Put yourself in the place
of these sissies and let Prim
make you feel girly and lovely.

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"Click each pic
darling,to taste what
you will enjoy as one of
my pretty sissies in the
Petticoat Wendyhouse."
Not every sissy has a Mother-In-Law
and a governess to assist his viewing of
the Petticoat Wendyhouse, but it is highly
recommended for more effective
Young male teachers Malcolm Soames
and Simon Fabingham are appointed
to the Dame Harriet Academy for Girls,
and soon find that their contracts
had some horrifying small print.

This story is in PPP#18 in the Jessica Room

Farley Johnson, 20, and Matthew
Aubermerle, 21, are delivered to
their weekly sissy class by their
mothers. She will teach them
to bring girlish pleasure to each
other with dainty panty-kisses.

This story is in PPP#26 in the
Molly Room
Sheridan Tucker has to sit in front of his
wife's friends and tell them he is wearing
a dress because he is a sissy. He must explain
what that means, until they can't help but put
him into their pairs of panties.

This story is in PPP#25 in the Molly Room
Georgie Wuthers nearly wets himself
when Rosalie takes him to the
Rotisserie Florence. But when her two
friends Elisabetta and Chandelle turn up
to share lunch with them, his diaper
gets a shameful soaking.

This story is in PPP#24 in the Molly Room

Beverley Sweetway invites her son
Nicky's panty-friend, David, from sissy
school to spend Saturday together
as girlfriends.

This story is in PPP#13 in the Jessica Room
Hammond Rodgers is one of the few males
allowed by Miss Popsy to visit her store and
watch sissies being fitted with pretty dresses -
until the time comes for him to be stripped
of his own maleness.

From PPP#3 in the Stephanie Room
Gordon Woollenhall must stay for a
while with his Great Aunt Mabel,
who wants all his clothes to be
nicely decorated with lace
and dainty frills.

This story is in PPP#13 in the Jessica Room

Terry made a HUGE mistake:
marrying a lovely wife who had a
teenage daughter. Now it's too late:
young Lotte has a 'daddy-doll'
to humiliate in front of all her
girl friends.
Aunt Antonia has her nephew ready
in her lingerie and a strict corselet
to show him to her mature lady friends,
Ethel and Vanessa. He is helpless in
their hands.
Kilt Korner is the sort of store
that provides Strict Scottish mothers with
the alternative fashion choices that they
they prefer for their dainty teenage sons.
This includes the sweetest of underpinnings
to ensure he feels the quaintness of his costume.

PRIM has written more than 50 longer stories
about sissy shame and the delicious workings of feminization.
Click the titles to read two of them.

A Day in the Pretty Boy Boutique - Chapter 1 of 4   
This story is in PPP#2 in the Stephanie Room

At the Cry-Babies Day-Care Nursery   

This story is in Aunt Frocks' Baby Page of PPP#9 in the Stephanie Room

"Click here, hon, and see
everything that's waiting for you."

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