnny Becomes Pauline's Baby

Chapter 19 - Johnny Is Fed With Babying Syrup

Chapter 20 - Johnny Has His Breasts Developed

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