20-1 Please Wear My Panties and Make Them Girly For Me
After I get home from Petti-Panty Husbands, I can't wait for the girls next door
to wear my panties for me, so that I share that real 'pussy-feeling'.

20-2 What Happens When Lesley Wears a Dress?
College leaver Lisa quite fancies having her cross-dressing cousin to stay
while she and her mother experiment on him.

20-3 Dress-boy at Amelia's Wedding
Terry still carries a torch for Amelia, which is how she persuades him to be
her 'dress-boy' at her wedding.

20-4 The Persuader
Zandra delivers her unsuspecting husband into her mother's hands
for him to be overwhelmed by her new 'hair-dryer'.

20-5 Dressed In Blouse and Panties
In the fetish clothes store, the assistant assures my stepmother that sissy-bois
are best pampered and indulged in the fashions they crave.

20-6 Melvyn at Pretty Kilting
Sequel to Melvyn at Kilt Korner by Vancy and Prim in Prim's Petticoat
Wendyhouse, where the wretched Melvyn is dressed even more effeminately.

20-7 Andy is Girled in the Baby Bucket
When Georgiana gets a boyfriend, she must take care of her husband's needs
with the help of a thorough Governess skilled in feminization.

20-8 A Cheating Husband's New Life
Stupid Wallace Nunn got caught filandering, didn't he, by his wife and
her strict mother. He is subjected to full babyfication and sexual reversal.

20-9 Mummy's Stepford Maid
Sheila Carlton has worked on her son-in-law's need to want only
the most feminine apparel for his life of service.

20-10 Mackintosh Imprisonment
That's the trouble with taking risks in women's clothes stores:
you can get found out - and punished.

20-11 Hallowe'en Buzz
Aunt Deirdre's remote can work for her nephew and her stepson,
so that all three of them find 'fulfilment'.

20-12 Condemned Into the Hands of Force Feminization
The Women's Rights Court shows no mercy. If wimps are found practising
sissy sexlessness they are committed into the hands of Force Feminization.

* * *
If you like to feel girly and dominated,
spend some feminine time in
Prim's Petticoat Discipline Corner.

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