Cousin Peregrine's Visit    by Prim

Peregrine Feebles reached for the bell and jumped as the door opened before he had even touched it.

"Ohhh... Aunt Lettie! I... was just going to ring but..."

"Come in, pet. How lovely to see you again. I'm sure you're going to have a very pleasant week with us." Peregrine's aunt was neat and attractive, with her dark hair done up and her face like a screen celeb. His blood drained towards his feet and her crisp white dress sizzled as she pulled him inside by the sleeve of his jacket. As the door closed behind him, he listened hard for any of the triplets, glancing through any door that was open. Maybe they were out. Or away from home even. Phew, that would be a blessing.

"Girls, Cousin Peregrine is here," called his aunt, taking his hand and shepherding him into the living room.

The boy's heart dropped as squeals of hysteria reached him from the distance and the clicking of towering heels bore down on him from all sides.

"Peri darling, we're so glad you've come to stay," said Cousin Monica, grinning with pink gloss and rattling to a halt on the laminate floor. "I don't think you'll be needing this." Her auburn hair fell round her face as she latched onto his case and used her other hand to peel his fingers from the handle.

"But it's got my clothes in it." This was how he lost all his clothes last time. "Please don't take it. Aunt Lettie..."

Her mother gave her a stern look, but her daughter used a petulant voice. "He'll get it back before he leaves." She separated the case from his hand as more heels arrived, and Cousin Britney turned him towards her for a kiss on the cheek.

"Welcome back, you sweet boy," she said, throwing her long blond hair around his shoulder as she embraced him and turned his lips towards hers with her other hand. She kissed him full on. "Mmmmmmmmmwa! Peri, sweetheart, we love it when you come to visit little us. Mmmmmmmmmwa-mmmmmmmmmwaaaa!" As she held his lips to hers, Peregrine felt another embrace clamping his arms to his sides from behind.

"Who's a clever boy for coming back to see his cousins for another lovely stay?" Cousin Alicia squeezed her breasts into his shoulder blades and slipped a hand round to hold his flies. Her lips and tongue slavered on the back of his neck so that he was kissed from front and back.

"Mom," said Monica, "you've GOT to let us play babies with him again. Think of all the fun we had last time, you included."

If Peregrine could have turned to give his Aunt a plaintive look, he would have... but he couldn't.

"Well, all right then. I can see you all want to mother him."

"Oh thanks, Mom, you're cool," chorused the girls.

"Oh no, Aunt Monica, please no..." Never had their cousin wished to be more listened to than now, in this desperate hour.

Aunt Lettie pursed her lips and added a proviso: "Girls, make sure you keep all your emissions inside your panties... What are you going to put your cousin in, to avoid making any mess?"

"Jacqui was here last time, wasn't she," said Britney, using her blond hair to froll his face as if with a silk scarf, "and brought those lovely thick diapers... disposables."

"We used silk-rayon diapers in the end," said Alicia... "after his accidents. They're ever so cute."

"And we'll put him in plastic panties too," said Monica, "to make doubly sure."

"All right then. I don't want any more of that milky mess like last time. The cushion covers had to have two trips to the cleaners."

"That was your fault, Alicia," said Britney: "spanking his bottom over your leather miniskirt."

"Huh, what do you expect when one of you is stroking his legs while he's being smacked and the other has his face buried deep in your pantyhose."

They were already on their way up to Monica's bedroom, the scene of hours of babying fun last time Cousin Peregrine fell into their clutches. "I've bought you some new baby costumes, sweetheart," Monica cooed into his ear, "to go with the nice dresses and panties we had you in last time."

Peregrine held onto the clothes he stood in. "Please don't undress me... I don't want... Ohhh, Oh no... please..." But when there are three girls intent on stripping you, one of them can hold your hands out of the way while the other two pull off your shirt and take down your jeans and trunks. His penis came in for some close examination as they sat him on the edge of the bed between them, but it wasn't until they had his clothes ready that it started to get really stiff.

"Monica, sweetheart, where did you get that gorgeous silk diaper?" asked their mother as she came into the room with some panties of hers that they might like to use on the baby.

"Jacqui got it for me from some store she knows down town. She got me half a dozen pairs of plastic baby pants too." And they watched Peregrine's lip tremble with self pity as Alicia and Britney fastened his poppers until he was snugly pantied over his diaper. A diaper cover in oyster satin came next: it was embroidered with bright pink little girls' faces round the wide legs, and the helpless baby's tears broke down his cheeks.

"I don't want to be a girl baby, Auntie Monica," he cried as his hands were seized and wrapped in pink polyester mittens. "Please tell the girls I don't want to be a little girl."

"But you're so good as a baby girl, Peri sweetie," cooed Britney, drawing his forehead onto her lips for long, humming kiss.

"And look at the lovely blouse we've got for you, hon," said Alicia, slipping it off its hanger and opening it out for his hands to pop through the puffed sleeves.

"Oh Peri darling," added his aunt, sitting on the bed with her daughters, "you're going to feel ever so soft and girlish in this lovely rose pink romper... look, they all make a set. Little girls love being dressed in pretty sets of matching silks and satins."

Peregrine submitted to the pink bootees from Britney and his aunt, while Alicia shook out his matching bonnet in three layers of silky polyester. He could do nothing to prevent himself being bloused and rompered, and his penis was getting longer and stiffer in his silky diaper. But worse... just before his bonnet covered his ears, he heard Cousin Monica on the phone to that awful Jacqui, the one who performed gender treatments on his defenceless penis and anus last time. He had squirted so much cream while they laughed and laughed at him.

Oh if only he could stay a boy baby... just this time. But the pretty polyester romper was already going over his plastic pants, and soon he would be totally a baby girl in the hands of mommies and nurses.


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