html> Prims Story of Petticoat Punishment, telling the story of a sissy's shame as he is made to suffer feminization through frequent dressing

The Dressing Adventures of Johnny #4

The Girls School Baby

Chapter 31 - Johnny is punished for his attraction to Aunt Myrna's dresses

Chapter 32 - Johnny must beg for humiliation and dressing

Chapter 33 - Johnny Is Put Into His Aunt Myrna's Panties

Chapter 34 - Johnny Is Dressed As a Baby

Chapter 35 - Johnny is dressed as a baby girl and kept overnight by Miss Williams

Chapter 36 - Johnny arrives at the girls' school for morning assembly

Chapter 37 - Johnny gets a Schoolgirl Uniform

Chapter 38 - Johnny's Aunts Want Him Dressed as a Baby at School

Chapter 39 - Johnny's Femininity Is Examined by the Girls

Chapter 40 - Johnny Becomes the Girls' School Sissy-Baby

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