18-1 - A Sissy's Dream Birthday Present
18 years old today, and Jamie Rufflewaite's life will
never be the same again.

18-2 - Sissy-Me
Simon Whitely is put into the hands of Miss Bowes the Head-Mistress
of Sissy-Me: a place for boys who are to become girls.

18-3 - Gaynor and Dillys Show the Ladies
Today is sissy school open day. The lady guests want to see men
who are no longer men.

18-4 - Mummy's Panties
Part of his morning humiliations is to be dressed in his
Mother-In-Law's panties.

18-5 - Introduced at Sissy Kissy
Samuel Bending couldn't erect on his wedding night. His bride and her mother
knew what he needed: to be demaled at sissy school.

18-6 - Titty Submission
Darcey Featherlight's wife learns very effective babying methods
with the help of Nurse Cupsway.

18-7 - His New Life
Aunt Edith and Aunt Olivia will take out their bitter feelings of vengeance
on 18-year-old Walter when they get their hands on him.

18-8 - Ferne Starts at Baby Pinkies
Oh my god! How will I ever be male again after they have
done this to me?

18-9 - Miss Warwick's and Miss Marsden's Blouses
The shocking experience of Jonathan Ashworth when he is bloused
in their own blouses by the female teachers at school.

18-10 - The New Babysitters
Camelia's husband Ernest is in the wrong sex and must begin a new sex-less
life-style, with the help of treatment by the nurses at Diap-a-Wimp.

18-11 - Girls' School Sissy
I begin my new assignment as school sissy at Saint Hilda's,
for the pleasure of the senior girls.

18-12 - Rodney's Christmas Presents
Maid Rodney suffers a day of squirming for his wife,
her mother and their women guests.

* * *

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