Darling, welcome to my Newsletter for March which you can read with me, your Aunt Frocks. Hold my hand, precious, and enjoy all the girls' letters and photos the way I did when I first saw them in my inbox with the replies I sent back to each dear girl.

My first priority today is to send a big thank you to so many girls who took my request in February to heart and told their friends about the Wendyhouse and especially Prim's Flickr account under the ID Silkblousey. A lot of new girlfriends are now following Prim in Flickr: maybe that's where it's at these days for girly catch-ups. Here's the link for the Wendyhouse so that you can spread the news of what fun it is in the website.


Send this link to your friends:


Another way to help girls find Prim is through Fictionmania, the brilliant story site for cross-dressers and tgs. When you click this link you will need to click 'Search' from the menus, then: 'Author search' and enter PRIM. Go here for PRIM's stories:

PRIM in Fictionmania

Here's the link to send to your friends:


There's lots there isn't there, and oodles of great stories from talented girls with very frilly and sexy imaginations. Your friends will be glad of a reminding link. Lower down this Newsletter is Prim's Pinterest account which links into the Wendyhouse through some of its photos. If you haven't got a Pinterest account, darling, you MUST.

Here's a second nice thing for girls to do in this month's Newsletter. Remember I introduced my new feature, the STAR LETTER, which deserves a month of free membership for its writer. Well this time it's from Princess Pansy, who writes to me a lot, and she opens up the wonderful world of sissy schoolgirl uniforms. If you like uniforms, take a close look at the end of Prim's reply to her below, because you can let your girly wishes float up into the clouds of sissy imagination and write to me about them. The nicest uniforms will appear in my next Newsletter.

One last thing, darling, before we hear from girls who have written to us at the Wendyhouse. I want to tell you about joining the Rose Room, like the lovely girls this month whose photos are near the end of my Newsletter. What you need to do is select 6 of your fave photos to send to me. Don't worry about size: the only things that matter are you and your fashions. I would like you to send me a short text about your love of dressing, like how you came to start, or what you love to wear. But you don't have to write: instead you can send me a 7th photo. Take a look on the Wendyhouse Home Page at the Rose Room panel, and click it to see one of our girls in her personal gallery. That is what is waiting for you.

Now darling: it's time for letters and photos. Cuddle close to me and we'll join the girls.

Aunt Frocks x

In my last Newsletter I explained how I would pick a STAR LETTER from my inbox, and I would hug the girl who sent it and give them a month of free membership as their prize. This month I chose this letter from Prim's inbox: I think you'll see why.


Letter 1 - Wendyhouse sissies in their sissy school uniforms

Hi Prim,

I am so sorry for suggesting a story-line that might offend some of your readers, so I think it's best we forget about that one. I shall do as you say, and stick to Female Domination, because you know and I know, all True Sissies love that.

Also I forgot to thank you for including my letters in PPP#32. You will accept my deepest apologies won't you Prim? Pretty Please, with Deep Submissive Curtseys. You know I only wish to serve and please you, my very Special Sissy Friend.

Darling, it was so lovely to see more of my letters in PPP#32, and to include the pictures of those very pretty Sissy Bonnets was just divine.

My sweetest Prim, it is so wonderful to think I am part of The Wendyhouse; it makes me so very, very happy, and I hope I can be your Sissy Friend for years to come.

Darling, I've had a lovely idea for a story for the picture of the 4 Sissies standing together at the bottom of the Inside the Wendyhouse page. I have always loved looking at that picture, and thinking what they would be chatting about, and what they were going to do that day.

Well Sweetie, my idea is to have their Mummies take them into town to purchase their New School Uniforms, for the beginning of Term at Sweet Fairy Academy High. It would be absolutely fabulous to have four VERY STRICT MOTHERS, having their very sweet, submissive Sissies dressed in their Summer and Winter School Uniforms. The colour of the uniform would be predominately Baby Pink, and would be made of Bridal Satin. The School Blouse is White, and has Puff Sleeves, and a high stand-up Peter Pan collar. For the Summer the Sissies would wear short sleeved blouses, and short flared skirts; and for the Winter, long sleeved blouses, and short flared Pinfore Dresses. The school Neck-Tie is a Baby Pink and White Striped tie, with matching School Hair Ribbons, which must always be tied into the sweetest Sissy Bows. The School Panties will be Snow White Satin, and covered in frills, and pretty Baby Pink Bows. School socks will be ankle frilly cuff socks for the Summer, and long knee length frilly cuff socks for the Winter. School Shoes will be 2 inch Baby Pink Patent Leather Mary Jane's for Summer, and Black for Winter. The School Hat will be a Straw Boater, with a large pert Baby Pink Satin Bow, with 10 inch streamers lying down the back of the School Blouse.

What do you think, darling, do you like my Pretty Sissy School Uniform?

Your Sweet and Submissive Sissy Girl.

Princess Pansy.xxx

Hello Princess.

How nice to hear from you again and what lovely photos you have sent me. It's no wonder you appear in the Wendyhouse if you write to me or my Aunt so often, and if that makes you happy that's brilliant.

Mmmm, what wonderful school uniforms you have imagined in your e-mail. Do you know, I have always liked writing stories about sissy boys being taken to the girls' school, then drawing them in schoolgirl uniform, but strangely it was only recently that I saw some sissy art with sissies in a girls' school uniform that was pink! I had always used colours I'd seen in real life: bottle green, navy blue, maroon, brown, and it had never occurred to me that I could use pink. Since then I've done a few pink uniforms, always with a white school blouse of course. But I love your idea of a summer and a winter uniform giving the creator more scope for variations. Another possibility in my head is sissy uniforms with a blouse and a pair of pretty girls' shorts too, nicely bloomered at the top of sissy's legs and showing a naughty stiffened point at the front. One advantage of school pics is to have a strict looking schoolmistress in the picture: she of course would wear a frilly blouse with billowing sleeves and a long straight or long pleated skirt almost to her ankles. I've already got a few picture and story ideas ready for PPP#35 which is going to be a girls' school special. Thank you for your lovely suggestions.

Big hugs darling.

Prim x

So as I said at the start of my letter, sweetheart, you can write to me with your own design of girl's school sissy uniforms. Some sissies like to dream of being dressed in exactly the same uniform as the girls: very authentic and very feminine. Uniforms tend to be neat, don't they, with a smart shirt or blouse, neatly pointed or rounded collar and either a school tie or school ribbon. The skirts are sooooo pretty: often pleated to make sitting down all day easier, and either longer for modesty or shorter for fashion demands. The girls will either cover their legs completely in hose, in navy or other darkened shades, or leave their legs bare with white socks at their ankles or up to their knees. But your uniform dreams don't have to stay with traditional schoolgirl uniform styles. The sky is your limit, darling. Imagine the School Principal Miss Forcewell has got you standing in her study ready to be dressed in your new Schoolgirl Uniform for Sissy Girls, and see where your dreamy schoolgirl feelings take you. Then send your dreams to me.

The top three school uniforms agreed by Prim and me will win a month of free membership for their writers. Good luck, my darlings.

Here is Victoria from Paris who joined the Wendyhouse and the Rose Room last month. Quite a vamp, don't you agree?

I'd say you need to behave for Victoria, or that leather tawse could begin to improve your sissy behaviour.

Letter 2 - Prim's Flickr photostream - girdles with stockings

Dear Aunt Frocks,

I'm looking at Prim's photostream as I write and I see all the things I am in love with myself: namely girdles, stockings with high heels, and blouses. And all these lovely fashion photos from the 50s! M-mmmm! I have a big collection of corsetry but my best moments are when I am wearing a white or black girdle very tight with 6 or more suspenders, clipped tautly to black stockings. Then I wear a bra with DD or FF cups, well filled, and put on one of my satin blouses. I love that tight feeling as I pull up the zip, squeezing me tighter and closing me in. That is when I feel feminine. And of course the pleasure of rolling up my stockings is awesome. Then there is the climax of pleasure, clipping my suspenders to my stocking tops, creating that fantastic pull on my legs. I like to walk up and down my bedroom along my mirrors, seeing my girdle or corselet and watching my stockings and suspenders. My pleasure has further to go, of course, because then I gather the knickers I've selected, sit on the end of the bed to pass them over my heels, and draw them up my stockings with that exquisite flow of nylon. I feel so feminine as my knickers come up to my stocking tops and then cover my very rampant clittie and girdle. More pleasure as I slide a nylon slip over my head and down my body, and then put myself into a dress. With a girdle and suspenders, I know that I am so fully dressed as a female. Gorgeous feeling, Prim.

Love and kisses,

Florrie xxx

My dear Florrie,

I'm so pleased that you like Prim's photostream. Yes, wearing a girdle can be tight, darling, so I suppose it forms a kind of feminine bondage, contricting and restraining a girl in all the right parts of her body, because the good thing about it is that it makes your personal sexual places feel tightly dressed in femininity. Mmm, yes darling, you will feel lovely as you draw up your stockings, and attach those suspenders all round your stocking tops. You didn't tell me how many suspenders you like to have: I expect you have a few choices.

Thank you for sharing your bedroom dressing fun with me, sweetheart. I love you for that. I only wish I could be there with you, sitting on the bed and offering words of Auntiful advice and encouragement.

Love and hugs,

Aunt Frocks x

Girls, this is the link to send to your friends for Prim's photostream in Flickr. Click the blue link to go there yourself.

Here's Prim's Flickr-Yahoo account: ID-silkblousey


And here are some photos that show just how nice girls can look in their girdles.

Have you visited Prim's account on Pinterest, which is called Primonline? Follow this link, to find where Prim has a board called Curve Perfect,

Primonline on Pinterest

and lots more besides. This is the link to send to your friends:


Letter 3 - A Sweet Sissy Baby

Hewwo Aunt Frocks,

hope you are well, my name is Sissy Baby Cindy and contacted you after a few friends recommended that I get in touch, Mellisa from dollies nursery and SissyBimboJenni. Jenni mentioned you were doing a sissy baby article and id simply love for you to use my pics. have attached some from a photo-shoot a few years ago, and if you would like anymore lease just let me know.

I've been a sissy baby from a very young age, was a bed wetter and my mum would diaper me every night, soon found that I loved diapers and dressing in my mums silkiest things, think that's when I started wanting to be a baby. Would dress up in diapers and mums naughty lingerie and borrow her toys every time I was home alone.

I have loved your wonderful artwork since I 1st discovered it, always loved the thought of a sissy being humiliated by his mother, especially forced babyhood ones, always wished I could be the helpless babies in your art. Also your artwork was what inspired me to try chastity and buy a lot of dildos, hehe.

I'm now 30 years old but try to dress as baby everyday, I'm normally 1 to 2 years old as Baby Cindy, and I just love to be humiliated for being such a sissy baby. Am slowly building a nursery to be a helpless ickle sissy in, have already got a cot and a pushchair, and am looking for a highchair.

yours pathetically Sissy Baby Cindy x

Hello my darling. I love your name: all Cindies should be little baby girls.

I love your photos, too. You did the right thing to listen to your girl friends and get in touch with your Aunt Frocks. Now I can show you to all the girls in the Wendyhouse and beyond. What beautiful dresses you have. You must feel so soft and cutesy when you are wearing them.

I'm glad you told us about your early steps into baby dressing, including bed wetting and diapers, then Mummy's nice lingerie. Your nursery sounds really sweet: I imagine it has lots of pinks and whites and Baby Cindy will be able to while away long hours of feminine baby sweetness in her pushchair while reading baby stories from Prim.

If you send me another say 6 photos and a few lines of text about your sissy side, I would have enough to include you in the Wendyhouse Rose Room. That entitles you to a free month's membership in the Wendyhouse, so here are codes for you to enter them when asked for authorization:

( codes here )

From the Home Page click Login, then Login here, then enter your codes and you should be in the Wendyhouse. Mail me back if there's a problem.

I love having pretty sissy girls with us, so please thank your friends for suggesting that you could get in touch with me.

Let me give you a big warm hug, darling, from

Aunt Frocks x

Letter 4 - Satin is a Prim sissy

My dear Susan,

As promised here are the 12 Prim pictures I have round the walls of Satin's little bedroom. Now and again I change one. They are very formative for him. he looks at them often. He can see all of them from his crib: I've blown them up to A3 size, but even though the clarity is not so good, they have a deep effect on him.

As I was telling you, and this seems very promising to me, it's the Prim side of his life which has become his REALITY, and it's the rest which is just an illusion. This change-over has been developing over the past three months. It isn't him who brought this about: Nurse Elisabeth, Mamietoun and of course me, we constantly bring him back to Prim. Each time I give him his bath, feed him or change him, each time Mamietoun gets him ready to go out and each time Tatabeth brings him a new dress, we tell him: "You are a Prim sissy." He believes he is in the stories (I read him one every night after his syrups). He says: "Is that Satin?" and I say: "Of course that's Satin," and what's funny is that he is totally inside the skin of the story sissy. As far as he is concerned, his trips out of the house are some kind of dream; the reality is his life of Prim.

I really do think that the remodelling of his imagination is now complete. He is kind (he always was), very sweet, and very regressed too, and more and more 'ashamed'. We always work at filling him with shame. And his popsy? Small of course, but nearly always standing up. even inside his diapers. I'm convinced this is as a result of his training program.

Lots of love,

Tacha xxx

Here are four of the Prim pics that Tacha has on the walls of Satin's baby bedroom.

Dear Tacha,

I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to you, especially since you have written to me so regularly like a faithful disciple. Thank you for all your efforts in shaping Satin: I can see from your last letter that Elisabeth, Mamietoun and you are making a lot of progress.

Thank you as well for this set of 12 Prim pictures from round the walls of his little bedroom, forming a sort of themed 'wallpaper'. That will certainly make a deep and continuous impression on him. The next step is to take these pictures and work the opposite way round, by practising on him what is happening in the picture.

Take for instance the nurse who is giving him her finger to suck. Stand him in front of you, dressed as closely as you can to the way the Prissy sissy is (this is a Prissy picture, not drawn by Prim, but there is no difference between the way Prim sissies and Prissy sissies are treated), and feed your finger into his mouth, telling him to suck it like a real Prim sissy. Wear one of your satin blouses for this, so that he is going to long for the moment the next day when he is due for blousey finger sucking again. Hold him very close while he is sucking, developing that close bond between him and you, sissy and Mummy. This will help him to suck deeply like a Prim sissy.

Then apply the same practice to the picture of two senior schoolgirls enveloping a sissy baby between them. This could be you and Tatabeth or you and Mamitoun. Hold him wedged between you like in the picture, so that he feels squashed between dominant women in silky, feminine clothes. Then give him your finger to suck like a Prim sissy, while shaming him in soft but authoritative voices, telling him that he is no longer a man, nor even a cross-dresser: he is now a little baby girl.

You can work your way through the other pictures, turning them into reality for him like this. Find the ones which work best, which have the strongest effect on him to render him weak at the knees and very effeminate and ashamed.

All my love, Tacha, and kisses.

Susan xxx

A couple of montha ago I wanted to feature one of our lovely girls, Marie-Christine, in my Newsletter, but I went and put in the wrong set of photos. This time I've got it right, just to remind us what a gorgeous creature she is.

You are lovely, Marie-Christine, and that ball gown must make you feel so feminine.

Letter 5 - Sissy Paula - Submissively Joining the Rose Room

Dear Aunt Frocks,

I am sissy paula a submissive tv who likes to willingly submit in every way to her dominant female superiors and be reminded of her place as a sissy slave and by submitting pics this sissy hopes Aunt Frocks will consider posting this sub gurl in the Rose Room Gallery. This sissy likes bondage and being spanked or caned while her useless small clitty is always kept locked in chastity, she is grateful to be verbally and sexually humiliated, especially when fully feminised.

This obedient gurl is always willing to be seen and exposed publicly as a feminised sissy, in satin and frills, pvc and latex, I so enjoy being tightly corseted to accentuate my oversized H cup silicon breasts with short skirts, dresses and maid uniforms showing my stocking tops or with very tight pencil skirts. This sissy loves to be a sissy maid doing actual domestic duties and always hopes to please by obediently serving her superiors as they choose, receive punishments of her superior's choosing when she has not performed satisfactorily.

Also as this sissy craves to be completely embarrassed and to be humiliated in a feminised state, I have progressed to being diapered and wearing plastic baby panties on a regular basis so they are on display under my skirts and petticoats, perhaps if I'm fortunate a Domme may like to turn me into a fully sissified baby as in Prim's graphic serial The Silky Nursery Center.

Yours respectfully and curtsey

sissy paula

Hello Paula darling.

I was delighted to hear from you, and to see you in your photos. You are so respectful, which of course is how you must be to your betters. You are also a very feminine-looking submissive sissy, just right for being dominated and humiliated. And punished, I might add. I will shorten your mail to me - it's so filled with information about how Paula likes to be feminine and controlled - and turn it into a personal profile for you to go in your gallery with your delicious photos. I see you are a blouse and skirt sissy - perhaps we don't have enough like you in the Rose Room yet, and I'm hoping there will soon be more.

Let me kiss you darling, and hug you into the satin front of my blouse for being such a sweetie. In case you are not a member of the Wendyhouse and just a visitor, I want to grant you a free month of membership. Don't waste the opportunity I am offering you, sweetie: I expect you to learn submissiveness and sexlessness as never before by reading Prim stories with the art works. See yourself in each story, dear.

Go to the Wendyhouse website at: www.primspetticoatwendyhouse.com

Click to the Home Page with me in my green gown.

Click the link to Login, then click Login here.

When asked for authorization, enter these codes carefully:

(codes here)

You will be in the Wendyhouse. Click on any one of the rooms to start to explore, and get started on those stories. If you have any problem entering the Wendyhouse, get back to me honey.

If you send me more photos of yourself, I will be happy to include them in my Newsletter or in the Letters Page of a future issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies.

Darling, I am so pleased to be speaking to you.

Warm hugs,

Aunt Frocks x

Gillian joined the Rose Room in February so you can see her gallery in the Wendyhouse, but here she is looking very delicious.

Thank you for sharing your fab photos with us, Gillian, and for brightening up my Newsletter with your lovely smile.

Letter 6 - My sister's skirts and knickers

Dear Aunt Frocks,

I can tell you about my early memories with girls' dresses. At school when I was young I liked being close to girls and I liked looking at their skirts. Sometimes I'd see a bit of their knickers. I'm strange because I'm a straight crossdresser I don't go for the guys in skirts. I wanted to put on my sister's skirts like her school skirt and skirts she wore at the weekend, and her knickers underneath. Also she had two dresses that I used to wear secretly when I could, a blue mini dress which was very silky and russly and a posh party frock with a double skirt and bare shoulders. When I got the chance it was magic so I've been a crossdresser ever since. My girlfriend likes to see me in her clothes: not just her skirts but I found I liked putting on her dresses too. She has got a wide dress with a black vinyl belt, red and white check and it makes me so excited. I sometimes wear it for love making. My girlfriend calls me her sexy girl and we have passionate sessions while I wear it.

Please tell everyone at Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse about how I started in my sister's dresses and knickers. I have very strong memories of times I put them on.



Dear Carla,

You are not strange, darling, for being a straight crossdresser. There are many girls like you in the Wendyhouse. There are certainly many here who love to be close to girls in their skirts and panties: that's a common feeling and it often leads on to a guy wanting to put them on. That's where sisters come in because they provide you with skirts and panties in your own house - how thoughtful is that! Wives can be thoughtful in the same way.

Thank you sweetie for telling us about your early memories and about your present day dress-up for petting with your girlfriend. She's a good girl for seeing how that is what you need to get really steamy about her. You done good to tell us about it, as they say.

Love from Auntie.

Aunt Frocks x

Here's a girl a lot of us know from Flickr and Pinterest, because she shows us how gorgeous you can look and feel in wide-skirted dresses:- Deedee Fullskirt.

Doesn't she make you want to dash into the bedroom and put on lots of petticoats and a full-skirt dress?

Letter 7 - My feminine-side profile for the Rose Room

"Fiona has always for over 50 years loved being a pretty girly girl. My sister and her best friend used to play dress-up games with me and I was always their pretty dolly and sometimes our mommy used to help the girls to pick out the best dresses for me to wear. As I grew up I never lost that love of sweet lovely feminine things and even more now as I grow older do I love presenting myself as that very sweet pretty very feminine Lady with a huge love of ladies fashions, from 1920s Flapper Dresses to the lovely very feminine dresses with wonderful petticoats of the 1950s. Love the Mary Quant minis of the 60s, the maxi skirts of the 1970s, even the Ra Ra dresses and skirts of the 80s, so I think you can see that I am truly a sissy girl at heart."

I do so hope this is OK Aunt for me to be allowed into the lovely Rose Room.

Hugs and kisses Fiona xxxx

Dear Fiona,

You are a sweet thing, so girly, and utterly in love with women's fashions, as we all can see. It must be lovely for you to love such a wide range of feminine couture: sometimes I feel a little sorry for sissy girls whose fetish love is narrowed down to one line of deep devotion. You on the other hand can thrill at photos by the thousands of all those gorgeous vintage styles. Lucky girl you!

But Fiona sweetheart, Primmy couldn't fit all your text into the space available in your Rose Room gallery. He has shortened it to this:

FIONA - "I have loved being a pretty girly girl for over 50 years. My sister and her best friend used to play dress-up games with me and I was always their pretty dolly. Sometimes mommy used to help the girls pick out the best dresses for me. I never lost that love of ladies fashions, from 1920s Flapper Dresses to the very feminine dresses and petticoats of the 1950s, the Mary Quant minis of the 60s, the maxi skirts of the 1970s, even the Ra Ra dresses and skirts of the 80s, so you can see I am truly a sissy girl at heart."

That will just about fit in, darling. If you want Prim to change it again before going in, drop me a line. You will be in the Rose Room in a few days' time.

Cuddles, precious.

Aunt Frocks x

Yes Fiona has just joined the Rose Room, and she is not the only one. Here are the six lovely new faces for February:

Aren't they gorgeous, and all feeling so femmy in their lovely frocks.

Now, darling, here's what is coming soon in the Wendyhouse. Prim says he is aiming for Saturday 24 March for the long delayed next part of the Walt Wisconsin story: Part 6, where Michael Shoemaker learns about the shocking treatments going on in the Fem Ultima Clinic. Then at the end of April, Prim's Petticoat Pansies #33, a special Sissy Adult Baby issue. Included in that of course will be chapter 2 of Prim's 4 part story, 'The Satin Panty Sissy School', in which new boy Virgin is plugged with sissy inserts and becomes ecstatically feminine.

Before finishing my Newsletter, I want to make it easier for visiting girls to join the Wendyhouse. It's easily done, and no-one who joins regrets it. From the blue link buttons on the Home Page click on JOIN the Wendyhouse. This takes you to the Join Page, where it explains how you need to click the red circle button called JOIN. This opens the subscription page where it explains how your membership costs 9.00 US dollars a month (7.00 GB pounds). As soon as you complete that you find yourself inside the Wendyhouse, with rooms containing all the stories and pictures by Prissy, BJ, Satyn, Penelope Pinprick, Curtus, Vancy and of course Prim. You will wonder why you had never discovered it before.

Another girl you'll find in the Rose Room is this brilliant model: Birgit joined us some time ago, and she never ceases to add more fashions of astonishing style and beauty.

You could feature here, my sweet, if you want all the girls to see how perfectly feminine you are. Just send me some of your fave fashion photos and I will love to include you in my monthly Newsletter.

It's story time, darling, and this is two Vancy stories rolled into one: from PPP#16 and PPP#17:

Serving the Wellington Women

Vancy is such a clever artist, with a storyette by Prim to expand on his art. Now a story from Prim to go with one of his own pictures, taken from PPP#25:

Buying His Uniform for Saint Catherine's

Goodness, girls become so sissified these days at their sissy schools, but they are all delighted by the changes that are worked on them by their strict Mistresses.

I want to leave you with a photo of the lovely Debbie. She has just joined the Rose Room too, full of sweetness and femininity as well as being a very cutesy sissy.

I hope you liked what you read with me, hon. I have been so happy to have you with me. Before you pop off into the Wendyhouse to enjoy pictures and stories, just scroll up to the start of my Newsletter to copy and paste those links into your social media pages, then you'll be supporting Prim and Aunt Frocks by spreading sissy girlishness to more and more sissygirls.

Kiss-kiss, my darling.

Love from your Aunt Frocks xxx