Hello Sweetheart.

Let me open my arms and give you the warmest of hugs for visiting my April Newsletter. I hope you are ever so sweetly dressed for reading with me, because as always, some very effeminate girls have been so good as to drop me a line, telling me some fabulous things about their female side and sharing some of their delicious femmy-dressy photos with us.

Do you remember last month I asked you to send me your idea on schoolgirl uniforms for sissies, which sprang to life out of a lovely letter from Princess Pansy. Well I got some takers. Not many, but the up-side of that little fun-fest was that the girls who wrote to me really used their imagination. I've included some of them this time, so that you can imagine yourself attending Monica Silkwell High School for Girls, and wearing the appropriate uniform. I can imagine your little pixie will be feeling ever so 'nice' in your regulation school panties under that pretty uniform skirt as you sit at your desk surrounded by a dozen senior schoolgirls.

But not everything is about school uniforms, darling, as you'll see as we work our way down what the girls have said. One letter was so nice it drew a confession out of Primmy about one of his earliest dressing recollections. It was nice to receive other exciting letters too where girls tell me about their childhood and teen dressing experiences. I've included one of them from Michaela.

And of course I include a Prim story - about school uniforms for boys, what else! - and a second Prim story and pic about a sissy baby in paradise, plus a lovely pic from Curtus completed by Prissy, with a link to Prissy's fabulous sissy-art and sissy-story site. Just go there, darling (then come straight back here to read the rest of my Newsletter).

I think we'd better get started, hon. Put both your hands here in mine, there's a good girl, and snuggle close into my blouse with your cheek on my bosom, and we'll read everything together.

Aunt Frocks x

Let's start with more photos of a popular sissy girl on Flickr: Debbie. She joined the Rose Room last month so she appeared in my March Newsletter too.

Mmmm, Debbie is very versatile, as you can see. Isn't she a peach!

For my letters this time, darling, I want to start with something very special:


Dear Aunt Frocks,

I can't resist writing about school uniforms, and if I might get a free month in Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse as well, what's not to love?

First of all can I tell of a story and picture I read once in Prissy's Sissies, I don't know if it was Prim who did it, about a sissy boy who had to join the boyscouts because his mother said so, but he had to wear the new scouts sissified uniform. This was a wildly feminized dress billowing with petticoats and a big collar surrounding his face, and poufy bloomers down to his knees, and I can't remember if the scouts had to wear a baby bonnet or a girls' hair ribbon in a bow. Anyway they weren't called scouts, or even Brownies, like the little girls are. These poor pouffies were called the Sissy Pinkies and they had to stand and have their cocks examined by the Pinky mistress and the other girls, before playing sissy girly games in the sissy pinky room.

But now I want to explain what I would dress sissies in to go to the Girls Pink and Frilly College. As the name suggests the boys would have to wear a pink skirt and a frilly blouse. The skirt would be in shiny pink satin, lots of box pleats and with buttons at the waist for their shoulder straps to button onto at the front and the back. The skirt would come to their knees and be filled with so many frilly petticoats that the skirt spread out round them as wide as it would go. When they sit in their desks their skirts froth up around them, almost hiding their blouses behind a cloud of petticoat frills. Their blouses would be in white nylon, very sheer so that their bras are on full view. Their school tie will be very short and sweet like a baby tie, in pink satin like their skirts. This is where the frills come in, because the boys' blouses have a V of frills over their shoulders down almost to their waists at front and back, with a frilly, light and fluffy girls' collar that stands up round their face, making their cheeks and lipstick shine white from their lovely blouses. The blouse sleeves are very full and have cuff frills like their collars that nearly cover each hand. Of course the boys have to wear white gloves too, in satin, buttoning shut along the backs of their hands, so that Miss March the Head Mistress has to put them on and take them off, or the girl prefects are given that job. Then the boys wear neat white socks, with nice girly patterns on them, up to their knees, and shiny black Mary Jane shoes in patent leather. They have to carry a hand bag over their shoulder in pink patent leather to contrast nicely with their white gloves. Then the boys wear a huge pink satin hair bow on top of their heads, and they have to have their hair long and in plaits with a huge pink bow at the end of each plait in front of their blouses. If the boys spend a lot of their time crying, which they might, they have to have their pacifier put into their mouths, and if they don't cry, their pacifier hangs down the front of their blouses on a pink ribbon.

I wish I could go to school at the Girls Pink and Frilly College, but sadly I am too old. Maybe I could dress up and try to get a job as one of their teachers, wearing a bow blouse and a long pencil skirt over traditional lingerie and a corset. Then I could punish the sissy boys in my class.

That's my idea for sissy school uniforms, Aunt Frocks.

Thank you to you and Prim for such a wonderful site.

Jennifer xox

Dear Jennifer,

Wow, you have such fabulous ideas for the Boys in that wonderful school for girls. While I was reading your mail and picturing so well the boys in their uniforms the way you describe it, I was wondering what the girls uniform would be like in the meantime. I suspect, darling, that they would wear pink and white too, but with pink skirts and white blouses as required by the rules at the Pink and Frilly College. Only the girls' skirts would be tight mini skirts in shiny leather, and their blouses would be in crisply starched cotton with high, stiffened collars and pink ties that hand with authority from their large busts as they boss the boys about mercilessly.

Sweetheart, your letter is a dream and you have deserved for it to be my Star Letter this month, with a month of free membership for you. I like the way you add on a nice outfit for yourself as schoolmistress too, with every intention of being a strict disciplinarian. I've shown Primmy, and he says he will have to think seriously about doing a girls school special edition of Prim's Petticoat Pansies before long. Never mind strict schoolmistresses, those schoolgirls can be vixens as well when they get their hands on poor defenceless sissy boys in skirts and blouses.

Lots of love, Jennifer,

Aunt Frocks x

Here are some adorable photos of Kelly, and as you can see she likes to wear very feminine blouses.

When a lovely girl wears such delicious blouses, the Petticoat Wendyhouse is the right place for her to share her photos with all our girls.

Letter 2 - My school-girl uniform for sissies

Dear Aunt Frocks,

I loved it when your Newsletter talked about sissy school girl uniforms, so I had to write you about my feelings for what the boys can wear.

First they would have different uniforms each day of the week:

Monday: white blouse with green pleated skirt, white ankle socks, black Mary Janes and a bottle green blazer

Tuesday: white blouse but with a navy blue gymslip buttoned over their shoulders by the girls, the gymslip reaching to halfway down their thighs, with knee-high nylon socks and navy-blue sandals.

Wednesday: pink blouse with maroon gymslip and blazer, white knee socks and black Mary Janes with a button strap over the foot,

Thursday: a girls' summer school dress in pink and white gingham, with pleats from the waist and reaching only just past their white panties, white socks and black sandals,

And Friday: Friday would be sissies day: all the boys would wear a uniform sissy dress in pink and white ruffles with petticoats filling out their dresses, and a wide schoolgirl hat with elastic under their chin. This day the sissy schoolgirls will wear suspenders and stockings with pink high heels and a pink sissy bag like Lolitas carry, in the shape of a little kitten to hold their makeup, hair-brush and sanitary bits and pieces.

Ovcr the weekend I am sure these sissies' mothers would keep them dressed in the proper dresses they always wear when they are at home or being taken to visit Grand-ma or their Aunties.

Very best wishes,

Naomi Silky-Knicks

My dear Naomi,

How sweet for the boys, to have their closets filled with their schoolgirl uniforms, all kept beautifully neat, well pressed and starched where necessary. I am sure their mommies will insist on boys ironing their own school dresses and blouses.

Wouldn't it be interesting to stand at the school gate each morning and see the boys arriving in their sissy coats, hiding their school uniforms except for their socks and shoes - and on Fridays, except for their stockings and high heels. I think there would be an ambush group of girls to 'take care' of him and tell his mommy she can set off back home, and before long they will have him in tears as they undo his coat and explore his uniform.

Thank you so much, darling, for your wonderful descriptions. You have done just what I wanted you to, and you get to have a free month's membership in the Wendyhouse.

Kissy hugs, pet,

Aunt Frocks x

Here is another of our gorgeous girls: it's SissybimboJenni,

Jenni, sweetheart, you are so girlish, it's paradise just looking at you in your photos.

Letter 3 - Sissies at the girls' school

In my view, boys who have to attend a girls' school should wear the same uniform as the girls, so they know they are being made to become girls while they are in class. There would be only one boy in each class so the girls know who they are all teasing. I can see them watching him like hawks all day to look for ways of letting him know who's dominating him and how he has to submit to every girl in the room.

So he would wear a white school blouse, very smartly cut and transparent enough to show his bra underneath. His collar would look very feminine the way it holds his school tie very neatly over his bust, and of course like the girls, he would have to wear makeup. Then he would wear the same mini skirt as the girls, in navy or grey or purple, whatever the school colour is, with a girl's cut of blazer. Dressed like this, I think any school sissy would still feel like he stuck out amongst the girls all round him, and he couldn't wait for home time.

I love reading your Newsletter, Auntie, and Prim's pictures are the best.

Sissy Nicola x

Hello Sissy Nicola.

It was lovely getting your letter, I enjoyed reading it so much. I suppose you're right, sweetie, girls can be soooo hostile when they have a poor, weak, lone male trapped by a predatory pack of females. Do you think they would want to make adjustments to his uniform as the day goes on, or even during lessons? They might insist on panty inspections every 15 minutes to test for those incriminating signs of cum, meaning he would be reported to Miss at the front of class. There's nothing more satisfying to a class of girls than watching the sissy being upended over the front desk, his skirt turned up and his panties taken down, for a good caning. I'm sure I can hear them sniggering now, and taking photos and videos on their mobiles.

Darling I have great pleasure in giving you free membership for a month.

An Auntiful cuddle, my pet.

Aunt Frocks x

Last month I shared some photos from Tacha with you and I'd like to share some more. Tacha is the nurse for her sissy, Satin, whose Governess is Miss Blouse in the Wendyhouse, and these are the Prim pictures that are on the wall all round Satin's bedroom, to impress upon him how he is now a Prim sissy baby.

Pic 1 - His Special Bottle Feed in Doctor Lacey's Surgery - from PPP#26 in the Molly Room.
Pic 2 - Still Girlfriends - which appeared in Petticoat Discipline Quarterly in August 2017.
Pic 3 - Stepford Sissies Chapter 8 - from the story in 12 chapters in the Tiffany Room
Pic 4 - Maternity Blouse - a Prim story in two parts in Sissy Kiss

letter 4 - Sissy Paula loves being in the Rose Room

Dear Aunt Frocks,

Thank you ever so much for posting my gallery in the Rose Room and my gratitude to you Aunt Frocks for showing me as wish to be seen by others, as a willingly submissive, sissified girl for superior dominants to train and use as they see fit.

This sissy loves seeing the other lovely girls in the Rose Room, how wonderful the photos of Sissy Cindy look in her gorgeous sissy baby dresses and Satin Stephie's lovely sissy fetish dress up doll outfits to; though how stunningly dominant and severe Dame Selene is, this sissy would fall at her feet in adoration.

This sissy adores reading the stories, as she imagines herself and hopes she too could become like the sissies in the stories. My dream would be to be completely helpless and transformed into a sexless sissy, with large breast implants, be given hormones to permanently reduce her worthless tiny clitty locked up in its chastity cage and made to wear thick diapers and plastic baby panties. If she pleases dominants perhaps fully sissified being allowed the humiliation of pleasing other sissy's clitty's with her mouth for the amusement of other dominant ladies.

I have attached some more photos of myself and if you deem them suitable, hopefully to use them in the Newsletter or in Prim's Petticoat Pansies as Aunt frocks chooses.

Yours respectfully and deep curtsey

sissy paula x

Sissy Paula my darling,

You are such a sweetie for writing to me again and sending such yummy sissified photos. You really are a fetish frilly submissive, aren't you, and I like that. It's so nice of you to tell me about other girls in the Rose Room who caught your imagination: personally I think they are ALL the most beautiful darlings.

I will be delighted to include your photos in a Newsletter. Perhaps the next one which will be early in April. I can't use the panties down photo showing your chastity, hon, because I don't use photos that display genitals, I'm sure you will understand.

I am sure Dame Selena would love to put you through your sissy devotions, darling, and Sissy Cindy and Sissy Stephie would swoon with feminine feelings at your admiration. I am sure sissy girls will be loving your photos too now that you are in the Rose Room.

Feel feminine, sweetheart.

Aunt Frocks x

Paula sent me some nice photos of dominant Mothers-in-law she would like to submit to, perhaps in the hope that they would be very strict with her:

I think Paula's right, darling: if one of these ladies was your Mother-In-Law, she would keep you very strictly dressed.

Letter 5 - from Princess Pansy

My dear sweet Prim,

You make me so happy when you write to me. It is so lovely to see your name when I check my emails, I can feel myself physically shaking with excitement as I click onto your email to see what you have written. And I always get great pleasure from what you have to say.

Darling, you are so right in what you say as regards to the clothes you have your Ladies and Sissies wearing in all of your fabulous stories and amazing art work. That is why I LOVE! everything that you do, because I adore the same Sissy Fashions as you do, my darling.

Sweetie, you write of the times when you were growing up, and was wearing your Mummie's clothes. How sweet you must have looked in your Mummie's dresses, if only I could have seen you then, I'm sure we would have become Good Sissy Friends.

For me it was slightly different, I was dressing up in my older sister's clothes. The first time I dressed properly was at the age of 12 or so. I remember being in the house on my own and having an unbelievable urge to dress in my sister's School Uniform. I remember going into her bedroom and getting undressed, and then slowly dressing myself in her clothes. I'm sure I must have struggled, because girls' clothes are so different as you well know. I know it took me time to button my School Blouse, but I eventually did it and then put on my School Skirt. I recall taking great care in tying my Girls School Tie, because I wanted it to be so perfect at my collar, and I wanted to be a very smart and neat little School Girl for my Mummy. I know that I only dressed for a short while, in fear of getting caught by my sister or Mummy, but that was the beginning of my journey into my own Little Sissy World, and I shall never forget it.

Warm hugs, sweetie.

Princess Pansy xxx

PS. I hope you like my photo.

Dearest Princess Pansy,

I loved reading about your first dressing experience and I can just see how much pleasure you felt on that first occasion when you had that unbelievable urge to dress in your older sister's schoolgirl uniform. What bliss, standing in your bare skin, about to put it all on. There can be no doubt that some sissies, and possibly all of them, have the whole wish to spend their lives wearing girls' things present in their childhood bodies, just ready to start when they 'get that dressing urge'.

I remember my first 'urge', which wasn't exactly the way I described it to you last time: When I was a child of say 6, my big sister and I wanted to put on a garden show, a sort of stage-play, for Mom and grandma, and in the box of old clothes we could use, I opted to wear a floral blouse - a bit tatty as I remember - but the big attraction to me was a white cotton skirt with big red buttons. I enjoyed a very pretty feeling between my legs when I put it on. Soon after that I found I liked various of my grandma's clothes that I saw hanging in her wardrobe, more of them in another letter, and I discovered I liked touching her raincoat: shiny satiny and heavy, smelling of rubber and in pale purple - lilac. I used slide it over my face whenever I went past it on the hall stand.

I'd love to hear more about your early recollections of dressing, Princess. Please tell me. And thank you so much for your photo. You are a pink satin dream. Is this one of Mistress Lady Penelope's creations for sissies who feel extremely girly?

Big hugs, sweetheart,

Prim xxx

Do you remember Christina, from my November Newsletter? Well here she is again: a real girly dreamboat!

I'm sure you'd like to see more of Christina, hon, so here is her photostream. She is sooooo lovely!

Christina's Flickr account

Letter 6 - Trying to choose photos

Dear Prim,

Wow, I'm very flattered by all this! Thanks for the invitation. I have several friends who are REALLY into the sissy thing and I enjoy playing Bitch Queen Nasty Auntie Donna when I visit them from time to time. And I have a few frilly dress-up pics of my own that I just share with friends - never posted published them anywhere. I'd be happy to share them if you think you have a place for them on your site. I'd have to e-mail them to you, since not many of them are posted on Flickr. Where should I send them?


Donna that is wonderful. I'm so glad you got back to say we could share some of your photos.

We would be privileged indeed to show some photos of yours that you have never published before. In sissy costume! Wow! Mind you, I contacted you not for sissy pics, but because of your immensely varied photos of female elegance. What a range of shall we say 'everyday' ladieswear you model. Simply adorable, because of the way you carry them off.

If you like, and what my Aunt would like the most, is for you to send her say 10 photos that you want her to feature in her Newsletters, but in addition, choose the 6 photos you want everyone to see you in for your own gallery in the Rose Room. With them you could either add a short profile of your feminine side, like you see from other girls in the Rose Room, or to save writing, a seventh photo. My dear Donna, you would grace the Rose Room!

You can send them direct to Aunt Frocks at


I can't wait to see what you send!!!

Warm hugs,

Prim x

Dear Prim,

Wow, that's not going to be very easy! If you ask me to pick a few good ones that I like, I'll end up with a couple of hundred with no hope of being able to decide which ones I like best! So I've attached about a dozen that I had great fun making, and I'll leave it to you to decide which ones to use. Otherwise you'd have to wait forever for me to make up my mind and I'd just keep changing my mind anyway. I have some other photos you might like for the newsletter, but I'll send those in a separate e-mail, otherwise the whole internet might crash under the weight.

Donna x

Here are just a few of Donna's photos. Some of her photos are works of art, as you can see, and her costumes are mouth-watering. Here she is doing a study in blue.

I think she would fit in with those top models modelling haute couture for the great designers.

Letter 7 - Tracie would like you to see her in her dresses.

Hi again.

Hope you received my Rose Room pictures, this mail has some more pictures for your newsletter. All these dresses are made for me, and available on both eBay and Etsy (same seller). I can send the link if you are interested, my images are used to advertise the royal blue dress.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you

Tracie xx

Here is Tracie's Flickr account: she'd love you to pop in and see her.

Tracie's Flickr account

Tracie darling,

Your pictures are fabulous, all of them, and I will be able to use them just as they are. My favourite, your blue dress picture where you are on the settee, it shows your dress to perfection. No wonder you are chosen to model it. Another pic I like is your picture in the window, as a great study in light and shade. There's a warmth to this photo. Unfortunately it shows how tall you are: you are always going to look more feminine in photos where you are sitting down, kneeling, bending forward and so on. That's my helpful advice, honey, I know you will have wanted me to tell you, girl to girl.

Your timing is impeccable: this morning I was preparing the next selection of girls for the Rose Room with my nephew. I had five girls (they have to go in in twos), then your arrived in my inbox. Thank you so much sweetheart.

It will be ready either later today, or certainly by tomorrow. Then we work on my Newsletter which should be ready forWednesday or Thursday. But Tracie, it's already filled up with girls' photos. Yours will be either in next month's Newsletter, likely to be for the last week in March, or in Prim's Petticoat Pansies#33, in mid April. Disappointing, but something for you to look forward to in the end.

I will include your Flickr link when I feature your photos. I think girls like to check these great pages out when they see a girl like you wearing a lovely dress. Thank you for sending the Etsy link to us, and for supporting our work in the Wendyhouse. Our purpose is to serve both sissy and transgender communities. When you've had a look round, honey, drop me a line to say what you like and yes, what you dislike, or what could be better in the Wendyhouse. We need more pairs of girls' eyes to see things clearly, lol.

Let me cuddle you close, Tracie.

Aunt Frocks x

Etsy link for dresses - from Tracie

Letter 8 - My passion for high heel boots

Dear Auntie,

You want members to write to you about how we became addicts of crossdressing. For me the big turning point was when I was on scout camp. I was 11-12. One of the troop's assistants was a girl who must have been 20, a dream girl in every way, blond hair, cute lips, the lot, and she wore a pair of brown leather boots up to her knees. I loved watching her walking in them and when she was sitting down she used to cross one leg over the other, wearing jeans, so that her boot dangled in the air. I fell in love with her I'm sure. I so wanted to touch those boots, then an amazing thing happened. She changed into shoes and left the boots in the hut. I sneaked in there and saw them, and just could not resist. I pulled one of them on, scared in case I got caught, and I was. She came back and caught me with one boot on my foot and the other in my hands. I nearly died.

I thought I was in deep trouble but no. She smiled and said "So you like my boots?" and she said I could put them on. She zipped them up for me up the inside of my leg, and watched while I tried to stand up and take a few steps in them. Then she said that was enough. But I was bitten and I can't resist girls' boots ever since. I like to wear them over girls' jeans mostly. I love girls' jeans because they are tight over my privates and they make me feel I'm a girl. I've got over twenty pairs of boots, nearly all leather, and I wear them most of the time at home.

That's how it started. Please tell the girls at Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse. You can imagine how excited I got with Walt Wisconsin, when Michael Shoemaker gets bound in boots and heels.

Michaela x

Dear Michaela,

Thank you darling for your lovely mail, about falling in love with that very special pair of boots. I think it often works for cd/tg guys that falling in love with getting dressed goes hand in hand with falling in love with the girl who wears what you desire. It can be a grown woman too, like an Auntie, or even, goodness knows it happens time and again, your own Mom. But in your case she clinched your passion for you by being so nice to you about it, and giving you the chance to indulge your sexual wish. You'll be pleased to hear that Michael Shoemaker has some more girls' boots conditioning to undergo in the next episode, due to be ready in May.

My oh my, twenty pairs of boots, that's more than most girls, hon. Another thing about the pleasure of cross-dressing, as I'm sure you've seen for yourself, is the more you feed your passion by dressing in your faves, the deeper becomes your need and passion for it. And that is why we are here writing mails to each other about it, lol. I don't suppose you could send us some photo of you wearing your lovely boots?

Enjoy the Wendyhouse, darling.

Aunt Frocks x

So Walt Wisconsin Part 7 (out of 8) should be ready in May, Prim tells me, but in the meantime he will have Prim's Petticoat Pansies #33 ready in April. Sissy babies, get your petticoats and plastic panties ready, because it will be an Adult Baby Special Issue. That doesn't mean everything in it will be exclusively on infantilism, but a lot of it will for sure.

Meanwhile do you have a friend who would like to join the Wendyhouse? Don't forget my on-going promise of a first month of membership free for the Wendyhouse if an existing member writes to me saying they have a friend who would like to taste the Wendyhouse experience. See here for details:


Before the end of my Newsletter I simply must share one or two stories with you, my sweet. Here's a Prim story to go with a nice pic by Curtus, nicely coloured for us by Prissy.

Ready for Aunt Britney's Inspection

And here's a Prim story and pic about a desexing school uniform. Both these stories come from Prim's Petticoat Pansies #16 which is in the Jessica Room in the Wendyhouse.

New Style Dresses at Saint Eleanor's

And I can't not show you the story that goes with Prim's Pic above with those lovely bow blouse girls babifying Sissy Seth Bridge.

Maternity Blouse

Next month I'm going to include part 2 of this little story, which has not been in the Wendyhouse until now. It first appeared in June 2017 in that gorgeous site for sissies: Sissy Kiss. Here is the link to our Links Page for you to visit Sissy Kiss and a few more of our favourite sites:

Wendyhouse Links Page

Finally another sweet picture of Jill looking very desirable.

Isn't she just edible. You can see more of Jill in Newsletters 15 and 20, both of them in the Emma Room where all my past Newsletters are gathered inside the Wendyhouse. But you have to subscribe for membership to go there.

It's been lovely for me, holding your hand while you were here today, hon. I hope you'll join me again soon, or perhaps you'll stay at my side a little longer and enjoy more of our femmy delights for girls like you here in Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse.

All my love, darling.

Aunt Frocks xxx